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Hi everyone! Before we get into the newsletter Jenni has a couple announcements.

Okay, first, I've been sending out the birthday cards but a lot of the addresses haven't been working. If you've changed your email address since the time you sent me your birthday please email me and let me know what your old address was so I can change it. Also, if you'd like added to the list just send me your name and birth date.

Second, as a fun, diversion I thought of an idea inspired by "Whose Line is it Anyway?". Okay, you can send in three words which you can challenge Aud and I to try and fit into an issue. The only rules for the words are that they have to be PG-rated or below and in a dictionary. You can also challenge us to write a future story in a genre of your choice (court drama, romantic comedy, western, etc.). Again it has to be suitable for a PG rating but can be almost anything. If you have questions let me know. Also, I'm expanding the Dyeland map to include another "continent" so if you want on it let me know. That's all! Thanks.

A few years ago John Dye appeared on "Promised Land" a few times as Andrew. We really enjoyed those episodes and were recently thinking about them. We were led to ponder what other shows, past and present, it might be fun to see Andrew on....

Top Ten Shows That Would Make Great Crossovers

10. On a special episode of "Friends," we'll call it "The One with the Angel of Death," the gang's forced to come to terms with their own mortality when Gunther is killed in a freak cappuccino maker accident. Andrew helps the gang to realize death isn't a horrible thing so...... they continue to squabble and spy on the guy across the street.

9. "Early Edition" features an episode where Gary's altruism once again leads him into danger. Andrew's on call just in case anything should happen. Back in the real world Jenni and several others pass out due to seeing both John Dye and Kyle Chandler on the screen at the same time.

8. On "Dr. Quinn: Medicine Woman," Michaela once again stands up against an injustice getting herself many violent enemies, Sully's off at death's door due to some brave heroic act (again....), there's another brawl at Hank's bar, there's someone shooting at Cloud Dancing's people again, and Colleen's train is careening towards a faulty bridge. Andrew goes insane cause he doesn't know who needs him more in this crazy town.

7. On "Seinfeld" Andrew's called in to be there for George's fiancee when a freak chemical accident involving wedding invitations takes her life. The ironic part is everyone's so self-involved they fail to notice the attractive, blonde angel sitting on the couch.

6. On a one time only episode of South Park, Kenny dies and who is there to take him to the great beyond? ANDREW! I think Kenny might really be gone this time.

5. I'm sure you all remember the great M*A*S*H. Well the M*A*S*H 4077 gets a surprise visit by Andrew as well as a few other angels when a bomb explodes nearby.

4. Oh no! It looks like Homer blew it again and Maude is once again going to die. Good thing Andrew is nearby to take this Christian mother home.

3. Bewitched: Angel meets witch. No one knows which one is real. STAY TUNED!

2. Ripley's Believe It or Not?: On our next show a fish with three heads, a man that can read the entire encyclopedia in one hour while submerged underwater and listening to Polka, and meet an angel of death whose fame rivals that of the dude from Exodus. Believe it.... or not?

1. On "Tour of Duty" the men are sent on a dangerous mission. Things only get more confusing and dangerous when Doc Hock and Andrew meet out in the jungle. Doc Hock promptly develops an identity crisis when faced with this ethereal twin.

This is a crazy world and you never know quite what to expect. Most of people will never meet John and the chance of meeting Andrew is even less. But for those who do..... Let's just hope they don't say any of the things on the following lists.

Top Ten Things People Should Not Say to Andrew

10. Angel of Death huh? Prove it.

9. Are those wings real?!

8. Where the Hell is that light coming from?

7. Did you just see that kid in the adorable Grim Reaper costume?

6. Hey, what's with this?!?! I wanted Adam to come for me!

5. Are you here for the fish? I flushed him already.

4. Are you absolutely positive angels can't get married? Cause you'd make a great father.

3. Andrew, the toolbelt? Yeah, wasn't actually *that* cool.

2. Angel of Death? So YOU'RE responsible for my wife!

1. Oh, you want a ride on THIS BUS?! Over my dead body.

Top Ten Things People Should Not Say to John

10. Hey John, can you introduce me to that hot chick over there?

9. Yes, I have scissors and I know how to use them.

8. John? John who?

7. So how's Chiwawa and his family doing?

6. I know your birth date and I know your birth place and I know the names of all your teachers (K through 8) and I know the entire scripts to all your movies and I know the names of our future children. So when's a good date for the wedding?

5. What do you mean you only play Andrew on TV!?!? I want Andrew!!!!!!

4. Hey! My girlfriend ditched me to try and date you! She memorized all your scripts and the names of all your teachers and even came up with names for your kids! I really loved her! What do you mean it wasn't your fault? Hey! Do you wanna take this outside Angelboy!?

3. Do you think you could introduce me to Charles Rocket? He's hot.

2. Hey, wanna go to the airport and see how many people you can freak out?

1. Hi! My name's Johnna Dye. I legally changed my name..... just for you!