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Hi everyone! Here's our 77th issue of JABB. We hope you enjoy it and that those of you who are getting season 8 are enjoying that as well! If you are interested in purchasing a bucket for the Sept. 11th Fund, I (Jenni) would really appreciate it if you would contact me by Thursday. This week is my fall break and I'd like to have them all done before I start back.

Hello! This is Jenni (still). Recently, as some of you may know, I managed to get the flu. (I'm totally okay now!) Some of you may also know that when I get sick my view on reality is slightly... skewed (yes, even more than normal!) While sick I noticed several things about Andrew I'd never realized before. Being the dedicated co-president that I am, I wrote them all down so that you can also obtain my new, flu-induced knowledge.

Top Ten New "Facts" About Andrew

10. He wears pink and purple polka dots... a lot.

9. He does not consider it strange to break into "Hakuna Matata" mid-revelation.

8. He's taken to appearing on 3 A.M. commercials urging you to buy the "Super Carrot Dicer/ Hair Braider". (Yours for only three monthly payments of $19.99!!)

7. He has a new sidekick named Hallucination the Kangaroo.

6. Chiwawa actually makes regular appearances with him on TBAA.

5. If you listen carefully, the angels never actually refer to him as Andrew. It's always "Andy, the Agent of death." But you must listen VERY carefully.

4. Despite how old he looks, he's really only 4 and a half.

3. He has two daughters.

2. He gave birth to them during "The Perfect Game"

1. Jenni was one of them.

0. Audrey was the other.

Wow, you recovered from that yet? Yeah, me neither. :-) Moving on... Often, we at JABB get emails containing questions of all sorts about how we write JABB, our personal lives, and TBAA in general. Here we will endeavor to answer a few:

Q. How do you tell your family, friends, boyfriends, etc., about JABB?

A. We tell them when they're half asleep so they won't remember the next day. We'd rather not be committed just yet.

Q: Why did TPTB at TBAA use the name "The Perfect Game" for two different episodes?

A. Because it was a title so nice they used it twice. Haha. No really, a top secret source tells us it happened something like this:

Writer #1: Hmmm... I think we need to make some sort of error with this episode. You know that always gets the fans riled and talking to each other. And that's healthy. Communication, I mean.

Writer #2: Well, we can have Monica and Andrew meet in 1652 while everyone knows the met in the 1990s.

Writer #1: Naw, we've done that... a lot.

Writer #2: Well, we could give Andrew really bad screentime for a while.

Writer #1: No, we tried that too. Remember the Androolers?? Eeek, bad memories.

Writer #2: Well, why don't we just reuse an episode title.

Writer #1: Hmmm.... Good idea! How about "The Perfect Game"!

So you see, it was all done for your benefit by TBAA's thoughtful writers.

Q: Did that really happen?

A: No comment.

Q: How do you manage to fit those really weird words into your newsletters?

A: The de rigueur way to find out would be to go down to the boonies, find a tawny colored trash can, and the answer will be carved into the tree next to it.*

Q: What's with Jenni and strange, mysterious, older men?

A: Freud only knows.

Q: If Andrew is the president of Dyeland and Audrey and JenniAnn are princesses what form of government is Dyeland?

A: A democratic presidentialprincessdom.

Q: What's the hardest part of writing JABB?

A: Trying to convey a hilarious mental image in typed words. Or maybe it's when your brother makes it his personal mission to find the JABB pages and does...

Q: Do you have to be insane to write an issue of JABB?

A: No, but we find it helps.

*Thanks to Melody for suggesting the words de rigueur, boonies, and tawny If you have words to suggest email Jenni.