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Dear JABBers,
I’m sending this week’s issue because I think JenniAnn would want me to.  She wrote it about a week ago and then disappeared into her rooms for what she called a “little light dusting” and Spring cleaning.  No one’s heard from her since except the few times she called out for a pizza or Chinese take-out.  I’m sure she’ll resurface soon. 

I also wanted to send this so I could thank all of you who stood by me during my recent trial.  It was a very difficult assignment for me but because of you Dyelanders, my angel friends, and the Father it became a great opportunity to see how much people care.  I met some wonderful people and was glad to be of service in helping the truth come to light.  I’ve just got called to an assignment so I need to wrap this up.  I hope it finds you well.   

May you always remember God’s love for you.



I'm sure all of us can think of examples where TV, movies, and other elements of popular culture have changed how we speak. Whether that be "Happy Days" giving us the phenomena of "jumping the shark", Homer Simpson immortalizing "D'oh!", or the vast array of "Seinfeld" references. I personally feel that we should reflect our love of TBAA and other of John Dye's work through our way of speaking. So I've come up with some phrases and words you can use in your daily life. I hope you enjoy them. :-)

1. Phrase: "Gone to the stairs"

Meaning: A person is very upset, having an emotional reaction
Credit: Andrew's prayer on the stairs in "The Journalist"
Example: Jenni found out Andrew would be on assignment and wouldn't return to Dyeland for a whole month. So she's gone to the stairs. Can't you hear her wailing?

2. Phrase: "Pulling a Henry"

Meaning: Appearing some place and then leaving after only a short time with out explanation
Credit: TBAA episodes "Interview with an Angel" and "The Driver"
Example: Tess realized it was Karaoke Night at Monica's Cafe so she pulled a Henry and left as soon as she entered.

3. Phrase: "Green shirting it"

Meaning: Picking the absolute best wardrobe ensemble one can in order to look utterly attractive
Credit: Duh, John's green shirt photo
Example: Margherita's trying to impress the owner of Idlewild's armory so she's been green shirting it all week.

4. Phrase: "A total Venice"

Meaning: A let down, disappointment, flop
Credit: TBAA's "Venice"
Example: Everyone was really psyched to see Adam's portrayal of Tevye in Dyeland's production of "Fiddler on the Roof." However, the costumes were awful and the eponymous roof collapsed during the second act. It was a total Venice.

5. Phrase: "A Manion"

Meaning: Cad, creep, hypocrite, user, abuser, etc. of the male variety
Credit: "Heart of the Beholder"
Example: Janie dumped that Manion, Steve, after he snowed everyone into believing he was collecting money for charity and then used it to buy a Porsche.

And here's some derivatives of the name Andrew I find useful. It's a lil tricky to keep em straight but it'll come to ya with practice! I can't say I made em up. Surely they've been used by other fans. But here's how I render em, anyhow.

6. Word: Andrewiffic

Meaning: Very Andrew-filled, heaping with Andrew experiences
Example: She watched "The Journalist", "Til Death Do Us Part", "Beautiful Dreamer", "Sign of the Dove", and some "Promised Land" episodes Andrew was in. Then she drank a bunch of ginger ale and chatted about Andrew with some friends. It was a very Andrewiffic day for her.

7. Word: Andrewesque

Meaning: Attributed to an object, something that reminds one of Andrew
Example: That gold pocket watch is very Andrewesque.

8. Word: Andrewish

Meaning: Similar to Andrewesque but here attributed to a person or an action they’ve performed that’s similar to Andrew.
Example: When he found out that guy was using his telescope to spy on people, he whacked it a few times with his bat. It was a very Andrewish thing to do.

Do you have any ideas for how appreciation for John Dye and/or TBAA could be reflected in language?  If so please fill out the following and email it to us.  We’d like to do this again in a future issue.

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Newsletter 165

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