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Hi all,

Welcome to... I can't believe it!... JABB 500!  In honor of this occasion, I decided to bring back a contest after a long hiatus.  I figured it would also be a good opportunity to look back on JABB's history.  Before we get to that, a few guidelines:

1.  The deadline will be Oct. 29th.

2.  Please send your answers to either my personal address or the one I sent this newsletter from.  Do not send your answers to the YahooGroup.

3.  I will send a prize of my choosing to whomever answers the most questions correctly.

4.  It's fine to use Google to help you.  Hint: If you start your Google search with site:onthisside.net then it will search the entire JABB site.  For example, if you wanted to search the site for a reference to "The Violin Lesson," enter "site:onthisside.net violin lesson" (don't include the quote marks). 

Finally, I just want to thank everyone who has been a part of JABB whether as inspiration, co-author, researcher, encourager, and/or reader.  These 500 newsletters definitely wouldn't have been the same without you!  Actually, most of them wouldn't have existed.  Stories I will write for myself... newsletters I will not.  ;-) 

God bless and hugs,

JABB 500 Celebratory Test

The following "test" is separated into three parts: multiple choice, fill-in-the-blank, and just plain ol' questions that you need to supply the answer for.  To those merely curious, I'll put the answers here after the contest deadline.

Multiple Choice

1.  During the initial run of Jesus Christ Superstar, the cast and crew named *all* the characters so no one was playing, say, Disciple #2.  What was the name of Kemara's character?

A.  Sarah    B.  Selene    C.   Joanna    D.  Bethany    E.  Elizabeth

2.  Which of the following full names did Joshua use during the Incarnation?

A.  Joshua ben David    B.  Yeshua bat Maryam    C.  Yeshua ben Nazareth    D.  Jesus bat Maryam    E.  Yeshua ben Yosef

3.  What is JenniAnn's middle name?

A.  Gertrude    B.  Diana    C.  Terese    D.  Dwynwen    E.  Fiona

4.  What rank of angel is Reuel?

A.  Archangel    B.  Throne    C.  Principality    D.  Demon    E.  Cherubim

5.  Which has Andrew NOT dressed up as for Halloween?

A.  Abe Lincoln    B.  Sir Lancelot    C.  The Scarecrow    D.  Dumbledore    E.  Albert Einstein

6.  What beverage is Andrew the expert on making among the Dyelanders?

A.  Butterbeer    B.  Sangria    C.  Root Beer    D.  Wine    E.  Chocolate Milk

7.  Which archangel has NOT appeared in either a TBAA episode or a Dyeland story?

A.  Michael      B.  Uriel    C.  Gabriel    D.  Clara    E.  Azrael

8.  Which animal has Joshua NOT appeared as in a Dyeland story?

A.  Lion    B.  Stork    C.  Albatross    D.  Butterfly    E.  Man

9.  Andrew and JenniAnn count quite a menagerie among their household.  Which of the following do they NOT have as a pet?

A.  Donkey    B.  Dog    C.  Guinea Pig    D.  Rabbit    E.  Goat

10.  Andrew and Max first met in what country?

A.  Iran    B.  Iraq    C.  United States    D.  Germany    E.  Afghanistan

11.  Which term did Joshua suggest Andrew and JenniAnn and their like use to describe their relationship?

A.  anam cara    B.  soul mate    C.  asexual life partner    D.  amor verdadero    E.  heart's twin

12.  Occasionally, the AOD Band would be joined by Mick St. John.  On those occasions, what was their band's name?

A.  Four Old Dudes    B.  The Immortals    C.  Angels & Vampires    D.  The Supernaturals    E.  The Romantics

(one blank=one word)

1.  Maryam enjoys embroidering __________________ for folks she meets on her sojourns to the mortal realms.

2.  The Friends put on their theatrical productions at St.
__________________ Community Theatre.

3.  Behnam and Isra have three children named
__________________, __________________, and __________________.

4.  Andrew was originally not going to be Belle's father but, instead, her

__________________ got sick after going on a roller coaster at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter.

__________________ was (is?) JABB's tool-belt wearing mascot.

Marco has been married to __________________ for a very, very long time.

8.  Andrew's impish nickname for Belle is
__________________      __________________.
__________________ and __________________ had a surprise baby years after having their three older children and learned of his pending arrival during Joshua's visit.
10.  Another surprise baby,
__________________, was saved by Maryam and, much later, present at Joshua's Crucifixion.
11.  Vincent's birth parents are
__________________ and __________________.
12.  JABB's four co-founders are
__________________, __________________, __________________, and ___________________.

Free Answer

1.  There are three sets of twins among the Friends and their children.  Name them.

2.  Name four cities in Dyeland.

3.  In what year did JABB start?

4.  What was the very first thing the JABB Co-Founders sent out?

5.  List the titles of any four Dyeland stories.

6.  What was the name of the town in which Andrew had to deal with witchcraft accusations being thrown around?

7.  This is the name of JenniAnn's alma mater where Andrew taught summer school and was assigned to Ivy. 

8.  In the future, this character is married to a fellow Friend and planning to become a pastor.

9.  Who did Adam accompany on their honeymoon?

10.  This character had an art exhibition featuring portraits of Joshua.

11.  In the future, Daisy and Jacob embark on a relationship in this famed city.

12.  Andrew is currently using this surname which he, in turn, gave to Belle.

Essay Questions
(Haha!  I didn't mention these, did I?  Just choose any two of the following to answer... unless you want to answer them all.  There are no wrong answers.)

1.  What's your best memory related to JABB?

2.  What was your first thought when you found JABB?

3.  What's your favorite thing about JABB?

4.  What's your favorite TBAA episode and why?

5.  What's your favorite non-TBAA project of John Dye's?  Why?

6.  What's most surprised you about your time with JABB and/or about JABB's history?

And now to bring our 500th newsletter to a close...

This one is dedicated to John Dye for inspiring years and years of top tens, wacky Q and As, goofy games, and so much more that we've done here on JABB.  While I'm not sure I have another 500 in me, I have no doubt that he could inspire 500 more.  Thank you 500 times over, John!

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