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Hello, I hope this newsletter finds you all well. The story below is one that happened a couple weeks ago at Dyeland Castle and surrounding areas. None of us involved has spoken of the events. We, however, decided to break the silence and let you all know. We wanted to warn you that strange things are indeed happening on our islands. Now for the events of February 6th...

JenniAnn waited nervously for the doorbell to ring. She, Andrew, and Audrey had assembled in the Castle's living room to await the arrival of an unknown visitor. JenniAnn's parents, worrying about their first-born, had arranged for someone to come. He would be a sort of guardian to watch over her until they were sure their daughter could manage in a magical kingdom without parental guidance. You might wonder why this arrangement suddenly came about after two years.

Apparently, JenniAnn's cousin happened upon the JABB archives and went tattling to her parents about such trivial things as kidnapping, demons, and disease. For some odd reason these things frighten parents. JenniAnn thought of all this as she paced through the room.

Suddenly, a loud knock at the door interrupted the silence. The group left the room and it was JenniAnn who opened the door to reveal....

"Vincent!" JenniAnn cried as Andrew and Audrey looked on curiously.

"JenniAnn, it has been so long.....four years?" The man walked into the castle and for the first time Andrew and Audrey got a good view of the striking and otherwise indescribable man.

JenniAnn made the proper introductions and then explained to the other two that Vincent was an old friend who her parents had thought best to send for a time. It was decided that Vincent would stay in the basement of Andrew's apartment until further arrangements could be made. (It's a very nice basement for all concerned Vincent fans.). The rest of the evening passed quickly as Andrew and Audrey learned more about JenniAnn's new guardian and JenniAnn and Vincent reminisced about old times and caught up on the last four years.

Later that evening Andrew and Vincent returned to the President's House where Andrew showed Vincent to the basement. They were surprised to enter the basement and find John all ready there.

"John! What are you doing here?" Andrew asked.

"Well, uhh, can you sit down?" John replied, not yet noticing the third man in the room.

"Umm sure but first let me introduce you to Vincent." Andrew gave the introductions and John was little surprised by Vincent. Very little surprised John any more about anything in Dyeland. That is very little except the issue he'd come to discuss.

"Well, Vincent, hearing of your position here I think this concerns you, too. It's about your charge and Audrey." John began. Vincent looked on concerned. He'd not expected anything to happen so soon after his arrival. "I was just sitting at home last night when JenniAnn and Audrey stopped by. I let them in but it struck me as odd because they've never come to my place before. I left to go get them some pop or something to drink. When I came back they'd just disappeared. The strangest part was the chain on the door was still locked. They couldn't have locked it from the outside. Plus..."

"Go on." Andrew encouraged.

"This picture and frame were gone. A very old picture. It was my great-great-grandfather's or something like that." John finished.

"That's very bizarre, John. However, I do not think JenniAnn, nor a friend of hers, would steal. But it has been four years..... Other friends of mine have changed in less time." Vincent replied.

"Still, I'm here quite a bit. I've never known either of the co-presidents to be dishonest." Andrew responded and Vincent breathed a sigh of relief.

"Well, then..... What do you think?" John asked.

"Maybe it's part of a prank. Maybe they wanted to use the picture for some sort of joke. They might have not known the value of it." Andrew suggested.

"Yes, that's possible. It's not really valuable though. I'd just been rearranging the room and found it in a box. But doubtful still that they'd do that. Plus there's still the locked door to consider." John thought aloud. "Well, I just wanted to make you aware of the situation, Andrew. Maybe you and Vincent can just keep an eye on them. It's nice to meet you Vincent, I'm sorry it had to be on such strange terms."

"Yes, and it was nice to meet you as well." After Vincent had finished John climbed back up the stairs and returned to his home. Andrew and Vincent chatted for a few minutes and then Andrew returned to his room upstairs, leaving Vincent to ponder exactly what he'd gotten himself into. As he drifted into sleep words spun through his mind, "Androolism", "Dyeland", and "talking chihuahuas".

Near two in the morning JenniAnn woke up to a noise in her room. Reluctantly she sat up and looked around the room. Her gaze moved towards a figure near her window. For a moment she stared as the blood drained from her face leaving her very pale. There was someone there, Andrew, maybe John, dressed in clothes that had no part in this era. The figure reminded her of "Beautiful Dreamer" but a second later she realized while there was a resemblance this was not Andrew or John. The figure stepped closer and JenniAnn screamed and turned away. A split second later when she turned back he was gone.

Audrey had not yet fallen asleep when the clock in her room struck two. She was working on a paper for school and happened to glance out her window to see a white clad figure running towards the President's House. The figure's blonde hair trailed behind her. It was JenniAnn. Audrey threw on her coat to go see what her fellow co-president was up to.

Andrew was startled out of his prayers by a knock at the door. He glanced at the clock and realized that a visitor at this time of night must mean trouble. He hurried to the door and threw it open to find Audrey there.

"Where's JenniAnn?" Audrey asked as she walked into the hall of the house.

"What do you mean? I would assume she would be in her room." Andrew answered.

