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by Amy Grant

Hello everyone! We hope you had a great holiday season. Now's the time for us all to get back to our regular schedules: school, work, and, of course, TBAA. As I'm sure most of you noticed TBAA had reruns for the past two weeks. That was actually convenient since they fell on big party nights. But it was also good for another reason. It gave us time to look back on this last season and think on the......

Top Ten Reasons We Like Season 7

10. Cause 7 is a lucky number!

9. We still have half a season to look forward to!

8. We got to strain and try and pick out his voice one more time in "The Invitation."

7. He's worn uniforms quite often!

6. We got to see that awesome scene with Andrew in the jail cell. So he wasn't exactly in there for murder but that's ok!

5. Because this now gives TBAA a longer lifespan than all of Jenni's favorite dramas combined. (Let's all take a moment now to remember "Beauty and the Beast," "Christy," and "The Others.")

4. Well, Andrew got all teary-eyed (so cute!) in "God Bless the Child" and then mock-mean in "An Angel on My Tree" and has stood up to Tess quite often lately. We got emotions people!

3. Well, if Season 7 hadn't brought about the proper amount of inspiration for Jenni and Audrey they would have: brought V back, did an entire newsletter on Chimama giving birth to her puppies, called in yet another angel to bring havoc to the story, and hopped into their ship and sailed away to Hawaii leaving you to figure out who sent the newsletter and why it's now about someone named Jeremiah.

2. We got to waste time trying to reconcile "The One that Got Away" with "The Face of the Barroom Floor." Maybe Monica and Andrew just forgot each other??? Or umm..... They didn't recognize each other without the bit of hair on Andrew's chin and Monica's different hairstyle? (Sorta the Superman effect?)

And the number one reason Season 7 is so wonderful.......

There's now enough seasons that you could conceivably watch an entire season every day of the week and get through them all! (Note: This is not a recommendation! At least skip to midseason 2 when Andrew started.)

If you're anything like Jenni you've still not decided what your New Year's resolution will be. We co-presidents would like to help you out so we are giving you the......

Top Ten JABB Approved New Year's Resolutions

10. I promise to just smile and nod when JenniAnn starts going on and on about how adorable the Jabbins puppies are. (The doctor tells us that it's best to just play along and hope she comes out of it eventually.)

9. This year I promise to watch "My Dinner with Andrew" or "The Journalist" any time I feel myself drifting away from John/Andrew.

8. I promise to stop sneaking up to the President's House late at night and being a Peeking Tanya. (Whoever that is: Not cool.)

7. In 2001 I promise to make baked goods often and bring them to Andrew. I also promise to bring some to Dyeland Castle (Light, soft cookies containing chocolate preferred, thank you).

6. I intend to continue smiling like an idiot when Andrew is on screen. However, I will try to remember to stop during very dramatic, serious moments cause that looks kinda bad.

5. I resolve to take every chance I get to share with friends about Andrew's latest adventures on TBAA.

4. I promise to then invite those friends over and force them to watch TBAA and John's movies until they themselves become Androolers.

3. This year I vow to constantly email Jenni with requests to move into Dyeland, email claiming that you're not receiving the newsletter even though you are thus making her crazy trying to figure out the problem, and tell her that the JABB pages aren't working any more and that you think she needs to move them all to another server. This way she won't have time to watch V's movies. (Hey! I'm doing well not watching V movies on my own, thank you very much!)

2. I resolve to celebrate all John-related holidays as much as possible this year. These holidays include but are not limited to Dye Day, JD Days, Anniversary of the First TBAA I Watched, John's half birthday, Anniversary of the Original Airdate of "The One that Got Away", Anniversary of the Original Airdate of "Dear God", and JABB's anniversary.

1. I promise to pretend Jenni didn't slack off and only write nine things and that there is an actual legitimate resolution typed here.

Dye Day

Well, everyone it's that time of year again! Dye Day is just around the corner! The last two years what has worked out best for the chat is using Talkcity which we will do again. That way anyone wishing to come can just enter through Talkcity and not have to download any program. However, if you have IRC you can get into the chat with that also. I find that easier and if you plan on entering through IRC please let me know ASAP if you need directions. The chat will either be on the 26th or 27th so if you have a preference please let Jenni know. We will probably start at 8 PM Central. Also please let me know if you think you might attend so I can estimate the number of trivia questions I'll need.

Secondly, I really think it would be cool if we could send John something as a group. Many of you probably know that he prefers people doing something charitable instead of sending a gift. I'd like to get a group together to plan something (nothing really huge) that we could do given we're all over the world. If you'd like to be on the committee (or just have questions in general about Dye Day) please email me
. Thanks, hope to see you at the chat!


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