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Hello everyone! Before we get into the issue I (Jenni) would like to let the people who emailed me about Dye Scouts (sorry, I forgot who it was) and anyone who might be interested know that this would be a great time to send your work in. I'm almost through with a big wave of papers and will have time both to look at your work and make your webpages.

Also, the following material was supposed to go out during the summer but due to various circumstances it was delayed until now. Plus... we're kinda way busy right now so this worked out well. You may remember that over the summer, lacking anything else to discuss when TBAA was on hiatus, we invented a scenario in which John, Andrew, and Audrey were plotting against JenniAnn. We'd like to have that story line wrapped up by Christmas so here is the second of three parts. The events took place in late August.

Oh! We wish all those celebrating a very happy Thanksgiving. If you don't have plans swing by Dyeland Castle early Thursday. We've made plans to stalk Adam. So help me, I am finding out where he gets those "turkeys" this year!! Anyway... Here we go.

JenniAnn: Oh... Vincent, I'm worried... Do you think he'll come? Do you think we can trust him?

Vincent: I'm sure he will come, you must not worry so much. Please, just sit down. If we both continue to pace we'll eventually run into each other.

JenniAnn: I suppose. (she sits down at a table inside her office.) It's just this whole plot business has got me... (a knock interrupts her).

Vincent: I'll get it. That must be him now. (He proceeds to the door and opens it to reveal Adam, the Angel of Death.)

Adam: Umm... Hello, uh, sir, is this JenniAnn's office? (with a rather surprised look on his face).

JenniAnn: Adam! (She walks towards the door.) I am very rude. You've yet to meet Vincent. Adam, this is Vincent, my guardian and friend. Vincent, this is Adam, angel and friend of the kingdom. (The two shake hands and Adam looks a bit relieved.)

Adam: Nice to meet you Vincent. JenniAnn, it's been a long time. I'm quite curious about this mysterious meeting you've called me to.

JenniAnn: Adam, something odd is going on, something very strange.

Vincent: We needed to speak to you because you are the only one we felt we could trust and yet was close enough to the situation to be of any genuine assistance. But first, let's all take a seat. (The three sit down at the table with Vincent and JenniAnn on one side, facing Adam.)

Adam: Please explain.

JenniAnn: (visibly shaken) Adam, I have reason to believe... to believe...

Vincent: (removing a handkerchief, almost automatically, from his pocket and handing it to JenniAnn) It seems Andrew, John, and Audrey have entered into some secret plot against JenniAnn. It is our fear that they plan to discreetly remove her from Dyeland and take it over for their own purposes.

Adam: What!? I mean John and Audrey... Okay, you humans can be a very odd, confusing bunch. Present company excepted... maybe. But Andrew? An angel? What could he want with earthly power?

JenniAnn: That is what we were hoping you could tell us. Have you noticed any changes in him?

Adam: No, none whatsoever. Compassionate, dedicated, patient... The same Andrew as always. Other than this supposed plot have you noticed changes?

JenniAnn: No, and that's the problem. If I could pinpoint what was causing his discontent I could maybe fix it. But he's behaved wonderfully.

Adam: Are you quite positive about this plot? Are you sure it's not in your imagination?

Vincent: No, it's not. I know of it, too, and I consider myself sensible.

JenniAnn: Yes, he is, very much so. I had hoped he would have told me it was nonsense. I could have trusted that then for I am prone to drama. But as it is...

Adam: Very well. I will keep my eye out and let you know if I notice anything. (rising from his seat) Meanwhile, keep your self safe. (Pats JenniAnn on the shoulder.) Vincent, please walk with me to the door.

JenniAnn: Thank you, Adam for coming. I appreciate it.

Adam: My pleasure. (He and Vincent walk out into the hallway and close the door behind them. They proceed in silence for a few moments before Adam speaks up.) Vincent, I do know of the plot. Andrew told me.

Vincent: (with a slight note of anger) Please, you have to tell me what it is. She's innocent and this is cruel.

Adam: If you could just understand... They didn't want you to know... They didn't want you to have to hide anything from her but it's too late now. (Whispers something to Vincent.)

Vincent: (bewildered) I'm not sure I like that idea at all.

Adam: But now you're in on it. It's the only way, Vincent. It's what's best. (disappears)

Ooooh!!! Okay, now for something a little less psychotic...

Top Ten Things the Co-prezes Never Thought They'd Say

10. I'm going to the Whispering Woods to talk to the unicorns.

9. No, JenniAnn, it wouldn't be appropriate to propose marriage to Andrew.

8. So what do you want to get the dogs for their wedding gift?

7. What size body armor do you think we need to get for John?

6. Now should we place all the angels of death together at the next dinner party or just mix 'em in with everyone else?

5. Kidnapped hair? I have no clue what you are talking about!

4. I'm inviting Adam over for dinner. Shall we serve turkey? Muhahahaha!!!

3. Kiwis are dangerous!!!!!!!

2. Congratulations Andrew! You've won the Dyeland presidency!

1. Wow, I think I have a crush on the President.