“True friends are always together in spirit.”
― L.M. Montgomery, Anne of Green Gables

Hi all,

Wow!  It's been 23 years since JABB began!  So incredible to think this has been going on for the majority of my life.  Thank you all for being a part of JABB!

Because we just crossed the 600 newsletter mark and I did the retrospective, celebratory stuff then, I'm just going to make this one something of an update and ramble.

God bless,

A Sort of Rambling State of the John/Andrew Bucket Brigade Address

So, firstly, we're obviously still in the midst of a pandemic.  Because I chose to write COVID into the Dyeland stories, I feel like I need to stick with that.  Thus, I've opted to shuffle some plans around due to the delta variant and, admittedly, because I'm still not where I'd like to be with the post-mice recovery at my house. 

I intended for my next longish story to be about Andrew's and JenniAnn's blessing ceremony in El-Chanan... and the unexpected hurdles that pop up before that.  I do feel like, because all who can be vaccinated among the Friends are vaccinated, they are gathering in groups.  But a big ceremony and party with children present seemed like a risk the risk-adverse Andrew and JenniAnn would not take.  So... I'm putting that off until September/October.  I might actually time it right around Halloween because it seems like a very JenniAnn thing to do: pick a date around Halloween so Andrew has no choice but to be happy on Halloween.  Sneaky!  :-)  This shift will also just give me more time to get my own act together. 

After that, the annual Christmas story will come out around the usual time.  I have no idea what that'll be about but something always comes to me!

Then, finally, St. Genesius' Community Theatre will properly re-open in the Spring of 2022.  They will, of course, do Jesus Christ Superstar with Joshua leading the cast for all showings.  Because they will have had to skip two years of the show, they'll be expecting larger than usual crowds so will offer more shows than they usually do.  So no one gets exhausted, many of the other roles will be split up.  For example, Peter and Eric will swap nights playing Simon Peter, Emma and Ivy will both take turns with Mary Magdalene, etc.  Honestly, this is the story that I'm most looking forward to even though it seems like it might be a bit redundant of "The Carpenter."  I've got a lot of new angles in mind. 

As for St. G's, I don't think they've been fully dark this whole time.  They did virtual shows for a while.  Then, once the vaccine was out, they did small productions in more of a revue-style with limited, socially distanced audiences.  I think it's also possible that, even though it's not really their style, they might have done private events with the wealthier patrons just to keep things afloat.  So, for example, if someone wanted to pay to do a birthday dinner and a show with their loved ones... Peter and Emma probably made that happen just so they'd have the money to properly re-open when the time came.  But they're very much looking forward to returning to a normal schedule with affordable tickets. 

Outside of Dyeland, I don't have a whole lot to report.  Dyeland makes up the bulk of the content these days just because there's nothing new to cover, sadly.  However, in an ideal world, once I'm caught up around my house, I'd love to get back to watching TBAA at least a couple of times a month and who knows what that'll inspire.  To be honest, I haven't watched it in years and I do sometimes miss it.  So that'd be nice. 

Other than that, I still hope to do some short one-offs about some of the characters.  But I also have some Q and A type of stuff and trope discussions on the back-burner.  If you ever have a question that you'd like answered in a newsletter, please let me know.  It can be a question for me or I can resurrect "Ask Andrew" or "Ask the Angel of Angels." 

Again, thanks for being a part of JABB!  While it's pretty different from how it started, I'm grateful it's still around and that you're all a part of it!

God bless,

This newsletter is dedicated to John Dye for being the inspiration for JABB for all of its 23 years.

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