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Hello everyone!  Just a couple of announcements before we get to the actual body of the newsletter.  As some of you may have noticed, the JABB pages have moved to their own domain name!  So, you can now access everything from  Please email me if you experience any errors or broken links.
Also, this is just a reminder that we will be having a chat in honor of John's 41st birthday on January 31st.  The chat will start at 7:00 PM on this Saturday, Central time.  If you won't be around until later that evening just stop on by and hopefully some of us will still be there.  It's web-based and can be found at:
If you have any questions about the chat room, please email

Forty One Reasons We Like John on His 41st Birthday


1.  I like John because of the real a**hole he convinced me he was while he was playing Doc Hockenberry. It just proves he's a great actor.

2.  He is extremely talented. You believe any character he portrays.

3.  He looks sexy in jeans and leather.

4.  He has a wicked sense of humor and admits to being less than perfect.

5.  He has morals and is not afraid to express them.

6.  He admits to tripping over things.....A LOT.

7.  He is proud of where he came from.

8.  He is not afraid to give bags of peas as presents on live national television.

9.  He admits to not changing his socks as often as he should.

10.  He loves kids (I'd be happy to be the mother of his children).

11.  He has no idea how EXTREMELY ATTRACTIVE HE IS!

12.  He's not getting older, he's getting better with age...just like a fine wine...

13.  I really loved the sincerity that John was able to show when Andrew expressed his opinion on death and dying.

14. I am really glad that John decided to take the part of Andrew. I can't imagine any other actor playing the character of Andrew because John played him so well.

15.  John isn't too young for me!

16.  In live interviews John seems real & honest.

17.  John seems like someone I could hang out with for days and not get bored.

18.  John's blonde like me.

19.  John appears to be the huggable type.

20.  John has a twinkle in his eyes.

21.  John can make you forget you've had a horrible week with just one touching performance as Andrew.

22.  John looks good in short and long hair.

23.  John is a Christian.

24.  John decided to take up acting as a career so we got to drool over Andrew.

25.  I like John's performance in "Campus Man."  Not only is it funny... but it makes me feel a whole lot better about my own late 1980s, early 1990s fashion disasters.  :-)

26.  I like that as huge as TBAA was for a while, we didn't hear any "Angel of Death Unleashes Wrath of God at Restaurant, Cusses out Waitress" types of stories.  John seemed honestly grateful to be involved with TBAA, without a vicious sense of entitlement.

27.  I like that, even with several action/karate movies on his resume, John isn't afraid to play real, emotional men.  Or angels, as the case may be.  0:-)

28.  Because he's NOT Andrew!

29.  Because he's single.

30.  Because he looks good in tool belt, jeans, leather jacket, whatever.

31.  For his silly interview airport and sandbox stories.

32.  His funny little giggle.

33.  And he blushes when he's embarrassed.

34.  And his little baby teeth.

35.  Because he doesn't glow.

36.  Because he loves his mummy.

37.  He looks good in cute silver spacesuit-alien outfit.

38.  The fact that he doesn't wear white suits in real life.

39.  Because he's so polite.

40.  He puts up with bunches of simpering pathetic in-love female fans, who design and dedicated websites to him, join lists to gossip about him, write fanfics and poems for him and then gather in chat rooms for hours to discuss his hair (among other things).

41.  I like that John was such an inspiring actor that he inspired a bunch of really cool fans to dedicate websites to him, start lists, write fanfic... aww y'know the rest so we could all have such fun getting to know each other!  :-)
And one to grow on...
Because God loves him!  0:-)
Numbers 1-11 submitted by Karen

Number 12 submitted by Cordis

Numbers 13-24 submitted by Bunny/Karen

Numbers 25-27, 41 submitted by Jenni

Numbers 28-40 submitted by someone wishing to remain anonymous.


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