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"In the Hall of the Mountain King"

Hippies, clowns, princesses, and more filed into Dyeland Castle. Despite Andrew's pleadings Audrey and JenniAnn had decided to have a costume party this year for Halloween. The castle was hardly recognizable, covered with orange and green lights, pumpkins every where you turned, and the occasional trick-or-treater at the door. Inside music was playing and everyone was discussing the latest Dyeland gossip such as Chimama's impending delivery (Scheduled, appropriately enough, for November sweeps! :-), why exactly JenniAnn had hired a crew of carpenters, designers, and painters to revamp Victor's old cabin, and of course the upcoming election for world presidency. The candidates themselves had all agreed to attend the party. Adam, dressed as a turkey, had already found the refreshment table and was helping himself to some cookies. Henry, adorned in farmer garb, was beside him discussing something. And then there was Andrew. JenniAnn had at last talked him into wearing a costume and he was looking quite distinguished in his Abraham Lincolnesque suit and hat and chatting with some of the Dyelanders. Audrey and JenniAnn were greeting the partygoers as they came and giving candy to the occasional Disney character or Pikachu at the door. JenniAnn, looking very celestial in her angel costume, kept gazing distractedly at the two angels by the food.

"JenniAnn, is something wrong? You keep looking at Adam and making strange expressions. You're not..... oh my gosh! If you have a crush on him then I'm gonna....!!"

"Shh.... No, no it's not that at all!" JenniAnn cut Audrey off. "Look at him and Henry they're up to something I know it! And soon everyone else will, too!"

With that JenniAnn walked away leaving Audrey staring after her, wondering what was going on.

"Henry! You have got to move on with your life! This obsession of yours is really too much!" Adam cried.

"Awww. Now come on, Adam! Just tell me where you hid my 'Clueless' video! Please!" Henry pleaded.

"Absolutely not! I put it in a locked box and that's all I have to say about it!" With that Adam stomped off and went across the room to talk with some potential voters.

JenniAnn, having overheard the scene, stepped up to Henry.

"So, Henry, how ya doing tonight?" she asked.

"Oh.... okay. Adam stole my tape but that's okay." Henry explained sadly.

"Really? That's too bad. So when did you say you first saw the movie?"

"Well, Adam first confronted me about it in early 1995 right before he got me the gig on 'Touched.' So it was probably early 1994 when I first saw that wonderful piece of cinematic art." Henry remembered lovingly.

"Wow, that's really interesting. Well, I better make sure everything is going okay back in the kitchen! Thanks for coming!" With that JenniAnn walked away with a mischievous grin on her face.

"So when we're watching 'Touched' is it you or John we're seeing?" Lisa curiously asked Andrew.

"That actually confuses a lot of people, understandably. See the show is based on us. For the most part we're not actually in the show except on occasions where maybe the actor isn't available. It's very strange watching a show about yourself, though." Andrew explained. "If you'll excuse me I'll be right back. Looks like the punch is about gone, I'll go get some from the kitchen." Andrew said as he walked away from the group.

With everyone inside and accounted for, JenniAnn had left greeting duty altogether and went upstairs to her room to get a CD the DJ had requested. She quickly found it and upon walking back towards the stairs noticed a man in a dark suit and what appeared to be a stovepipe hat disappear into the study. When she looked in the room he was gone. "It must have just been my imagination!" She thought. She proceeded down the stairs and having covered only 4 of the 20 steps felt herself losing her balance. Suddenly she was flying down the steps! Boom, crash, "Ugghhh...".

"Hey Audrey! Where's JenniAnn?" Lisa asked. "Or Andrew for that matter?"

"Gee. I don't know. JenniAnn went upstairs to get a CD but you wouldn't think it would take this long!" Audrey replied. "I'm gonna go check on her." Audrey made her way to the main staircase, little expecting what she would find and what that discovery would start.....

"Oh what a joy! Soon it will all be over!" A dark figure beneath a tree in the Dyeland courtyard said in a singsong voice. "Just think! It's all because of you! And this, your first assignment with us. Very good!" The figure shook hands with another figure wearing a stovepipe hat. The second figure removed his hat to reveal short, blonde hair.

"Very good, very good Andrew." The first figure repeated.

"JenniAnn! What happened? Are you all right?" Audrey cried as she ran to her friend on the floor.

"I don't know. I just lost my balance and fell! And broke my halo, I see!" JenniAnn said grinning as she started to stand. "Well, everything seems fine, a little bruised but not bad! Lucky, I guess!"

Adam and Henry followed by several curious Androolers came running towards them.

"Look!" Adam cried, "The stairs are covered in maple syrup! How could that have happened?"

"I think we should all go back into the ballroom and discuss this! Someone could have been seriously hurt!" Audrey commanded.

Back in the ballroom, JenniAnn was seated and everyone was surrounding her.

"So did you see anything suspicious before you fell?" Audrey asked.

"Hey, wait. Where's Andrew?" JenniAnn asked concerned and growing pale.

"He left a few minutes ago. To get more punch he said." An Androoler offered.

"Oh.... no, no, no.." JenniAnn whimpered.

Suddenly, Andrew came running toward the group. "JenniAnn, what's wrong?!" He questioned anxiously.

"She fell down the steps someone put syrup on." Adam explained.

"JenniAnn, what did you see?" Audrey asked again.

"Right before I fell I saw.... a man with a stovepipe hat dart into the study." JenniAnn recounted it in detail for them, not making eye contact with Andrew who sat dumbfounded.

"Gee, Andrew. Where's the punch?" Adam asked with a sneer.

