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Hi all!  Glad to have you with us yet again.  A big welcome to our new members!  Your presence is a testament to TBAA's enduring appeal.  Or at least Andrew's...  :-)  Anyway, we have a rather lengthy (but fun we hope!) quiz for you all so we'll get to that soon.  But first we invite you to check out JABB's own graffiti wall:

Please email Jenni at the address given on the page if you'd like to make an addition!

New Years Resolutions from JABB Members


Karen/Bunny resolves to:
~  Stop crying that I can't get my Sunday night fix of Andrew.

~  Quit giving Kiwi such a hard time. She can't help the way she is or thinks! {{BIG HUG}}

~  Stop obsessing over the lack of use of my drool bucket.

~  Lose weight in time for my dinner with Andrew.

Jenni resolves to:
~  Remain dedicated to JABB and try and put out the best newsletters possible.

~  Try to come up with entertaining contests.

~  Watch one TBAA a week at least!  If not four or five...

Audrey vows to keep Jenni sane. 

Karen (we have two Karens with us now.  Hi to both!) resolves to stop day dreaming about John constantly
Well, that was fun!  Good luck with those!  Now, we've devised a quiz that will hopefully let you know what type of Andrew fan you are.  At the very least we hope it amuses you for a few minutes!  Just keep track of how many times you pick each letter and then see below to find out what that means. 

What Type of Andrew Fan are You?

1.  You've not been able to see TBAA in months because none of the stations in your area carry it.  You've recently been informed that a station will begin airing all the episodes next week.  Do you:
A.  Rush to the store to stock up on videos so you can start a personal collection.
B.  Buy extra videos so you can make copies of the best episodes for friends and show them the wonder that is Andrew.
C.  Wait til next week and tune in even though you're not sure why you're doing so, just feel compelled.
D.  Watch the episodes and start weeping remembering the good ole days when the episodes were new.
E.  Watch the episodes, not because you really want to, but because you want to be able to discuss them with friends who will be watching.
2.  You're walking through a department store and see a display of men's pocket watches.  You:
A.  Buy one, if with in your budget.  It reminds you of Andrew and so you think it would be amusing to have one.
B.  Buy one for your closest male friend or family member.  When they thank you, you tell them you got the idea from Andrew and offer to let them watch an episode with you.
C.  Find yourself staring at them.  Wishing you weren't thinking about Andrew.
D.  Rush past the display and into the restroom where you start crying.
E.  Giggle at the effect the watches would have on your friends and possibly buy one just to see what reaction you get from them.
3.  A friend or family member casually brings up TBAA and expresses dislike of Andrew's character you:
A.  Simply say you disagree and later go to your room to watch choice episodes like "The Journalist" or "The Violin Lesson" to reaffirm your position.
B.  Force the offender to stay seated and make them watch Andrew-iffic episodes.
C.  Sigh and feel torn between wanting to defend him and wanting to not let it get to you.
D.  Burst into tears and flee the room.
E.  Try to memorize what they say so you can relate it to your friends and give them the joy of defending Andrew, one of their favorite activities.
4.  You're going through a box of your old things and find a bunch of pictures of Andrew you printed off years ago.  You:
A.  Look through them and maybe select some to put up in your room again.
B.  Take them and use the back of them as note cards which you will then send to friends.
C.  Debate throwing them out, after all you've moved on, but yet that just doesn't seem right.
D.  Flip through them, remembering which episode each came from, and then crying while listening to your favorite Andrew song.
E.  Divide them up and give them to your friends.  They'll love them and you'll enjoy seeing their happy faces upon receiving them.
5.  You've just finished watching TBAA's finale (for those of you in other countries who have not yet seen it, just imagine what your reaction will be).  You:
A.  Wish Andrew had been in it more.
B.  Wish Andrew had been in it more and so call all your friends trying to get them to help you with a fanfic entitled "I Will Walk with You: Andrew's Story aka What CBS Didn't Want You to Know."
C.  Feel conflicted.  It's sad that the show's gone but it *is* time to move on and really you can think of other things to do with an extra hour.  And yet... you're kinda bummed.
D.  Go ballistic as Andrew walks off-screen.  Sob for an hour and then start sending passionate missives off to CBS begging them to get John a new show.  Preferably one in which he is Andrew. 
E.  Look forward to discussing it with friends and cheering the more emotional variety with some cappuccino or ginger ale and orange juice.
6.  John Dye *does* get a new show.  You:
A.  Go out, buy some tapes, set up the VCR, and anxiously await it!
B.  Throw a party and invite all your friends.  Serve delicious food to ensure they come.  Then surprise them all by demanding they watch the show with you.  Send party favors home.  A booklet of good Andrew quotes maybe?
C.  Debate for the entire hour before the show whether you should watch or not.  You feel like maybe you're too old for the celeb crush thing.  And yet... you tune in.
D.  Watch the show, pretty much crying whenever he wonders on screen.  If it's good you laugh deliriously for the next hour.  If it's bad... commence more crying.
E.  Are extremely excited for your friends mostly but will probly watch the first episode and give it a chance. 
7.  You're shopping and see this really cool men's green dress shirt.  You:
A.  Ha.  It reminds you of Andrew.  Smile!
B.  Buy it.  Will force male friend to wear it. 
C.  Don't look at the shirt...  Don't look at the shirt...  Put down the shirt!!
D.  Remember the lovely green shirt pic of John and... buy the shirt.  And giggle at the cash register profusely.
E.  Laugh and imagine your friends purchasing the shirt, giggling while at the register. 
8.  Your parents/significant other/best friend tells you that they really feel this Andrew thing has gone on long enough.  It's time to move on.  You:
A.  No way!  Like I need their input??
B.  Tell them to mind their own business and demand they return that copy of "The Violin Lesson" you gave them.  It should obviously go to a more deserving party.
C.  Y'know... they may be right.  But...  Sigh. 
D.  Go sit on your stairs and cry for a while occasionally looking heavenwards for the total effect. 
E.  Calmly explain that really you're just supporting your friends.  And point out that you could do a lot worse. 
9.  "Twice Upon a Christmas" comes on.  You:
A.  You have it on tape.  If you get desperate you'll find it and watch it but no need to watch it now.
B.  Uhh, you never made copies for your friends of that one.  Not sure it would be helpful...
C.  You're all ready conflicted enough.  No need to add Rudolpha or whatever the heck that freaky lady's name was into the mix.
D.  Cry, rant, pace around, and just generally be emotional.  Just cause that's what you like to do. 
E.  Smile and wonder if any of your obsessed friends will be watching.  Then plan on calling and teasing them for it.
10.  You've decided you'd like to make something expressive of your time with TBAA and Andrew.  You:
A.  Write a lovely poem, song, story, paint something, etc.
B.  Do the same but then send it to friends along with an invitation to a TBAA marathon.
C.  Do I have to?
D.  Do an interpretative dance or act out a scene from a play you write.  Get those emotions out!
E.  Good gosh, is your friend doing an interpretative dance version of "The Journalist."  Oh dear...  Get this on tape.  Blackmail purposes later, y'know.