"No, no I saw her run here. Go get Vincent. I think she's run somewhere." Audrey waited in the hall as Andrew rushed to the basement and returned with Vincent following him.

"How long ago did you see her?" Vincent asked.

"Just now! I rushed over the minute I saw her out of my window." Audrey replied.

"Well, she's not here and I doubt she'd go anywhere else this direction this late at night. Let's go back to the castle. Maybe she ran over here, thought better of it, and returned by another entrance and you just missed her?" Andrew suggested. Vincent had all ready ran out the door and Andrew and Audrey now followed him back to the castle. The three ran up the stairs and to JenniAnn's office. A quick check revealed she wasn't there.

Vincent ran to the library, Andrew towards the roof, and Audrey to JenniAnn's room. Before Andrew had even reached the roof he heard a cry from downstairs. Audrey had found JenniAnn in her room, still staring at her window. JenniAnn finally turned when she saw Audrey come near her.

"Someone was there. It was Andrew but not Andrew." JenniAnn explained shakily.

Vincent entered the room followed closely by Andrew.

"What do you mean, JenniAnn?" Audrey asked.

"This person. He looked like Andrew but he was different and dressed in old clothes. I woke up and he was there. I think he tried to say something but I screamed and he disappeared."

"And then you ran to Andrew's right?" Audrey asked.

"No, no I stayed here. I didn't want to move, I didn't want to stay here either though. But I couldn't move."

"Audrey, why don't you take JenniAnn downstairs to get a glass of milk. We'll be right down." Andrew suggested.

"Okay. C'mon JenniAnn." After the two girls had left Andrew turned to Vincent who had all ready moved to the windows and was inspecting them.

"They are all locked...there's no way they could be locked from the outside." Vincent told Andrew.

"Like John's door. Something is definitely going on here." Andrew said with an edge in his voice.

"Yes, but perhaps we should wait to tell JenniAnn and Audrey until we have more information." Vincent suggested.

"Sure, no reason to make them worry more... yet." With those words Andrew and Vincent went downstairs to the kitchen.

The next morning was beautiful and made the events of the previous night seem like a nightmare that had evaporated with the dawn. No one spoke of it except Audrey, only once. She told Andrew she was sure it had been JenniAnn she saw running towards his house. But then when they'd all come to JenniAnn's room she had been wearing yellow and pink, there was no way Audrey could have mistaken them for white. Beyond that the day was perfect. Audrey and JenniAnn had shown Vincent around the islands. JenniAnn insisted it was so he could enjoy the scenery. Audrey thought it was more because JenniAnn was concerned that if the Dyelanders didn't actually see Vincent they would think he was in fact Victor using a code name. Either way Vincent did very much enjoy the scenery and all the Dyelanders couldn't help but notice that Vincent and Victor didn't share much of a resemblance.

Days passed and after a week or so the four who had known of the events of February 6th had almost forgotten. Almost. At least for now the mysterious events will go unsolved.

Kinda scary stuff, there. However, since JABB was started mainly for comedic purposes we'd like to leave you all with a laugh. The following is a top ten list written by Andrew.

Top Ten Suggestions for Vincent as He Lives in Dyeland

10. A quick lesson to lessen confusion: John plays me in a TV series. I am real so is he. We look alike. AnnieDru, Annie Dru, Anne-Dru, and Annie are three entirely separate entities. Don't mix up Chiwawa, Chimama, Chacita, Chanders, or ChaCha either. You may just want to make yourself a cheat sheet.

9. Don't even try to figure out the system of government. I'm president, they're princesses, and that's all you can ever know. And really all you need to know.

8. Be surprised by nothing! If Captain Kirk and Mary, Queen of Scots, show up just smile and nod.

7. Be aware that anything you say and/or do can become fodder for this newsletter they turn out. In fact, I'll bet you they get a hold of this and it ends up in the newsletter.

6. When they write that they're insane, they aren't exaggerating so much. Well, at least one isn't by much.

5. Don't cut your hair. It will cause way more trouble than it's worth. Plus then they end up giving the hair to a dog and one family of chihuahuas is definitely enough!

4. Don't try and tell them, especially JenniAnn, that they're being too irrational or unrealistic. This isn't too much of a problem when you realize you're standing in a castle in a land named after an actor and that it has talking animals and a wizard. That realization usually shuts people up real quick.

3. Watch your step. There is a definite drool problem out there.

2. Stay away from the Forbidden Forest. The last two men to enter there ended up in love with the co-presidents. It was disturbing.

1. Get to know these people. Despite what people say jokingly these are great people. People I've been privileged to get to know through the past 2 and a half years.

Oh and for all those who don't know what Vincent looks like please visit a wonderful page by Yvette, one of our members:
He's the blonde. The guy in the other picture is his adoptive dad. If you need any more explanation than that feel free to email Jenni.
She'll be *more* than happy to fill you in on the story.

ETA on 2-23-09: This story originally had LJA's brother reporting on her Dyeland activities to their parents.  Problem?  LJA doesn't have a brother.  So I edited it to read "her cousin."


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