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Hello, before we get into the newsletter we'd like to dispel any lingering questions. The last issue was part of our April Fool's prank. There was no split and JABB is continuing as it always has for the time being. Thanks. Also, please excuse any spelling errors or other mistakes. Kinda rushed!

Ok, so in the years Andrew's been on TBAA he's held all sorts of interesting jobs. He's been a hockey team coach, a dog-walker, a DJ, and all sorts of other things. But what hasn't he been... and what shouldn't he ever, ever be?

Top Ten Job Positions We Never Want to See Andrew In

10. The replacement for Howie on the Radio Shack commercials.

9. A professional night light. He's simply too bright for the job!

8. Door-to-door vacuum salesman.

7. A stuntman in an action movie. We'd all have heart attacks, I'm sure.

6. A pediatrician. I expect my doctor to keep the kid ALIVE.

5. A WWF Wrestler called the Avenger. Although the tight costume may be a thrill for some...

4. Chevy Chase's replacement as Clark Griswald in the next "National Lampoon's Vacation" movie.

3. A back-up singer for Britney Spears.

2. The "Chick-Fil-A Cow" that holds up signs that say "Eat mor chikin."

And finally... The job we would most dislike seeing Andrew as...

1. An OB-GYN

Dear readers, recently Audrey and myself were at our favorite pizza joint on Earth. We overheard a conversation that we feel you all need to know about. Here it is...

JenniAnn: Aww!! Yes, I totally remember that. Andrew was so adorable when that happened.

Audrey: I know. And then when he gave that sheepish grin I...

JenniAnn: Shush! Hurry and bury your face in that menu. Adam and Charles just walked in. I can't believe this!

Adam: You know, it wouldn't bug me so much except that when they actually do come up to me, half the time it's to ask how Andrew is. As if they didn't know! He's their president!

Charles: I completely understand. You know, someone actually stopped me in the super market yesterday. You know what they said?

Adam: Oh... I don't know... "Can you get me John's autograph?"

Charles: Not quite. They asked if I was the guy who played that first AOD before TBAA hired "the good one." I mean sure John's great but... So does that mean I'm "the bad one"?

Adam: That's harsh. At least things are improving a little. You know, I have my own island now.

Charles: So I heard... But I'm afraid there will never be a CABB for us.

JenniAnn: Now that's just sad... We have to do something.

Audrey: Right, okay follow me and use your hair to hide your face.

Charles: Well, enough of this moping. How's life?

Adam: The usual. Scuba accidents, even had one guy who...

Waiter: Excuse me, two ladies asked that these be brought to you.

Charles: Who?

Waiter: I'm afraid they left but they did leave this note. Enjoy!

Adam: Well, let's take a look... "Dear Adam and Mr. Rocket, you are cordially invited to a picnic at Dyeland Castle. We hope you can make it, your presences would be sorely missed otherwise. Princesses Audrey and JenniAnn."

Charles: Imagine that...

And so the two left a little bit happier and hopefully feeling a little bit more appreciated. We'd also like to let everyone know that the invitation is extended to all of you for our picnic on the email list.