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"The Animal Song"
by Savage Garden

Audrey: You are such a child! I don't know why I ever put up with you for this long! This stupid imaginary world of yours is so immature.

JenniAnn: What?! You used to love this world so much. You're just jealous because I have a man now and you don't!

Audrey: Am not!

JenniAnn: Are too!

Audrey: Am not times infinity!

JenniAnn: And you say I'm childish. ::rolls eyes::

Narrator: John/Andrew stands between the two in a land he's not all that accustomed to. He's in the between world. It's the border of Dyeland and Reality. The screams of these two adolescents..

JenniAnn: "ADOLESCENTS"?!?! Who are you calling an adolescent?! She is, but not me! I am a young woman.

Narrator: Let's not start this again! Anyhow, back to the story. John was being pounded by their yells. He raised his voice to counter their noise.

J/A: Ladies! LADIES! Please! ...... SHUT UP!!!

N: The two girl freeze in place. They'd never heard either John or Andrew tell anyone to shut up before. They where shocked. Then again, they weren't used to John and Andrew being two people as one.... This "between world" was startling to see. J/A could see that Audrey and JenniAnn were about to start screaming again so he began to speak.

A/J: Well, now why don't you both just settle down and tell your stories, *calmly*. JenniAnn, you start.

JenniAnn: Okay, well, It was a beautiful, sunny day in Dyeland. The last of a light snow had melted away and you could see flowers all over (because in Dyeland they grow ultra fast, you know.)

Aud: Can we please cut the poetry and get on to the ugly facts?

N: JenniAnn glared at Audrey.

JenniAnn: Fine! Well, I was cleaning one of the windows and I looked out and a man on horseback was approaching. Andrew was there so he answered the door. The man, Prince Arthur, asked for a tour so I happily granted it. But first I served lunch and had Andrew stick around just to sorta, well, just cause -- it seemed like a safe, *mature* idea. So after that I showed him the Whispering Woods, the cafe, the orchard, and eventually Laughingly and then I returned home and told Audrey about my day. I'll admit, maybe I was getting a bit sappy about Arthur at that point but I did not expect the reaction I got!

A: My reaction was perfectly natural! You're living in a fantasy world and a man on a white horse, so to say, comes to sweep you off your feet. Why should I be happy for you? You do understand that NONE OF THIS IS REAL!?!?

J: Hey now! Dyeland is too real! Tell her Andrew/John.

A/J: I'm not touching this one. You two just keep telling me what happened.

N: Both girls gave J/A a slightly tiffed look. What was he doing, not taking sides? Each girl expected him to side with her, but alas, he wasn't helping them at all.

A: Anyhow, I decided at that point that this "Dyeland" crap was getting to be too much. It was one thing for her to have a dream world; even for me to be sucked into it. But it was another for her to start having imaginary romances. So I decided I didn't want to be a part of it.


N: The girls were becoming animalistic in their responses to one another. It was time J/A stepped in.

J: Hey Mr. Narrator person, I resent that!

N: No, dear, you resemble that.

A: Good one!

N: JenniAnn glared at Audrey, then let the comments pass as A/J began to speak.

A/J: Ladies! Ladies! Lets keep this civil. I don't know how much more of this I can take. Now, please, let's start again *calmly*. Okay, so JenniAnn has developed an interest in a man who may or may not be real. We've got that. Now really, what's the worst that could happen, Aud? So she hangs out with this guy for a while and then wakes up or he is real and they just have a normal relationship.

J: Oh and he is real! I swear!

A: I swear!! (mockingly)

A/J: Hey, what did I say!?

A: Sorry. I guess maybe you're right. I mean it's completely normal to date. She is 18 after all.

J: Hello! I'm still in the room!

A: Sorry.

A/J: Right, completely normal. Let's all remember that.

N: Andrew/John then turned towards Audrey and whispered softly.

A/J: It's not as if she's getting married or anything. For all we know it could be over in a week!

N: Despite his soft voice, JenniAnn had heard him and started acting very uncomfortably. Suddenly, she coughed and her right hand moved a way from her left hand which it had been covering. Both Audrey and A/J exclaimed when she revealed..... a ring.
N: OH MY GOODNESS! How'd you ever get anyone to propose to you?! Even in your dreams?! I never thought it possible!

J: Hey! Stupid narrator. Nobody wants you here. Why don't you leave already?!

N: I don't have to take this. I'm going ho-em.

J: "Ho-em"? Don't you mean "Home"?

N: Doesn't matter. Bye. ::Leaves::

J/A: See what you two did?!

J: I never liked him anyway.

A: Me either. Anyhow, back to the story. What's with this gum ball machine ring you have? Couldn't you afford a real one?! HAHA You know, kinda like this?

::Audrey pulls her ring out of her pocket proudly displaying it. She was afraid before of how they would react, but now? It doesn't matter.::

J: You're not marrying that THING are you?

A: "THING"?! He is a GREAT man! That's all that matters. And he and I are going to live happily ever after in REALITY!

J: That's what you think. You know, Arthur Paul Roderigo Ignatius Locksley and I will be better off than you and your Frederick Oliver Oscar Lloyd Samuels any day!

A: That's it! I NEVER want to see you again!

J: I don't want to see you either! GOOD-BYE!

::The two girls storm from the 'between world' into their own, never to see each other again.::

A/J: What the heck just happened? And what kinda names are those anyway? OH well.


And so ends nearly 3 years of JABB.