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Hello fellow Androolers! This is a wonderful treat! Our first Valentine's Day with our beloved John. OK, OK. So we aren't exactly *with* him persay, but we can still dream! Or is that violating our own 10 step program?? O'well! We can splurge! BUT JUST THIS ONCE!

Happy Drooling!

Audrey and Jenni

Candy Hearts Sayings that SHOULD be printed

John Dye is an angel to me and every Androoler in the world

David Duchvony watch out, John Dye is taking over Sunday night. Actually he already has!

John Dye takes my soul breath away!! ~from Susan

John Dye is the light of my life

Chiwawa says, "Thank you, Mr. Dye, for giving me warmth and self-worth."

I Love John Dye with every glance that I give him.

With each passing day, I fall more in love with you, Mr. Dye.

I "dye" for John.

Short hair, long hair or just plain no hair; blonde, brunette, gray or white; we love you, John!

Our Sunday nights would be nothing without John Dye!

John Dye, you are our sun shine, our moon light, and our starry sky at night!

Top Ten ways to ask John out

10. Tell him he'd make the perfect "Daddy" for your children.

9. Say to him, "Hey baby. I'm single. You're single. Wanna see what we can do about that?"

8. Sick Dawg on him until he agrees.

7. Use Chiwawa as bait.

6. Go right up to him and ask him out!

5. Hey John, you wanna go and shoot some pool... I'll buy ya a drink...what do ya say??? ~ From Tara

4. Pretend you are Roma.

3. Tell him, "I promise to keep the Kiwi away. . . IF you go out with me."

2. Tie him up and make him come.

1. Have Della TELL him.


Hearts flutter when you're near,

they only beat for you, my dear.

Voices whisper in our ear,

"Kiss him quick, he's a precious deer!"

Eyes glance your way

Whenever you walk by.

The sight makes our day.

Oh, my oh my!

We wish you'd stop

and talk to us!

You'd need a mop

'cause we'd make a fuss!

We'd no longer be lonely

if you'd be our main dish!

After all it's our only

Valentine's Day wish!


<3 Happy Valentine's Dya <3

If you find any mistakes, please don't hold them over my head, AGAIN!

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