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Hello JABB members! Welcome to a very special issue of JABB!! Why is it special, you may ask? Because Jenni says it is! This issue was supposed to be a few top tens written five minutes before we sent this newsletter but plans were changed on April the 22nd. On that night TBAA aired "The Sign of the Dove". It featured not only mega-Andrew screentime but also Adam. So Jenni anxiously awaited this episode on Sunday night like many other fans. But what did she get?!? About 2/3's of the episode with weather reports and graphics interrupting at what seemed to be the most crucial points! Granted, Jenni is very aware that people's safety is much more important than her weekly time to appreciate Andrew. She would much rather miss some Andrew time than be hurled out of her rocking chair by a cyclone of wind, dirt, and trees... However, to a crazed, obsessive mind this was all very confusing. As such for both her own enjoyment and for the enjoyment (read bewilderment) of all you fine people, we at JABB present.....

Andrew Gets Put on Trial for Murder
By: Jenni

Andrew looked on as Audrey and JenniAnn walked away from Dyeland Castle and soon disappeared, returning to earth. He was now alone and would be guarding the castle until Vincent returned the following Monday. With finals that very week the princesses had reluctantly left Dyeland to concentrate on their studies. This left Andrew to guard the Castle Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Vincent would take over his duties on Monday and continue on at the Castle until Wednesday morning at which point Adam would stop by and remain until the princesses returned Friday afternoon.

Andrew first took a walk around the Castle grounds admiring the flowers and trees that populated the area. Next he made his way to the chapel for some much needed quiet time with God. When he emerged from the chapel he found that the sun was beginning to set and he returned to his house, first checking the Castle carefully to make sure it was locked.

The next two days were very peaceful ones for Andrew and he felt more than ready to return to his duties as AOD. He quickly scribbled down a note to Vincent to remind him what locks to check each night and when he had to bring food to the Jabbins family. He took the note to the Castle and waited for Vincent to appear.

A few minutes later Andrew heard a commotion at the door. He figured it must be Vincent although he had no idea why the usually quiet man was being so loud. He strode over to the main door but before he could open the it, it was thrown open and several uniformed people stormed in.

"President Andrew of Dyeland?" the man closest to the angel asked.

"Umm... Yes, that would be me, may I ask what this is about? Please." Andrew responded with a worried look.

"Sir, you're under arrest for suspicion of murdering President Sampson of Fordland." the officer replied.

"What!?! Who's President Fordland? And who are you?!" Andrew was now quite worried.

"President Sampson, as if you didn't know. And we're the FBI. The Magical Kingdoms in Alternate Dimensions Unit. You'll have to come with us." The officer then began to recite the Miranda Warning and as he did so the entire group disappeared.....


This is a warning from the National Dyeland Psychological System.

Person in white lab coat: Hello, I'm Dr. Jen Niann nee D'shelp. Before we bring you back to your regularly scheduled newsletter we need to inform you of a developing condition in Jenni's brain. A condition that developed itself a few weeks ago in the "obsession inducing" region of her brain seems to have worsened and is now manifesting itself in strange stories and a slight amount of angst as evidenced in that introduction. We wish to inform all readers in the effected areas (that would be any area in which you are reading this) that this condition may worsen and result in the appearance of characters from totally unrelated TV shows, the misplaced use of soap-like drama within a comical newsletter, and copresidents spontaneously turning into angels. Thank you and please take the proper precautions in dealing with this scenario (namely just playing along). Thanks. We'll get back to you with any further developments.

This has been a warning from the National Dyeland Psychological System.

Vincent walked into the Castle and found it strange that Andrew was absent but figured he'd been called away for an assignment. He found the note, read it, and put it in his pocket for later reference. He then closed the front door behind him and proceeded to the library, found a book, and walked to a garden were he spent the greater part of his stay.

Before he knew it Adam had arrived.

"Hello, you must be Adam." Vincent said as he opened the door.

"Yes, Vincent. Great to meet you. I've heard a lot about you from Andrew and the girls. Don't worry! It's all good stuff!" Adam responded.

Vincent smiled and then replied, "Very good. I would love to talk with you but I promised my son I would return as soon as I could."

"Yes, of course, I'll probably see you around at one of the parties. Oh, you don't happen to know if they're got orange juice and ginger ale do you?"

"Ahhh.... I'd try the refrigerator in the pantry. Have an excellent stay here."

"Thanks. See ya around!" Adam said as he made his way to the pantry.

He later emerged with a bottle of ginger ale in one hand and a carton of orange juice in the other. He sat down at the table in the kitchen and said, "Here's to you, Andrew. You wild man!" Little did he know where his friend now was.....

Back on Earth, Audrey had decided to take a break and call JenniAnn. She dialed the phone and waited a moment or two.

"Hello?" JenniAnn answered as she closed her History book.

"Hey, JenniAnn. It's Aud. I decided to take a break from studying and give you a call."

