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Hello and Welcome to the John/Andrew Bucket Brigade!

I know it has been a while since you've received a great J.A.B.B. Issue in your mailbox and I bet you've been going CRAZY wondering why! (If not, just humor me. Everyone else does.) We ran a little behind on our last J.A.B.B. and had planned on sending it out to you September 11, 2001. However, in light of that day's unfortunate activities we saw it best not to even bother. Instead, we wish to help out.

Here's how we'd like to help victims of the recent attacks upon the U.S. Jenni will be selling personalized drool buckets (about 4 inches tall) for $7. The buckets will read "Your Name's Drool Bucket" and will feature a picture (more information will be available upon request). Proceeds will be sent to the September 11th Fund. I will be more than happy to email those who purchase the buckets, bank statements to prove the money was in fact sent to the September 11th Fund. If you'd like to purchase a bucket or would like more details please email Jenni.

It was a terrible tragedy and our heartfelt sympathies go out to those personally affected by the acts of terrorism and for all others. We here at J.A.B.B. wish to help out in any way we can. But as you all well know, life must go on. So here is this week's JABB!! Enjoy and remember to smile!

Top Ten Reasons We're Really Excited for Season Eight

10. The homebodies among us will have something other than home videos and 80s movies to watch on Saturday.

9. Vincent's dad's gonna be in the first season!!! (Okay, Jenni fully realizes it's actually the actor who played Vincent's adoptive dad but leave her to her delusions. It's safer.)

8. Even the best of reruns can never quite equal the anticipation of a brand new show.

7. We'll actually have something to write about.

6. It's nice to have something creative to write, besides accounting techniques and about "how to lie with statistics"

5. For those of us who have no lives, no friends, no anything (I'm just digging a hole aren't I?! Don't worry, if I'm talking about you, you're in good company b/c Audrey's right there with you), we finally have a reason to stay home on Saturday nights.

4. That strange guy who sits in the back corner of my math class is starting to look REALLY ATTRACTIVE.

3. I'm not. Am I supposed to be?!

2. Watching my new red beta can only keep one entertained for SO long.

1. Andrew took home my VCR three days ago. :'(

Top Ten Things We Hope Won't Happen in Season Eight

10. Tess wakes up and finds out Andrew was all a dream...

9. Dawg reappears only to attack Andrew.

8. Andrew decides the guy from "I Am an Angel" was really cool and refuses to take any one Home with out first treating them to his latest Kung Fu routine.

7. Andrew begins to think L.A., the city of angels, is Home and brings all his assignments there, much to their confusion.

6. Andrew becomes obsessed with soap operas and refuses to answer to anything except his soap name, Count Andre Friendelli.

5. Andrew is in fact put on trail for murder, much to Jenni's delight.

4. John disappears. Strangely, we still hear everything Andrew says, but there's nothing to look at.

3. Mooooooooo. (It's late. I need sleep)

2. Monica and Andrew have a huge fight and Andrew goes home forever.

1. Andrew wears clothing.......AGAIN!