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Cliff the Wizard approached the podium in the main room of the newly constructed Dyeland City Hall. He, being one of the few unbiased people who knew of Dyeland, had been called in to oversee the voting process for the presidential election. The campaign had been a rather long process and many anxious Androolers, and three candidates, had gathered to hear the results.

Cliff reached the podium and began, "Ladies and gentlemen, it is my pleasure to introduce to you the 1st President of Dyeland castle....."

Suddenly he was interrupted by the slamming of the front door. Everyone turned around to the back of the room and saw........ a very angry Tess.

"Angel Boys! What *are* you doing!? I've been waiting for you all for the past hour! What *is* this?!? Wait, I don't want to know! All of you up and out of here! Wait, no. I do want to know the meaning of this. Andrew, speak up!"

"Umm... well.... we're waiting to see which of us is president."

"Oh really? And just whose idea was this!?"

JenniAnn and Audrey were quietly weaving their way through the crowd towards an open window through which they hoped to make their break. But it was in vain. They'd been spotted.

"You two! Yes, Andrew's spoken of you." Tess came towards the two co-prezes.

"Yes, we're very, very, very sorry. We didn't realize they were supposed to be somewhere!" Audrey explained nervously.

"Of course, you didn't babies. *They* should have told you. But nevermind, it's all in the past. You! So who won?" Tess turned towards Cliff who was now quite shaken.

"Umm... uhh... Oh yes. By a nearly unanimous vote the president of Dyeland is Andrew!"

Thunderous applause filled the room as the three candidates stood up and shook hands. Tess even gave Andrew a hug before grabbing each of the other two AODs by the sleeves of their suits and pulling them outside and disappearing into a light. Before they disappeared some said they heard Tess muttering, "Honestly, you'd think you could leave three AODs alone without them going and getting involved in an other-dimensional election...."

Later the crowd had moved into the Castle for a great banquet to honor Andrew. Holly, Lisa, Joy C., and Tara were currently speaking with their new president who was seated near them at the head of a very large table brought in for this special occasion. The crowd dined on Artichoke Lobster Newburg, Spitzer's Kirchentorte, and many other fine foods that JenniAnn had actually heard of and didn't have to go search a cooking book for. Perhaps most interesting was the turkey Audrey was beginning to carve with a grin you might just think was rather mischievous. Happy laughter filled the air but everyone grew quiet when Andrew tapped his glass and stood up.

"To Dyeland, may its inhabitants live in peace and love forever!", he toasted.

"Yes, to Dyeland and its president!" Someone else cried.

And all through the night the princesses, the president, and the Androolers celebrated!


Well, there you are everyone! We have our president now! Thank you to all of you who voted, you made a wise decision. But now we must leave the subject of Dyeland for a bit (you will hear more of exciting happenings there in the future) and introduce a new feature! Do you ever feel like no one understands the problems you face as a A/J fan? Do your friends tease you about him? Are you ever told, "But JC from N*SYNC is sooo much cuter!"? Well, now you have someone to tell your problems to. Audrey and Jenni proudly present..... "Dear Annie Dru." Annie Dru is a world-renowned therapist who wants to help you through her advice column which will make appearances in JABB. Here is her first installment!

"Dear Annie Dru,
I have been taping TBAA for the past 4 years and since then have managed to get all the episodes on tape. I not only enjoy the show but sometimes feel I need to rewatch an episode to see how amazingly brilliant John Dye's acting is. Everything was fine until a couple weeks ago. I had just finished 'My Dinner with Andrew' when my Mom called me so I left the room. To my utter horror my brother found the tape and even though it was clearly labeled managed to tape a large portion of a James Bond marathon right over it. In one hit of a button he made 'MDWA', 'The Pact', 'The Journalist', and 'Violin Lessons' disappear into TV oblivion. I know I can retape them but I want *revenge*!!!!!! What can I do?
No Fan of James Bond"

"Dear No Fan,
This is indeed a traumatic experience for you. Normally I would say that revenge is not the answer. But in your case, I think you have just cause. I suggest you find his [insert most beloved item], set fire to it, and leave the remains in the middle of his room. If this doesn't help, take him to the pound and drop him off."

Remember! If you need A/J related advice email Annie Dru at.