"I.... I.... heard the noise and forgot it."

"All right! None of that! JenniAnn said it could have been her imagination. No one got seriously hurt, let's just get back to the party!" Audrey suggested as JenniAnn nodded. "Just everyone be careful!"

Later, there were more strange occurrences. The electricity went out and when it was back on everyone discovered snakes crawling all over the floor (They were quickly taken outside by those in the group not harboring irrational fears towards the creatures. Read: JenniAnn jumped on a table and wouldn't come down until every last one was gone). Two Androolers touring the castle found that all the pictures in the study had been turned upside down and the furniture stacked in one huge mound. Strangely, Andrew was gone during and prior to each one of these discoveries. Audrey and JenniAnn at last agreed it couldn't be ignored.

"Okay, everyone please sit down and listen." Audrey said as everyone gathered around the platform in the ballroom.

"Someone is putting on these pranks and it's got to stop!"

"Oh.... I know perfectly well who it is!" Adam answered. "I knew some angels would fall. I just never thought it would be you, Andrew!" He said sadly.

"What!? But I swear! I would never do anything that could hurt anyone!" Andrew replied with emotion.

"Yeah, well seems to me anyone who was innocent wouldn't have kept going off alone thus causing more suspicion!" Adam countered.

"I just wanted so bad to find a logical explanation! But if it really was something bad I didn't want anyone coming with me who could get hurt!"

"Forget it Adam!" JenniAnn yelled. "I know it's you! You hired someone to do this! You proved you weren't to be trusted when you concocted that 'Clueless' scheme to make Andrew look bad! Henry said he became obsessed in 1994! The movie wasn't out until 1995! That's fuzzy mathematics, Adam!"

Adam stood there stunned and finally spoke, "You're right JenniAnn. I lied. I knew you all would always love Andrew no matter what. I thought maybe if I won you'd all let me hang out sometimes..... not be obsessed with me, personally I think you're all pretty scary like that. It's just I don't have a Charles/Adam Bucket Brigade to talk to!" Adam explained sadly.

"I know how you feel, Adam." Henry commiserated.

"Both of you have always been welcome to stop by!" Audrey answered. "But enough of this for now! We have got to get to the bottom of this!"

Suddenly, JenniAnn shrieked and pointed to the door which was opening....

All eyes turned toward the door as a man dressed as Lincoln and a woman dressed as Mary Todd appeared.

"Hello," the woman spoke, "I'm Agent Diana Smith and this is Agent Andrew McCoy from the FBI: Magical Kingdoms in Alternate Dimensions Unit."

"We're tracking a criminal and wanted to let you know we found him here. He wasn't horribly dangerous, just breaking and entering to commit pranks. We've been chasing him through Fordland and Gibsonland. We just wanted to let you know because I believe one of you saw me earlier and I wanted to make sure you weren't too alarmed," Agent McCoy told the group.

"Yeah.... Thanks...." Audrey said as she stared dazed, like everyone else, at the pair.

"Okay, well, we'll be going then. Enjoy your evening."

"Wait! Fordland and Gibsonland?" JenniAnn asked.

"Yeah, the Mel and Harrison fans are in the neighboring dimensions. Didn't you know that?" Agent Smith explained.

"Uh, uh..... Thanks again." JenniAnn replied.

The group looked on as the two went out to their car, with the prankster in the backseat, and drove off.

After a few moments of awkward silence Audrey spoke up, "Well, there's been a lot of accusations thrown about so let's all just forgive each other and get back to partying."

Everyone readily agreed and the usual chatter filled the air.

JenniAnn and Audrey approached Andrew.

"So I suppose this hasn't helped with your feelings towards Halloween, huh?" JenniAnn asked.

"Not really," Andrew replied laughing, "but looking back it was pretty funny."

"Yeah, I suppose although I could have done without the trip down the stairs," JenniAnn smiled.

"Aww! Look! Adam and Tara are singing 'Thriller' with the karaoke machine! Wow, he does a pretty impressive moonwalk for an angel in a turkey costume." Andrew pointed to the two figures on the other side of the ballroom.

The three walked over to the rest of their friends and everyone had a wonderful Halloween.

Election News!!

Andrew is as innocent as ever and Adam is now honest and Henry will run for the fun of it! But which of these angels will be in charge come November? You decide! Fill out the form below and send it to Jenni by Nov. 4th. Ballots will be sent out on the 6th!
Name: (First, nickname, whatever you go by online)
Location: (Fictional, Audrey and I live in Dyeland Castle, make up your own residence)
Political Affiliation: Resol (Henry's), Horologium (Andrew's), or Hydra (Adam's)

Top Ten ways for the AOD to Scare the Kiddies

10. Learn to breath fire and burn the figure of an angel onto everyone's front porch, forgetting to put the fire out afterwards.

9. Get on all fours and chase his own tail!

8. Actually agree to let Kiwi cut his hair!!

7. Nothing. Andrew HATES Halloween.

6. Dress in white, carry a straight a jacket and sing "I'm coming to take you away HAHA."

5. Declare himself the Ruler of Earth! B/c hey! If he can do it in Dyeland, why not here?

4. Dress up as Monica, pick up her accent, and tell everyone he is Tess.

3. Carve his own face to fulfill my claims of him being a Jack-o-Lantern of DEATH!!!

2. Light up in a red glow and say "I'm your worst nightmare. Follow me."

And the number one way for the AOD to scare the kids.........

1. Wear horns and a halo then light up in his Heavenly glow and sing "Friend or foe? Dare to find out?"