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Newsletter 8

Hello JABBers!

Just a reminder in case you didn't see it on the TBAA list: John Dye's movie/play from the late 80s is being shown on Encore at these times if you have cable: Nov. 8 @ 5:10 a.m., Nov. 14 @ 5:45 a.m., and Nov. 21 @ 4:55 a.m. EST Be sure to check your local listings for the correct times as these are Eastern time zones. I saw this movie Sunday morning and thought John was excellent in it but then he's excellent in all of his acting that I've seen! It is about 30 minutes long.

One of our JABB members has asked that we release email addresses so that you all can talk to each other. If you would like your email address released to other members please contact us. If we do not get permission from you for this we will not give yours out.

Now for some info on TBAA merchandise. I recently bought the TBAA soundtrack and just wanted to say it is great! I also got the My Dinner with Andrew book. I haven't had time to finish it but if you see it around you may want to purchase it as it has scenes not shown in the show. You may want to try out if you want to purchase them off the net.  (Update: Actually better yet, start at the Store.  I *think* by going through there some of the proceeds will go to keeping up.  It'll still be via Amazon.)

As of right now we have all of the JABB newsletters online. Your intros are on them and if you have anything on there you don't want seen please let us now and we will remove it. I have already removed all last names but let me know if you wanted them kept there. The url is

Welcome to our new Androolers! We now have 51 members! Also we have many birthdays coming up so if you haven't already and want to please send me, Jenni, your birthdate. 

Special thanks to Jarrod. He was the master mind behind J.A.B.B. this week! His helping us out brought me to an interesting thought. I think it would be great to hear your ideas! It would also help Jenni and I out immensely! As much as we love to write J.A.B.B. for you, we would be honored to read and post what you have to offer. If you'd like to take a stab at this one week, let us know! Or simply send any ideas or contributions you may have.

Thank you SOOO much!





My name is Jennifer. I am a prelaw history major at Oregon State University. I am a junior. I love history, music, political discussions, children, and, of course, John Dye. I have been a loyal fan of TBAA since it began and always will be. I was a camp counselor at an Episcopal church camp this summer and someday I hope to work in the area of family law and volunteer for a battered women's shelter in my spare time giving free legal advice.

Hi, my name is Kim...I'm 15 years old, have shoulder length brown hair and blue eyes. I live in Rome, Georgia where I am a sophomore at Armuchee High School. I've been working on an acting career for over a year now and hope to become a famous actress. I've played on the same softball team for 6 years and made all-stars 3 times. I'm a member of the Armuchee Marching Indian Band (3rd year). I play the clarinet and I am the section leader this year. I'm in concert band (5th year) and made District Honor Band once and County Honor Band a few times. I take dance (tap, lyrical, ballet). I attend church at Shannon United Methodist Church. I love watching TBAA and The X-Files. I collect interesting things such as masks, angels, and other stuff. I love hanging out with my friends and having fun! Andrew is my favorite angel and I was hooked since the first time I saw him! ~Kim {:0)0;}

Hi my name is Angelia Suzanne. I am a 23 year old freshman at Clark State Community College (an associate of Arts Major/transfer). I will be graduating June 1, 2001. My first TBAA ep was Groundrush back in March of 1996. I have loved Andrew ever since. I have nearly every episode in my collection as well as nearly all the videos in which John was in. In my spare time I like to crosstitch and tutor kids and classmates. I work at Lowe's Home Improvement warehouse full-time and during Christmas I work in a Kiage at the mall. I love playing on the computer and talking to all my friends on the puter.

You know you're an Androoler in November When:

You have an Andrew Turkey for Thanksgiving.

Your Thanksgiving dinner theme is "My Dinner with Andrew."

You paint Pilgrim and Indian figurines to look like John Dye (side burns optional).

You write in whip cream on your pumpkin pie "I love J.D.".

You call Thanksgiving Day "Dye Day," when you know it isn't until January.

Instead of giving thanks for family, friends, health ect... You give THANKS for John, for his smile, his laugh, Days of Hair gone by, ect....

In your Thanksgiving Prayer, you pray that you choke on a piece of turkey so that Andrew comes to do the heimlich maneuver on you.

You cross-stitch your FAVORITE Andrew Quotes on the Good Napkins.

You insist that your JDPMC is the guest of honor.

You wish when you break the wish bone, that J.D. will knock on your door.

