“Having a place to go is a home.
Having someone to love is a family.
Having both is a blessing.” ~~Donna Hedges

Hi all,

Several years ago, I decided Andrew deserved to have a birthday... even if he probably existed pre-calendar.  September 20th was chosen because it was usually around that date that the new season of TBAA would begin.  So it became a lil something to look forward to even when TBAA was over.  I can't recall if I've done something like this before for his previous (observed) birthdays but, even if so, I figured enough has changed to warrant a repeat.  I hope you enjoy!

Also, I finally finished my story about Andrew, JenniAnn, and their household managing the first couple of months of lockdown.  You can read that here if you'd like:

I hope everyone's staying well!

God bless,

Forty Two Facts About Andrew for His 42nd (Observed) Birthday

1.  He doesn't look a day over 42. ~Adam

2.  He'll literally go to Hell and back for those he loves.  ~Eben

3.  He's a wonderful friend... who knows just what sort of coffee you want.  ~Monica

4.  He's the best director I've ever worked with!  And I know I'm not alone in feeling that way.  ~Peter

5.  He's an amazing dad and an equally great grandpa!  ~Max

6.  He's a really wonderful supervisor... but an even better family man.  ~Violeta

7.  He tells the best stories and I always feel safe and understood when I'm around him.  ~Shelby

8.  He sings me songs to help me sleep!  I love my Daddy!  ~Belle

9.  I ove Daddy.  ~Avi

10.  Okay, seriously, he's my buddy and I love him.  ~Adam

11.  He's a sweet boy and even though we met under terribly sad circumstances, I thank God every day for bringing him into my life.  ~Raquel

12.  He's my Angel Boy and he always, always will be.  I'm so glad he's happy now.  So glad, baby!  ~Tess

13.  17th century clothing suited him real good.  I am willing to swap photographic proof of this with JenniAnn for the cost of cookies and milk.  ~Eli

14.  He does all AODs proud and I'm very grateful to have him as part of our team.  ~Azrael

15.  I will always value the time I spent as Andrew's supervisor.  He is dedicated, compassionate, loving, and, truly, his Father's son.  ~Sam

16.  I'm sometimes a little weirded out by the fact that my former crush is now my father-in-law but... I wouldn't change anything.  You're the best, Andrew!  ~Rose

17.  I spent many years praying that whomever Psyche entrusted her heart to would be deserving of her.  God granted my prayer and then some with Andrew.  ~Vincent

18.  I love my daddy very, very, very much!  He gives the bestest cuddles!  ~Ichabod (with help from JenniAnn)

19.  He makes wonderful, cozy houses!  ~The Dyeland City mice (also with help from JenniAnn)

20.  He's a great and patient teacher.  I've really valued the time we've spent together since I moved to Dyeland.  ~Sy

21. What my husband said!  Also, whenever you're struggling, Andrew will drop whatever he's doing to lend a hand or a compassionate ear.  ~Ivy

22.  He's a great guy and I'll always be grateful for his friendship and especially for the guidance he gave me early on in Monica's and my relationship.  ~Arthur

23.  He makes the most delightful crepes!  ~NAME #1  REDACTED FOR REASONS

24.  He makes Psyche very, very happy.  And I love him for that.  ~Owen

25.  He's a true friend through thick and thin.  I hope you know how much you mean to so many of us, Andrew.  ~Fr. Mike

26.  He gives the best birthday presents!  ~Beth and Mick

27.  He stole my girlfriend...  And I couldn't be happier.  Love to you both!  Happy birthday, Andrew!  ~Eliot

28.  I've never met anyone as selfless and kind as Andrew... except This One Guy who I know is very proud of him.  ~Zeke

29.  He loved my sister when she most needed to know she was loved and so I will love him, always, as my brother.  ~Behnam

30.  I've learned so much from him about what it means to love humans and to do right by them.  ~Takoda

31.  He's fine, I suppose... for an angel.  0;-) 

32.  He's gone through hell for me.  Twice.  I couldn't love you more, Dad.  ~Max

I could have written this whole list myself because there are so many wonderful things to be said about him.  ~JenniAnn

34.  He's someone I'm proud to have as a colleague but, more importantly, as a friend.  ~Henry

35.  Andrew is one of the first nice angels I’ve met... so far! 
36.  I got to spend my first couple of years with him and he taught me SO much!  ~Gloria

37.  He's the best uncle and we love him very, very much!  ~Aiyla, Omar, and Aurora

38.  I truly can't imagine what my life would be like right now if Andrew hadn't stepped in with JCS.  I'm so grateful he did!  ~Emma

39.  We have more in common than I would ever have thought I could have with an angel.

40.  I am so very glad that he directed Jesus Christ Superstar.  Such a blessing.  ~Yehuda

41.  I love him and I'm so, so happy that I get to spend my whole life with him... and then some.  Happy birthday, my love!  ~JenniAnn

42.  I love him and with him I am well pleased.  ~Joshua

This newsletter is dedicated to John Dye for bringing the Birthday Boy to life!

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