"I'm really glad you did. Ever since we left Dyeland I've been getting these really weird vibes."

"You're probably just nervous about finals. Don't bother. I mean even if you flunk every one of them you still have a promising future as JABB Co-president."

"True," JenniAnn said laughing. "So how are things in....." Suddenly JenniAnn's room began to white out and JenniAnn felt herself moving. It was the same sensation she got when she traveled from Earth to Dyeland and vice versa. Suddenly the moving came to a stop and JenniAnn looked around her.

"Aud!" JenniAnn cried as she turned to Audrey who was next to her, thankful for a familiar face.

"Where in the world are we?" Audrey asked with alarm as she looked around what appeared to be a vacant jail cell, vacant that is except for the two women.

Suddenly a noise could be heard from down the hall on one side of the cell.

"Put him in that one, give him some privacy to think about what he did!" a man's voice could be heard. Soon three men came into view. Two were guards but the third was dressed in an orange jumpsuit and his face was not visible from the angle at which the co-presidents stood. Shock went through them when they realized the man was being put into the very same cell they occupied. They dashed into a shadowy corner, hoping they wouldn't be seen. When they turned around the prisoner had made his way to the opposite corner and had sunk down to the ground. His head was bowed and his face was still hidden. Then he began to speak.

"Father, I don't know what it is you have planned for me. But I know you can turn anything into a positive outcome. Just please, please help me remember Your love." As the man spoke the co-presidents eyes grew bigger and bigger. JenniAnn leaped forth from her corner and approached the man she now recognized as Andrew.

"Andrew! Andrew! What are you doing here. Oh Andrew, are you okay?!" JenniAnn asked as she knelt beside the angel and tried to make eye contact. He was looking in her direction. But it was almost as if he was looking right through her.

"Andrew? Andrew???" Audrey had now made her way across the cell. She waited a few moments. "JenniAnn, he can't hear us. He can't hear us...."

"But why?" JenniAnn asked as her voice began to quiver.


This is a warning from the National Dyeland Psychological System.

Dr. Jen: We'll return you to the newsletter as quickly as possible but wanted to warn the audience of the worsening condition in Jenni's mind. Viewers are reminded to be aware of drama approaching sappiness followed by sudden, dramatic switches to zaniness. We now return you to "Andrew Gets Put on Trial for Murder".

This has been a warning from the National Dyeland Psychological System.

"JenniAnn.... I think we're angels." Audrey answered, amazed. "Well, maybe not angels but some type of spirit. I mean obviously Andrew's stuck in human form and he can't hear us."

The girls then became aware of sobbing noises coming from the figure on the floor.

JenniAnn sadly looked down at Andrew and answered, "Well, then we've gotta contact someone who can hear us. Adam! No, no Vincent! Vincent's really sensitive to supernatural forces. I don't know why Andrew's here but surely we can get him out! I need to talk to Vincent, I need to go, shoot I forgot how to get to New York, alright Adam then, oh where would he be, would he be in Dyeland yet, what day is it? I've got to go."

"JenniAnn!!! Stop it! This isn't helping. Let's just think. Okay, we've all seen TBAA enough. Let's just act like the angels. They don't go running off to their guardians every time things get a little tough, okay really tough," Audrey added the last part after a glare from JenniAnn. "Now, let's just stick by Andrew and see what happens."

Hours later the girls heard footsteps approaching the cell and stood up. The same two men from earlier unlocked the cell door and approached Andrew. They quickly handcuffed him and walked with him out to the hallway with the girls following directly behind them.

"I have a feeling things are going to get a lot more interesting." Audrey said as they followed the three through the hallway and into a courtroom.

"Take one down, pass it around, 58 bottles of ginger ale in the pantry. 58 bottles of ginger ale in the pantry, 58 bottles of ginger ale, take one down pass it around, 57 bottles of ginger ale in the pantry." Adam was still in the kitchen and had been singing for at least half an hour after realizing how quiet and lonely an empty castle could be. He got up and decided to explore the castle. As he walked out of the kitchen and into the foyer his eye drifted to the grand staircase..... and the banister. Adam spent the next hour sliding down banisters and running up the stairs, to the top, to start over again. Suddenly, he stopped and a look of bewilderment came over his face. He ran to the nearest phone, called Cliff and Daisy, and disappeared.

"Mr.....Andrew. Do you have a last name?"

"No ma'am." The angel answered the judge.

"Very well, are you aware of the charges brought against you?"


"Do you have a lawyer, sir?"

Andrew glanced around the room hoping for a familiar face. When Monica had been arrested Sam had shown up to stand by her. He waited for a few moments and gave up. "No, I don't."

"Very well, Mr. Wellington will serve as your attorney then."

Mr. Wellington approached Andrew. He had a sly look to him and JenniAnn immidiately disliked him. Now more than ever she wished she could just be human again.

