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Hello everyone, especially our new members, and welcome to the 98th issue of JABB. We love having you all on this list as we near our hundredth issue. This is just a reminder that if you'd like to introduce yourself to the rest of the members please email Jenni at this address. Now, enough of the pleasantries and onto the newsletter!

It's been a good 3.5 months or so since we've last laid eyes upon our beloved Angel Boy (at least in any new episodes). For some this has been a welcome break from the regular schedule. For others it has been downright traumatic. For these people we present:

The Top Ten Signs You Really,

Really, Really Miss Andrew

10. Your friends have ceased bringing you along for karaoke night due to the fact that you always end up singing a tearful rendition of "Johnny Angel" to a picture of Andrew.

9. When you hear the song "Memories" you always imagine a montage of your favorite Andrew scenes and end up crying.

8. You actually feel guilty for neglecting your androoling duties during the 8th season.

7. While out shopping you burst into tears any time you see a toolbelt or a leather jacket. You then can't resist the urge to cradle these items for a bit before returning to your senses.

6. Your professors or boss gets worried because your reports are actually just several tearstained notes to Andrew declaring your undying love.

5. You've left more than one desperate sounding message on the CBS answering machine demanding to know where Andrew is.

4. Instead of greeting your best friend, boyfriend, parent, or miscellaneous loved ones with joy when they come to the door, you end up begrudgingly letting them in and muttering "I wish you were Andrew."

3. Your history professor has had to modify his or her lectures after discovering that you start wailing any time he or she mentions the name Andrew. For this reason Andrew Jackson is now President "Bleep" Jackson and the Carnegie formerly known as "Bleep" is discussed.

2. You are surprised to realize that the tears you thought were the product of allergy-induced watery eyes are actually real and in response to missing Andrew. (Awww!!)

And finally...

1. You write a note to friends about missing Andrew and not finding commiseration there, write a Top Ten about it and send it to over a hundred people looking for the hoped for commiseration. (Hint, hint :-)

Now, in case anyone's still with us and not thoroughly upset after finishing the top ten, here's a challenge for you. The 10 phrases below are actually the names of TBAA episodes. However, the words in the titles have been substituted with related words. For example, "The Soul of Freedom Star" might be "The Spirit of Liberty Moon." Word order may be inverted. Good luck. If you'd like you can send the answers to Jenni and she'll let you know if you are correct. If you respond before Sept. 8th, she'll put your name on the JABB Scoreboard.
1. "Willed the Air"

2. "Don't Fret"

3. "Complete Luna"

4. "Before We Convene Afresh"

5. "A Cherub Atop the Apex"

6. "Penultimate Waltz"

7. "Stone and Turn-Over Patriarch"

8. "The Emirless Spouse"

9. "Cardio"

10. "Purchase a Posy for Me"



1. Inherit the Wind

2. Fear Not!

3. Full Moon

4. Til We Meet Again

5. An Angel on the Roof

6. Last Dance

7. Rock n' Roll Dad

8. The Princeless Bride

9. Heart

10. Buy Me a Rose