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Hello, it is one of our goals here at JABB to not only amuse you but also build an online community of people with a similar goal, mainly talking about John Dye and Andrew as much as possible. So, there's really no better way to draw people together than by sharing a common language. However, since the majority of us do not have the time or ambition to create a secret language, we are instead supplying you with a list of famous proverbs, rewritten to showcase our distinctly A/J-centered community. Enjoy!*

Next time you're chatting with some friends and feel the need to recite a proverb say:

1. "A rolling Andrew gathers MANY dead."

2. "A John in the hand is worth Andrew in the bush".

3. "The Andrew stops here"

4. "If you can't stand the heat, get out of his glow."

5. "April showers, and Tess is the only one with an umbrella."

6. "Keep John close, but Andrew closer."

7. "Trust Andrew, Mr. Mulder."

8. "Speak softly and carry a drool bucket."

9. "If wishes were Andrew then beggars might die."

10. "You can't see Andrew through the AODs"

*We're sorry but JABB cannot be held responsible for any strange looks, lost friendships, forced entry into an asylum, or any other problems that may arise whilst using these proverbs among the general public. Also, if you're not sure of the basis for these quotes you can check the bottom of the newsletter.


Nine Reasons the Co-Prezes are Glad to be Getting a 9th Season

1. That gives us at least one more year to refer to ourselves as Princesses and talk about castles with out looking entirely ridiculous...

2. We're not particularly looking forward to moving onto the project we've committed to for after TBAA's series finale, starting the "People for the Protection and Appreciation of Carrot Top."

3. One more season of seeing John Dye every week, who can complain?!

4. At least 20 more opportunities to hear the words "God loves you."

5. Another chance to hope against hope that there will be a murder trial...

6. One more year to laugh at the people who teased us about "stupid TBAA" and have since seen their favorite shows yanked off the air.

7. At least one more year of writing "I spend my free time co-running a non-profit group to help people overcome their addictions" on our resumes. Very impressive sounding when they don't know that the addiction is merely one to a TV character and that we don't exactly help people...

8. With Andrew out of the picture we'd just be JBB, and we're not entirely sure how that would be pronounced.

9. We were, frankly, at a loss on how to deal with a sad cancellation in what *should* be a humorous newsletter.

Traditional quotes:

1. This is a charming alternative to the all-too-common "A rolling stone gathers no moss."

2. "A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush."

3. "The buck stops here."

4. This should be a lovely, all-purpose replacement for the cooking-oriented "If you can't stand the heat, get out of the kitchen."

5. A lovely, whimsical take on the classic but over-utilized "April showers bring May flowers."

6. Serves as a much more positive spin on "Keep your friends close, but your enemies closer."

7. Famous TV shows lines can also be improved upon as with this far more upbeat version of the traditional "Trust no one, Mr. Mulder."

8. Fine advice for anyone not particularly interested in carrying a "big stick."

9. This will be far more useful than the equine "If wishes were horses then beggars might ride."

10. Finally, #10 is sure to impress friends who have grown tired of "You can't see the tree through the forest."


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