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Greetings!  We hope this newsletter finds you all well.  Thanks to those of you who attended Andrew's birthday chat.  We hope you had fun.  Karen and I have discussed having at least one impromptu chat in the future.  It may happen on an off-weekend when we won't be sending a newsletter to announce it.  So if you'd like to be informed about future chats with JABB members, please email and we'll be sure to keep you informed!

Now onto the newsletter!

God bless

Jenni and Karen


Well, with the release of the first season of TBAA on DVD, we've been thinking about what extras we'd like to see on future DVD sets. So we present...   

DVD Extras We'd Like to Have But Will Probly Never Get  

1. The complete original pilot, just for laughs

2. John Dye reading the Salt Lake City phone book. Just to see if it really is true that we'd "listen to that man read something as dull as a phonebook."

3. Audio of John and Roma singing "I Will Walk with You" for a change.

4. The never-to-be murder trial episode. Sob!!!
5. A pilot episode of Charles Rocket and John Dye starring as Adam and Andrew in an Odd Couple-esque TBAA spin-off.

6. A retrospective on Andrew's changing hair styles.

7. Five hours of John Dye as Andrew reading selections from Wordsworth, Dickinson, Shakespeare, and more!

8. A gag reel. Maybe with some luck we just may get this one!

9. A music video of Adam, Andrew, and Henry covering Blue Oyster Cult's hit "Don't Fear the Reaper."

10. All the deleted Andrew scenes that must have gotten cut starting around Season Five. There *must* be some!!

11. Interactive games! Possible suggestions:
Search for the Missing Light Source- You restore the angel-light to its once brilliant glow!
Find Dawg- What happened to Tess' pet? Travel through various levels including the Netherworld, the Tunnel of Light, and every where between this side and the next to find the puppy!

12. Lots of easter eggs. Cause what's more fun than accidentally stepping on the DVD remote control and being rewarded with a behind-the-scenes clip of John Dye singing "Edleweiss" in the make-up chair!

Now introducing a new JABB feature***!!!

Ask a JABB Co-President   

Every wonder about something about JABB's history? Something on a webpage you never quite got? Well now you can get your answer! Just email.
Here's a couple questions we've been asked in the past.
Question: Why does JABB focus so much on Andrew as opposed to other John Dye characters or John Dye himself?

Answer: In the beginning I (Jenni) would guess that the focus was more on John, if not evenly divided between he and Andrew. However, as time went by I found it increasingly difficult to write about someone I don't know. So after years of watching the character of Andrew develop, it just seemed easier to write about him. Andrew has the most material of his characters with around 200 episodes of TBAA versus only around 20 for Doc Hock. Plus, I just have a wee crush on Angel Boy that Doc Hock, Virgil, Todd and the rest just can't touch. 0:-)
Question: If John played a really bad character would JABB talk about it?

Answer: It depends on how creepy said character was. If we found him utterly horrifying and just plain weren't even able to joke about him, we'd probly start sounding like the characters from M. Night Shyamalan's "The Village". Henceforth he'd be known as "Him We Don't Speak Of." This would, of course, not extend to John Dye as a real person. We'd still be happy to refer to him by name. :-)

(This would be a prime example of "Him We Don't Speak Of")
*** Unless of course we've all ready done this and just forgot about it which is always a possibility. :-)


Newsletter 148