"I will now hear arguments in the case of Mr. Andrew versus the world of Fordland in the murder of President Sampson."

For the next few moments JenniAnn and Audrey listened horrified at the evidence brought against Andrew. They had to admit that it was startling.

"Audrey, we've got to get on that witness stand. This can't be true. He was with us when this all supposedly took place!"

"You're right. It was during last week's concert. There's no way..... Not to mention.... Isn't Fordland a monarchy?"

"Yes, I'd nearly forgotten that. There's definitely something weird going on here."

"Audrey! JenniAnn!" Adam came walking towards them. They couldn't have been more happy to see anyone.

"Adam! What's going on? This can't be happening."

"It is, unfortunately. I got a call from You Know Who telling me to come here. I called Cliff and Daisy and asked them to watch the castle and came as soon as I could. So what's the charge?"

"You mean you don't know? Aud! He doesn't know anymore than we do!" JenniAnn exclaimed.

"Shhh!! Something's happening." Audrey said as she pointed to the judge.

"Does the defense have any witnesses?"

"No your honor." Wellington replied.

"Any defense of any kind?"

"Nope." Wellington answered as Andrew stared at him horrifed.

"Your honor, please! I didn't do this! I don't even know the President of Fordland! I didn't know there was a Fordland!" Andrew exclaimed.

"I'm afraid your word doesn't count for much here. We need evidence. Is there any?"

Andrew merely bowed his head.

"Very well. The jury will now deliberate. Oh? What's that?"

"Your honor, we've made our decision."

"And that is?"


This is a warning from the National Dyeland Psychological System.

Dr. Jen: Wow, dramatic stuff. Oh, sorry, ummm..... Obsession producing region is conflicting with blah, blah. It's not important. Get me back to that newsletter!

This has been a warning from the National Dyeland Psychological System.

"We find the defendant guilty and sentence him to life imprisonment."

"Noooooo!!!!!!" JenniAnn screamed and fell as Andrew was pulled out of the courtroom.

Audrey stared straight ahead in shock and Adam fought his way through the crowd hoping to speak to his friend.

"Andrew! Andrew!!" Adam screamed but Andrew just looked straight ahead. Adam then walked back to where Audrey was standing and JenniAnn was curled up on the floor.

"This isn't right! That trial didn't last for more than 20 minutes!" Audrey exclaimed.

"I know but..... Never mind! We left our assignment!" Adam disappeared and later reappeared along with Audrey and JenniAnn in Andrew's cell.

Andrew was curled up in the same corner he had previously occupied. He stared straight ahead, bewildered. He'd been in jails several times but never like this. He'd been sure someone would show up for him in the courtroom. How could this happen? One moment he was a well-respected AOD and President of Dyeland and now...... Now he was a prisoner and worse yet a convicted murderer. He longed to hear JenniAnn's rants, Audrey's stern but loving retorts, even Adam's off-color jokes. Most of all he longed to hear this was all just a dream......

All just a dream.....

JenniAnn jumped up and nearly hit the person by her side.

"Whoa! Hey, you okay?" Andrew asked as he stood by the hammock in the Dyeland City garden.

"Andrew!" JenniAnn exclaimed.

"Yes..... Definitely me. You fell asleep out here and Audrey wanted you to know your report card arrived."

JenniAnn reached out for Andrew's hands and began frantically looking at his wrists.

"No marks... I thought the cuffs would have.... No marks... Andrew! You're free!"

"Yes..... We're all free. Are you okay?"

"I, well, I dreamed you were put on trial for murder and ended up in prison! It was awful!"

"Yes, well, thankfully it was all a dream...... Or was it???" Andrew's hands suddenly flew to his face which began to contort and twist as he pulled it away to reveal..... JenniAnn's weatherman! "Ah!!! I have prevailed! I have driven you away from your sweet Angel Boy and now in your depressive state I will take over Dyeland using my latest, high tech super doppler mind control machine!! Andrew was put in prison and you'll never find him!!"

"Nooo!!!!" JenniAnn screamed as she cowered.

"No what?"

"Quick! Run it's the weatherman!!!" JenniAnn screamed as she awoke and bolted out of the hammock.




"Is it really you?" JenniAnn asked with a sceptical face.

"I think I'm quite sure who I am."

"Okay, then. I'll believe you."

"Are you sure you should...." the man's voice suddenly took on an eery tone.

"Oh no...." JenniAnn gasped. "Who are you?!"

"John." John now burst out laughing as Andrew stepped out of the shadow of a tree also laughing.

And this time JenniAnn was actually awake and despite being tricked was glad to see the angel and the actor. And the moral of this story? Uhh.... JenniAnn's insane? Don't write JABB during high-stress moments? Umm we're still working on the moral.

PS If anyone has decided they want to have a castle or home on the Dyeland map please email Jenni asap for details.