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Hi everyone... Before we get into the newsletter I have a couple announcements

1. Due to Talkcity crashing the JABB TOC's url is now:
Every JABB url has changed except for the 12 Steps and the first two newsletters. If you had JABB urls linked on your personal pages please change them. Thank you. If you would like your own homepage listed on the JABB links page please email.

2. If you would like to send a short introduction to me I will be glad to post it in a near-future issue of JABB. Include whatever information you would like fellow members to know about you. We suggest you leave any sensitive information (detailed location, full name, etc.) out of it since these newsletters get posted on the web. Email for details.

Okay, this is the very last newsletter of summer vacation. On the plus side, that means we'll soon have new episodes to write about which makes things easier. Nonetheless, it is difficult for some of us to return. "Some of us" meaning Jenni. For others, the end of August couldn't be more welcome...

Top Ten Reasons Andrew Looks

Forward to School Starting

10. He's guaranteed to have some Dyelanders out of his hair (literally) for at least 8 hours a day.

9. The term papers and massive reading assignments leave little time for drooling, stalking, or marriage proposals from the students in Dyeland.

8. It signals the beginning of the TV season which means focus will slide towards "TV Andrew" and away from "Real Andrew," thus leaving Andrew time to pursue other interests... like rumba dancing.

7. It puts people more in the mood to discuss Shakespeare with Vincent than appropriate hair length with himself.

6. It'll leave the Dyeland Castle ballroom unoccupied for several hours a day, giving him time and a place to call Adam and Henry together to try and get their rock band back up and running.

5. Caffeine-aided study groups will allow Monica a group to sip coffee with despite Tess' protestations and secretly... Andrew kinda likes to ruffle Tess' feathers.

4. He hopes that they'll meet other people to celebrate Halloween with and not drag him to another party. He quickly realizes this is a pipe dream.

3. It means Christmas is approaching and Andrew can't help but get a little misty-eyed thinking of everyone coming back to Dyeland again.

2. Absence makes the heart grow fonder...

1. Chiwawa will be returning from summer vacation in Ireland. That'll make it easier for Andrew to protect John's former hair.

We at JABB understand what a big adjustment it is to go from high school to college (we've both done it). As a public service for our members we have written this small, helpful list of dos and don'ts to help you for your freshman year. Feel free to email us with additions.

1. Do ask Andrew for his most unique viewpoint while writing history term papers.
Don't list him on your Sources page as "Andrew, Angel of Death, Heaven." Take advice from one who has been there and done that, it only gets you a visit to the Student Health office.

2. Do understand that "Dead Week" refers to the week before finals during which most people are dead tired from studying and most activities cease.
Do not assume it means you should bring your AOD friend to classes and introduce him as such.

3. Do try and handle scuffles with roommates in a calm, tolerant manner.
Do not threaten to call Andrew in to help them "see the light."

(Sincerest apologies if this newsletter fails to make sense. Colds are very, very bad... Just be glad you didn't get a sappy mess as original version of newsletter contained sappy letters to Andrew)