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Hello and happy holidays to all of you from Audrey and Jenni! We hope your days are filled with love and hope this season! We are so glad to have you all with us for our 59th issue. We hope you enjoy it!

The Brightest Angel

The cherubim of heaven were all gathered around to hear the story of Christmas for the hundredth time! As Tess began the story, a small cherub walked into the crowd. He illuminated the entire heavens, it seemed. All the small cherubs began to laugh and taunt him. "Hey Glowworm" they'd tease. Or "Why don't you sit atop the tree?!" He never heard the end of it. This poor bright angel was very sad. Whenever the other angels would play and have fun, he was forced to sit out. He was a very sad little cherub.

One day however, he was called to see God. He thought the worst was upon him, and that he was just too bright for Heaven. He walked up to the Father with his head hung low. "Little Cherub, glowing so bright. I have a special mission just for you. You see, none of my other angels can help me. Will you?" With these words, the saddened cherub lit up brighter than ever. With the biggest smile even God had ever seen, the cherub quickly agreed.

Down on Earth, the cherub found himself in a dark forest. However, he had no problems finding his way. He could hear a small voice crying in the distance. He followed the sound and found a small child. The wee one was crying, obviously lost and cold. She was afraid of the dark! The brightest angel was just what she needed. Soon, a search party came looking for the child. They looked all around to no avail. Soon though, they saw the light and went to it. There they found the small child all aglow, the cherub with his arm wrapped around her. The brightest angel saved the day!

When he returned to Heaven all the angels and cherubim were so proud of him! They told him he belonged atop the tree, because only the best, brightest angels go there! He was so happy. Then God called him forth again. "Brightest Cherub of Mine," he began, "I am so proud of you. Your work down there was amazing. I think it is time that you earned your halo. I'm going to send you to Earth more often. And while there, your name shall be Andrew."

Top Ten Ways Dyelanders have been celebrating Christmas

10. Decorating the tree with locks of John's hair

9. Baking Gingerbread Johns

8. Baby sitting. If they have cute enough child around, maybe Andrew will show!!

7. Watching "Once Upon a Christmas" over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over.......

6. Get together and sing, "Over the river and though the woods to Dyeland Castle we go."

5. Decorating Christmas ornaments fashioned like John/Andrew's face

4. Sabotaging each others gifts so that theirs is best

3. Trying to keep Annie, ChaCha, and Chacita (cha-cheata) JayJay, Chanders, and Vee from shredding the wrapped presents. You know how puppies are.

2. Attaching mistletoe so that it dangles above their heads and chasing John around Dyeland

And the #1 way Dyelanders have been celebrating Christmas

Wrapping John/Andrew...for themselves. (If only he'd stay under the tree!)