So for some added fun, I've decided to make John-centric earring sets.  Every so often, one of these easter eggs will direct you to a coupon like the one you see below.  JABB members just need to send me the code word/phrase within the designated time frame and I'll send you the earrings.  My plan is to make several pairs with each symbolizing a John Dye character or John himself. 

This wasn't actually my original concept for the Jeff earrings.  I couldn't get materials for my other idea soon enough.  But I still want to make that variety so it's probly safe to say Jeff will be represented by at least two pairs of earrings eventually.  For now, however, I'm dubbing these the "I think I'll miss you most of all" Jeff earrings...  Unfortunately, my camera is awful at photographing small objects... especially shiny ones.  So...  it's an oval-shaped earring with the colors of the rainbow on either side of a small silver heart.  I think it ties in well with Jeff's and Tom's love of The Wizard of Oz and also plays on the biblical rainbow which promised hope and healing after tragedy, which is what we're looking for now.