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This is not a good day for us. We had a really great issue planned out but now we can't bring ourselves to finish it or send it out. It seems that someone has hacked into our JABB pages and really messed up the TOC and 12 Steps. See for yourself: or

We are very upset. If you have any information about who might have committed this act, please let us know by emailing Jenni
or Audrey. The person or persons responsible for this monstrosity will be banned from the site domain immediately! Thank you for any help.


The next day the following message was sent to all JABBers:

Hello JABBers!

We are proud to announce that the old JABB pages are up and running again. Special thanks to my boyfriend for helping to destroy the JABB pages and to Jenni's little brother whose snide comments about A/J were finally useful for something. Next time something freaky happens, check the date!!!



You can currently view the “hacked into” JABB pages at:

Fake TOC

Fake 12 Steps


The *Real* JABB TOC

Newsletter 110