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Greetings JABBers. You may remember me from my work in Newsletters 66, 94, 100, and 148. Both the co-presidents have opted to take this week off. They asked me to wish you all a very happy New Year! Jenni also asked me to write this issue. At first I wasn’t sure what to say but then I witnessed a very entertaining incident a few days ago which will make up the bulk of this issue. But first a word from Jenni:

It’s that time of year again! We’re planning our annual Dye Day chat in honor of John’s January 31st birthday! Currently we’re thinking about the 28th (Friday) or the 29th (Saturday). Previously most chats have begun around 7 PM Central time and we do realize this is impossible for some members living in other time zones. So… if that describes you and you’d like to suggest an alternate time, please email us and we may set up a second chat. If you plan on coming we do ask you RSVP so we can inform you if there’s a change as we’ve had to in the past on occasion. More details to follow in our next newsletter. Thanks!

Okay, now you got me again. I’ve been informed that before I proceed I’m to warn you all that if you don’t want any spoilers regarding “Heart of the Beholder” garnered from the website’s trailer to please skip the remainder of this issue. If you’ve not seen the trailer and would like to, you can visit the site at: I should probably warn you that the trailer is not “approved for general audiences” so if you intended to watch it at school, in your office, etc… May want to reconsider that.

The Narrator

Now that that’s done, as I said, a few days ago I happened upon the following scene. JenniAnn sat in an office in Willowveil, merrily checking her email or some such activity when Andrew came in to retrieve some document of some sort. Really it’s not important why he was there. What matters is what happened next:

JenniAnn: Hey Andrew, can I help you with anything? ::twists a ring she’s wearing::

Andrew: ::rifles through filing cabinet for a moment:: No thanks, got what I need right here. ::heads out::

JenniAnn: ::shrieks giddily::

Andrew: ::turns back to her anxiously:: JenniAnn, what, what happened?

JenniAnn: The “Heart of the Beholder” trailer is on the web! Ooh I hope it has lots of John scenes in it.

Andrew: Wow, can I watch? I’d like to see what John’s been up to since “Touched” wrapped. I haven’t seen him since shortly thereafter.

JenniAnn: Sure, pull up a chair.

Andrew: ::does so and looks expectantly at the screen::

JenniAnn: Here goes… ::hits play:: Ooh! The Arch! I love St. Louis.

Andrew: Yeah, quite a city.

JenniAnn: ::blushes:: They look like a happy couple… Aww… kinda endearing.

Andrew: Isn’t there usually dialogue on these things?

JenniAnn: Yeah, that’s why the website said it wasn’t final. They haven’t added that all in yet.

Andrew: Ah, I see. Oh hey, there’s John!

JenniAnn: Gah! Why’d that man make a gun sign at John?

Andrew: I have no idea. Yikes. Fire… bad memories. ::shakes head::

JenniAnn: Aww… ::pats his hand comfortingly:: John Wilkes Booth? I’m sorry, Andr… Oh my… Oh. That woman with John, err, Manion… she’s not wearing any… ::turns bright red::

At this point, Jess walked in to find JenniAnn beet red and Andrew staring at the computer.

Jess: ::looks over their shoulders to find John on the screen:: Oh my...what are you guys watching?

Andrew: ::looks a bit ill-at-ease:: This is awkward… Hi Jess. This is the trailer for John’s upcoming movie. We didn’t quite expect to see all this in the trailer…

JenniAnn: ::recovering power of speech:: Hi Jess. ::looks at Andrew:: Well, at least Manion doesn’t totally look like you d… Oh my! Did he just shove that woman? ::looks at Andrew questioningly::

Andrew: Yeah, yeah he did. Gotta give the guy credit. This doesn’t look to be a particularly easy role.

JenniAnn: Yeah… yeah he’s a great actor. ::stands up and yells at screen:: Run, lady, run! Bad Manion, bad!

Andrew: ::looking unsure whether to laugh at his fellow viewer’s animated reaction or do his stunning concerned look for the lady in the movie, opts to look at Jess to see her reaction::

Jess: ::catches Andrew’s look and shakes her head::

JenniAnn: Ah! Scary guy with sword!

Andrew: Scary’s right. Wow, John’s looking a little frightening himself there.

JenniAnn: Yeah he really does. I’m impressed. I wonder why those people are tilting their heads like that?

Andrew: ::decides he’s not going to say anything::

Jess: ::snickers::

JenniAnn: Aww! No! Now the formerly happy couple is fighting. A lot.

Andrew: Oh that’s paintball. I was really confused for a second.

Jess: Yeah, paintball. I’ve played that before. ::had begun to trail off when scene changed to reveal…:::

JenniAnn: AHHH!! GUN GUN GUN! ::unconsciously grips Andrew’s hand in shock:: Manion’s got a gun! He’s gonna shoot that lady! No!

::a few moments of silence all around::

JenniAnn: It’s over… ::becomes aware of her hand gripping Andrew’s:: Ah! Oh my gosh, oh my gosh… ::releases grip on Andrew and notices own white knuckles:: I’m really, really sorry. Really, really sorry.

Jess: ::stares in bewilderment when JenniAnn releases her death grip on Andrew's hand, looks at him:: Are you okay?

Andrew: ::shakes hand a bit and then grins:: It’s okay. Well that was… quite the experience. ::blinking a bit::

Jess: No kidding…

JenniAnn: ::lamely:: Uh huh. ::Awkward silence for a few moments, JenniAnn closes out of video program, stands, shuffles around a bit, then begins to giggle. Then laugh outright.:: Well, John’s definitely getting to stretch some acting muscles he didn’t playing you.

Andrew: Uh yeah, that’s for sure. That was a bit surreal… I mean, I admire his abilities as a performer and the movie looks to be worthwhile and with a message that needs to be delivered and… everything.

Jess: I'm sure that was weird for you, but it will definitely show his… ::hesitates as if looking for an appropriate word:: rugged side.

JenniAnn: ::smiles at Andrew, thinking he looks especially cute a bit flustered, then at both Andrew and Jess:: I was supposed to meet Monica at the Café now, you two got any where to be?

Andrew: No, not for… ::checks pocket watch:: 45 minutes and… 5 seconds.

JenniAnn: Well, then c’mon you dear, old brick. Orange juice and ginger ale, my treat. Jess?

Jess: Okay but my treat next time.

JenniAnn: Sure!

Andrew: :still stuck on JenniAnn’s sudden out-dated diction:: Brick? I’ve not heard that term used that way in years even.

JenniAnn: I’m bringing it back. Now, I just hafta say… As far as John’s inspired-by-true-stories characters go… I like you much better than Manion.

Andrew: ::laughs:: Well, thanks.

JenniAnn: Any time. Now we gotta go and stop Monica before she orders another latte. ::smiles adoringly and then grabs Andrew’s elbow and gently pulls him out of the room::

Andrew: :: smiles *adorably* and follows her out::

Jess: ::shakes her head and smiles, pondering the scene JenniAnn has just created and then realizes she is alone:: Wait up guys! ::runs out after them::


Newsletter 155