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Hi all!
We have a very special interview lined up for this issue but first some news about Dye Day.  For those of you new to the group, Dye Day is January 31st (John Dye's birthday, of course!)  We try to do something special every year.  So... since Dye Day falls on a weekend this year we will be hosting a chat on Saturday January 31st starting at 8 PM Central time.  It will be hosted at our own web-based chatroom located at:

If you think you will be coming it's really quite necessary that you RSVP.  Because we're only opening the chatroom if we know people will be coming.  So please email me and let me know.  If you want to come but will have to come later, that's perfectly fine just let me (this is Jenni) know that in advance.  Please just let me know before the 25th.
Also, we thought it might be nice to organize charity activities on our own in honor of the day.  We invite you to do the same, if you'd like more information on what we have planned thus far or ideas for yourself please email Jenni.

In addition, for the newsletter that will come out right before Dye Day I'd like to have something like "Forty One Reasons We Like John on His 41st Birthday."  We did something like this when he turned 37 but I think it's time for an update!  So if you have a reason or multiple reasons why you like John, please email them to me.  You can write about a character but please frame it as being about John.  So instead of saying "I like the way Andrew spoke about death" say something like "I like how John brought real passion and beauty to Andrew when he spoke about Heaven."  Something like that.  Please get all submissions to me by January 25th.  I'm positive that with over 100 members we should be able to come up with *at least* 41 reasons for appreciating John on his birthday. 
Any and all responses to the above should be sent to Jenni
.  Thanks!  Hope to hear from you!

An Interview with John

This past week I, still Jenni, had the pleasure of sitting down with John for an interview.  We discussed several things like Andrew on TBAA, what he's currently reading, and his plans for the future.  Below is the transcript of that interview.
Jenni:  Hi John, I just want to thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to sit down with me. 

John:  Umm...  Jenni, why are you calling me John?

Jenni:  Uh, that is your name is it not?

John:  Well yeah but...

Jenni:  Anyway, John, Andrew appeared on "Touched by an Angel" for over 7 years.  That's a lot of time.  What are your thoughts on him?

John:  Well, I can't say I paid a lot of attention.  You know better than anyone I certainly had the chance...  Just not my thing.  And football was usually on across from the show on some station at least.

Jenni (hurt):  That's not very inspiring.

John:  Can I ask a question?

Jenni:  Uh, I guess.

John:  What's with this?  I mean why are you calling me John and why are you interviewing me?

Jenni:  Umm..  Just cause.  Anyway, John, you're a big reader.  What are you reading now?

John:  I've not had much time for books.  When I do it's mostly Stephen King or true crime stuff.  Now mostly just the paper.  Sports section.  Seeing what's up with the new coach they've got lined up for the football team.

Jenni:  Right...  Anyway, plans for the future?

John:  I'd like to add a sunroom to the back of the house.

Jenni:  Uhh... sounds nice? 

A voice:  John!  I need this box carried out to the garage.

John:  (shouts back)  Just a second, dear!  Jenni, I have to go help your mother.

Jenni:  But...  John!

John:  Okay, seriously.  Why are you calling me John?  I'm your father!  What happened to 'Dad'?  Oh no...  Is this for that JABB thing?  Jenni, really, you're nearing 22.  You should be looking for a real boyfriend, not taping pictures of some TV character on a door. 

Jenni:  You've never understood Andrew! 

John, Jenni's Dad:  He just seems kinda...  depressing.

Jenni:  Humph!  I'm going to my room.

John:  Whatever, dinner's at 6.  We're having steak.

Jenni:  Yuck! 

John:  Hope your members enjoy the interview...  I guess.  You'll probably headline it "Interview with John" and then have everyone realize it's the wrong John, huh?  Clever.

Jenni:  Whatever.  (stomps up to her room)

Jenni's mom:  (enters room)  What was that all about?

John:  I get to be in JABB!  (mock excitedly)

J's Mom:  Cute.

John:  You need to talk to her.  She's 22.

J's Mom:  John, she's 21.  She'll grow out of it when it's time.  In the meantime, think of what we're saving on wedding stuff.  Caterer bills, the dress, the hall, the priest's fee, etc., etc. 

John:  True, we can spend that money on the sunroom.

J's Mom:  Exactly!  Now, that box...

Noise from upstairs:  (Della singing)  When you walk down the road, heavy burden, heavy load...

John:  She's watching it again!?

J's Mom:  Yep, probly "Pandora's Box."

John:  Huh?

J's Mom:  Yeah, Andrew bashes up this sicko's computer.  I was even impressed.

John:  Hmm...  That is cool.  Didn't know he had it in him.  Seems a bit of a weakling sometimes.

J's Mom:  No really, I don't think he is.  Anyway, really that box... 

John:  Sure thing.  (both leave the room)

Jenni:  (giggling while coming down the stairs)  There may be hope yet...  By this time next year this whole house will smile at the name of Andrew!


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