“'Why did you do all this for me?' he asked. 'I don't deserve it. I've never done anything for you.'
'You have been my friend,' replied Charlotte. 'That in itself is a tremendous thing.'”
~~E.B. White, Charlotte's Web

Hi all,

Welcome to another JABB newsletter and another year of celebrating Andrew's completely made-up birthday!  :-)  In his honor, treat yourself to a glass of orange juice and ginger ale and a dessert!

God bless,

I had some fun with this back in JABB 309 and thought I'd revisit it... this time with an additional Dyeland list. 

Top Ten Birthday Gifts Andrew Should Get from Past Assignments and Other Angels- TBAA Edition II

10.  From Jonah ("The Princeless Bride")- He should offer to chauffeur Andrew wherever he likes and listen to his thoughts on life and his concerns the whole time.  Only fair! 
9.  The parents from "A House Divided"- I know Andrew loved being John's guardian but it should never have come to that.  Those formerly bickering parents should give Andrew a fully funded fishing weekend or something for doing the job they shoulda been doing all those years ago.

8.  From Dr. Albert Einstein ("Face of God")- A signed copy of that iconic Einstein sticking his tongue out poster.  Just because it would be cool.

7.  From Jon Mateos ("Rock n Roll Dad")- A tribute song.  Whether Mr. Mateos has since returned to hard rock or metal or whatever that was or has stayed in the lighter, more melodic vein; I'm sure his otherworldly fan would appreciate an ode.  It might just give Andrew a reason to dance with his umbrella again.

6.  From Gloria ("Chutzpah")- She should offer to listen, without complaint, to Andrew lecture about whatever he wants for, say, six hours.  Maybe if she'd done that years ago, she could have been better informed and avoided that mortifying and awful encounter with Sam on the park bench.  Although this is kind of more of a gift to Gloria because who wouldn't want to sit and listen to Andrew talk for six hours?  No one here would object, surely!

5.  From Jordan ("The Violin Lesson")- An apology.  No, Andrew wouldn't expect one and, yes, Jordan was in an extremely vulnerable place.  Still... it's not nice to smash violins in people's faces.

4.  From Kathleen ("Lost and Found")- Also an apology for using an assignment of Andrew's... one that was no doubt somewhat traumatic for him... as a way to traumatize their assignment.  While she's at it, Kathleen should also apologize for causing Andrew and Tess such worry on the day of Monica's evaluation.  And then she should give Andrew a nice scented candle because it's the sort of gift one gives when they like a person and yet don't know them that well.  Maybe baked apple pie scented for the season?

3.  From Tim ("Fighting the Good Fight")- An invitation to the grand opening of his own boxing/martial arts studio.  Not gonna lie, I would totally cry over that reunion.

2.  From Adam- A guys' weekend.  It's not that Adam owes Andrew that or anything.  I just like imagining them and Henry sitting around a campfire, toasting marshmallows, and talking about their feelings.

1.  From Tess- A big ol' hug and a promise to never again shame him for having emotions OR shoot him a disturbed look just for showing up for his job.  She needs to be more sensitive of our lovely Angel Boy!

And now... over to Dyeland:

Birthday Gifts Andrew Should Get from Past Assignments and Friends- Dyeland Edition

From Behnam: I could see Andrew and Behnam starting a scholarship fund somewhere in Badriya's honor and then giving to it in each other's honor every birthday and Christmas.

From Belle and JenniAnn: A Halloween Survival Kit. They could stock it with adorable photos to distract him away from representations of the Grim Reaper, love notes, Hershey's Kisses and Hugs, and promises of real kisses and hugs to take away the sting of the more macabre aspects of the holiday that they love and he puts up with.

From Vincent: A volume of William Wordsworth poetry that Andrew can read to JenniAnn whenever she gets cross with him about not picking up his socks or whatnot.

 From Max: A mug reading "Best Gryffindor Dad."

 From John: A signed copy of a book he's written entitled How to Deal with the Broods of Vipers in Your Life to help Andrew cope with the less savory among his assignments.

From Raquel: Herself and Nico as house guests!  While many people may not relish having family members crash with them for an extended period of time, Andrew would be thrilled to have the couple stay at Willowveil while scoping out a permanent spot in Dyeland for their retirement.

From Adam: The same gift as from the list above except now including Eli.  And Max and Peter and Zeke and...  It's gonna be a big group!

From Shelby (with help from little Jacob): A picture book about her earliest memories of Andrew and JenniAnn, with illustrations by Jacob.

From Maryam: Another handkerchief because Andrew will definitely need one after receiving Shelby's gift!

From Joshua: A whole lot of love, as always, and some bonding time in Andrew's carpentry shop.


This newsletter is dedicated to John Dye for making flannel season even more special.  As a child of the 90s, I suppose I was destined to love flannel.  Slipping it on is even more enjoyable when it gives me cozy mental images of Andrew in his own flannel shirts.

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