"Education is simply the soul of a society
as it passes from one generation to another."
~~G.K. Chesterton

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Well, it's back to school season!  Despite my having graduated several years ago, I still have to suppress the urge to go out and buy myself coordinated folders and a Trapper Keeper (is that still a thing?).  So I thought it would be better to direct those energies into a school-themed newsletter.  Enjoy!

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School-Themed Dyeland Tropes

Elevator School- I wasn't familiar with this term but it's exactly what the Tunnel school is.  Vincent leads up a school that runs the gamut from pre-K to high school. 

One-Gender School- Ivy and JenniAnn both graduated from the girls-only Our Lady of Hope High.

Alpha Bleep
- ;-)  Pretty sure I've used the B-word in a story but in case not... we'll go with bleep.  Bennie and Alyssa are this for JenniAnn and Ivy respectively.  While Bennie largely worked alone, Alyssa had a Girl Posse in Mariah and Caitlin.  This is explored in the story "Ivy."

Eating Lunch Alone- So there are gonna be a lot of tropes from "Ivy"!  Anyway, Ivy was doing this... sneaking into Andrew's classroom... rather than suffer through lunch near her bullies.  Thankfully, Andrew and Co. eventually found out and started dining with her.

High School Sweethearts- Carrie and Kevin Hunter from (you guessed it) "Ivy" are this.  Brittony and Galen Sr. first got together during their HS years.  Ivy and Sy, while not attending the same high school, started dating while HS students.  And while we haven't heard from them in a good long while, Amy and Hareton from "The Scientist" are still together.  I think it's fairly safe to assume that some of the little Friends will form these long-lasting bonds, too. 

Teacher/Student Romance- Carrie Hunter at first thought that Andrew and JenniAnn were this.  She knew that Andrew was a teacher and that he was the same man she sometimes saw pick seventeen year old JenniAnn up for school.  What she didn't know was that Andrew was only acting as a teacher for his assignment with Ivy, is an angel, and was definitely not romantically involved with a young JenniAnn... even if they are acting cutesy and have kids in the present day.  If you're thinking of Asterian Academy (formerly Androoler U), it's probably a fair bet to assume some "teachers" are dating or married to their "students" just because that's more of a community center/hobby sort of thing for adults.  So definitely not squicky. 

School Play- This figures into both "Ivy" and "The Scientist."  The latter is so by-the-trope that it even goes with Romeo and Juliet.  The show in "Ivy" was really more of a musical revue.

Adults are Useless- Sadly, this trope title basically sums up Emma's high school years.  She was failed by a family friend who abused her, a mother who turned a blind eye, a principal who couldn't be bothered, and assumedly a priest who just sat by while his parish turned on an abuse victim.  Boo, adults! 

Chekhov's Skill
- A lot of these came into play during "The Carpenter."  JenniAnn's make-up skills, Kemara's expertise in page layout, Max's singing ability, and more were either only briefly hinted at or referenced for the first time when all of the above was needed to mount a production of Jesus Christ Superstar.

Cool Teacher- Okay, so maybe he doesn't do anything as flashy as stand on desks or form his students into a rockin' band but Vincent is darn cool.  It says a lot about a teacher when his former students come back to teach with him.  These days, he's also extremely good at multi-tasking since he teaches, parents, and grandparents all at once.  I'd also say Andrew was pretty cool in "Ivy."  Shane sounds pretty cool, too, with his Reading Chair.  Both Vincent and Andrew tend to fall into Psychologist Teacher mode, as well.

Hot Teacher-  Andrew.  Definitely Andrew.

Yup.  So when looking over past school-themed issues, I noticed a TBAA-themed alphabet in JABB 254, Opt2.  I thought it was high time that Dyeland had one, too.  In fact, this might be fun to revisit annually.  For now...

The ABCs of the Dyeland Stories

This newsletter is dedicated to John Dye for helping to get me through both high school and college and even a bit of junior high.  My teenage drama woulda been way more fraught without my Andrew fix!

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