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Hi everyone! We hope you enjoyed our anniversary issue! In case you couldn't tell the coming weeks will bring a very nice surprise. But you'll find out more about that soon enough :-) In the mean time college will be starting in a few weeks for some of us so this issue it sort of in honor of that. Here goes.....

As college starts some of us will be leaving the safe and comfortable environments of high school and even home to venture onto college. Having just spent a year on the top as Seniors we now find ourselves once again on the bottom of the totem pole, freshmen. But don't worry! College will be filled with exciting adventures and you never know just what you might find..... maybe even another Androoler.

Top Ten Signs your Professor is a Closet Androoler

10. When your professor opens her notebook to begin giving notes a photograph bearing an uncanny resemblance to Angel Boy falls out.

9. With no explanation at all she fails to show up for class on January 31th.

8. You're assigned a 50 page paper on media influences but you slack off and don't start it til the day before it's due. Your paper is barely 10 pages, full of spelling errors, and focuses mostly on how Andrew changed your view of death. You get the sole 100% in the class.

7. As you walk by her office you swear you hear "Johnny Angel" every time.

6. As a gesture of kindness you offer to take out her trash. You notice a piece of paper on which is written at least 100 times "Mr. and Professor John Dye" in flowery handwriting.

5. All Class lectures end with the phrase "God loves you" and one of Andrew's famous looks.

4. A golden haired halo hangs in her office.

3. When passing out assignments, she accidentally hands you a print up over every show with John in it.

2. The bonus question on the final exam says: Who's the best angel of death?

1. She has a secret home page called "I'm obsessed with John . com"

And who's to say your professor might be the only obsessed one?

Top Ten Signs your Roommate is an Androoler

10. Her morning isn't complete without watching Andrew's prayer on the stairs.

9. She amazes even you with the amount of Andrew's lines she's committed to memory.

8. She knows the channel and airing time over EVERY show with even the tiniest bit of John in it.

7. She mumbles "Chiwawa! Give John his hair back" in her sleep.

6. She keeps a pet turtle named "Annie Dru" in her night stand.

5. When helping her with her laundry, you stumble upon a drool bucket

4. She actually has the 12 steps engraved on the wall beside her bed.

3. She and your professor are seen sitting together giggling and looking at what you believe to be photos they secretly snapped during the opening week of filming for season 7.

2. She has the time left before the season premiere figured out to the millisecond.

1. She finds the set to the Merv Griffin show and begins having "talk shows" in your dorm room. Today's show..... People's Whose Lives have been Touched by TBAA."*

*LOL I just really love the episode of Seinfeld where Kramer finds the set.


Newsletter 51