And any anytime YKYAAW. . . you know that you think too much of Andrew (if that is possible) when you get an ad in the mail for a mouthwash called Andolex and you pick it up and say Androlex what a funny coincidence to name a product after us Androolers. (thanks Anna!!)

Mad Libs

1. Needed:

noun, adjective, possessive club/group name, time period, nick name, verb ending in s, verb ending in s, article of clothing, article of clothing, clothing, body part, temperature, nickname, verb ending in ed, noun, noun, sound, room, nick name, bodily fluid, plural noun, nick name, verb, nick name possessive 's, plural noun

There once was a wee group of gals, who all had a (noun) for one person; a(n) (adjective) Angel of Death named Andrew. These (possessive club/group name) would get together for (time period) and speak of nothing but their lil (nick name ). They would exclaim "Oh, I liked when he (verb ending in s) and (verb ending in s ). Especially when he wore his (article of clothing) or (article of clothing )." ( clothing) or (body part ), they all agreed he looked (temperature )! Any time they could catch their (nickname), ( verb ending in ed) to their TV's they'd be. No interruptions would be tolerated! Punishable by (noun) in their eyes. Whenever they caught a(n) (noun) of him, one could hear a loud (sound) throughout the (room ). Soon the hubbub would dye down and (nick name) would walk back on screen. ( bodily fluid ) ( plural noun) filled to the top and had to be emptied, but not soon enough for (nick name) to light up and finally (verb) the scene. But to (nick name's) surprise, the (plural noun) were rewound and the whole mess was repeated!

2. Needed:

adjective,verb,noun,noun,noun,sound,verb -ed,noun,nick name,type of person,adjective,noun, JABB members names,emotion,verb, color, emotion,noun, nick name,noun plural, verb,noun ,verb,adjective,noun plural,nick name for Andrew,verb ,noun ,verb,verb,verb,noun ,adjective ,verb ,noun,noun, noun,noun,adjective,your name, adjective, emotion, adjective, food, adjective,food

There once was a(n) (adjective) AOD named Andrew, who was sent on an assignment. Tess sent Andrew to (verb) the Androolers, for they needed his(noun) and(noun). This caused a(n) (noun) among the Androolers. Gasps and (sound) in Jennie, Teri, Sara, Audrey, JenniAnn, Amanda and the rest of the clan. At one certain visit he ran into Miss Wings herself. "Andrew, Tess said you must go see Audrey and JenniAnn. Their wee buckets are (verb -ed) with (noun). But watch out for Audrey as she calls you (nick name) and is a wee bit of a(n) (type of person). JenniAnn is really (adjective) and needs your (noun). Tess will join you once you're done." Monica said. "Monica what is this bucket you have?" Andrew asked, but she had already left. So Andrew set out to meet (JABB members names) where upon finding them he found pamphlets for JABB. His (emotion) got to him, so he (verb) them. His face turned (color) with (emotion) as he read and found out it mentioned him. "Man this (noun) is going to be hard" he said. "You got that right (nick name) baby" Tess said. These (nouns) are really (verb) on you and you aren't done with Sara either. She has created her own (noun) just of you." "Tess she (verb) me with her (adjective) accent and all these (noun plural) of me" protested (nick name for Andrew).
"Andrew, GET OVER IT and (verb) your (noun)" said Tess then left. Audrey (verb) from Andrew when he (verb) and JenniAnn (verb)from (noun). Poor Angel boy was having it (adjective), with these cases. He didn't know what to do with any of them. Especially with Sara, as she tried to (verb) his (noun) for her (noun). Quite embarrassed by all the (noun) Andrew went and hid behind a (noun) far from the JABB members. Suddenly he heard (adjective) foot steps behind him........

It was (your name)!!!!! One of those (adjective) Androolers!

"Oh no! " Andrew thought.

"Hello, Andrew!" You say.

"Umm, hi." He answers.

"So I couldn't help but notice that you seemed a bit (emotion) back there." You tell him.

"Well, umm, I'm sure you are all very (adjective) people but its just all the attention is overwhelming! I don't know what to make of it!" Andrew answers.

"Andrew, you don't have to worry! Why don't we join the others? Monica is making cappachino (food) for dinner!"

"Sounds great!" A much relieved Andrew replies. "Wait...Monica is cooking......

You and Andrew go back and Tess, Monica, and all the Androolers sit down for a meal of Monica's (adjective) (food) :-)

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