Okay, now count up how many of each letter you have.  See which letter you have the most of.  Match that letter to the corresponding type.  If there's a tie you're a cross of two or more types.  No type is better than any other and I'm sure they're all fairly well represented.  Heck, Jenni's been four of the five all by herself.
Type A:  The Devoted Andrew Fan
TBAA may no longer be in production but that hasn't put a damper on your fun.  You enjoy talking with other fans but, if need be, can feed your own "obsession."  While you may miss looking forward to new episodes, the fact that you have so many to look back on is a great comfort to you.  You may have even experienced a surge in affection for Andrew after the show went off the air.  This is what Jenni is most of the time.
Type B:  The Zealous Andrew Fan
It's not enough that you alone watch TBAA.  You can't imagine why your friends don't "get it."  You've tried numerous times to get your friends to watch the show with you, sometimes successfully, sometimes not.  You really enjoy talking about Andrew with other fans and find it much easier to keep interested when others are involved.  You may normally be a calm person but everyone has learned not to diss Andrew around you!
Type C:  The Reluctant Andrew Fan
You loved TBAA and Andrew for years.  But times have changed and the show has left the air.  You may feel it's time to let go and move on but a part of you won't.  Maybe it's because of the friends with in the fandom you've made.  Or maybe you just want to ensure you retain the show's message.  What ever the reason, what you're experiencing is understandable and, maybe, unavoidable.  Jenni feels for you having been a reluctant fan for about 4 months herself. 
Type D:  The Extremely Sappy Fan
You know some people view "sappiness" as a fault but you wear it like a badge of honor.  TBAA was a part of your life and as such you need some time to adjust.  And if that means sitting on staircases crying or listening to sappy music then so be it.  And you just didn't expect to see that many pocket watches all of a sudden.  It just caught you off guard...  Your friends may think you're a freak but we at JABB welcome you.  Bring on the sap!
Type E:  The Social Andrew Fan
You'll be the first to admit you're not the most dedicated fan out there.  You haven't watched a rerun in ages even though you have some on tape or a local station is playing them.  When you do watch it's mostly because a friend will want to discuss it with you.  Nevertheless, you still really enjoy being part of the fandom and recalling your old devotion and craziness.  We're glad to have you with us! 
Regardless of your type, JABB is happy to have you with us! 


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