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Hello! Well...... it was on tonight!!!!!! And worth the wait we think! Here's to a 7th season (and maybe some really good Andrew episodes.....) Anyway, we hope you enjoy tonight's issue! It's so great to have new inspiration now!

Okay, so we've been waiting an awfully long time for TBAA. But, hey it could have been a lot worse! Just look at this list of:

"Top Ten Ways the Wait Could Have Been Even Longer........."

10. Football

9. They decided they didn't like how the 1st Olympics turned out so they were gonna redo the whole thing

8. 60 Minutes

7. More Football

6. Black out. Hey, it happened to the Jags game. Maybe the network let the darkness run into overtime!

5. 2 words: Network and Morons. You do the math.

4. Okay they aired That's Life or something in TBAA's spot. Why not let the entire new lineup of shows get a start in TBAA's spot!

3. Tess got on TPTB's bad side and they wouldn't let it air

2. Never-ending Football

1. And God said "LET TBAA AIR," and CBS said, "NO! WE ARE GOD AND WE WILL DECIDE." *

"Reasons why John Looks Better in Present Day Attire-

JABB's first ever Top Nine"

(Why nine you might ask? Cause we couldn't think of a tenth!)

9. 2 words: NO SIDEBURNS

8. We don't have to see whatever *that* was on his chin!

7. Toolbelts just weren't the same back then.....

6. Sure they have better watches, but they don't last as long.

5. Can we say, "Out of Style"?

4. Jeans just weren't as popular back then......

3. The new clothes show his... uh... *shape* better... ~~Joy C.

2. The "old time" garb made him look like James Spader. ~~Lori

1. Because WE say so! (Hey, it always worked with our parents.)

* Disclaimer: Okay, okay! We don't think anyone at CBS thinks they're God. Just a little belated venting! Okay?