"In every conceivable manner, the family is link to our past, bridge to our future."
~~Alex Haley

Hi all,

Happy Mother's Day!  I hope you all have a wonderful day!

I'll be celebrating with my own mom so please excuse the brevity here.

God bless,


If Dyelanders and Friends Ran for President...

So not only are we celebrating Mother's Day here in the States but we're also in the midst of a crazy election season.  It got me to thinking back on JABB's past when Andrew, Adam, and Henry ran for President of Dyeland.  (Okay, so really Kim reminded me of that.  I had blocked it.  :-)  Well, that won't be happening ever again.  They've outgrown crazy election seasons.  ;-)  But it is fun to think about what the various Dyelanders' and Friends' slogans and platforms might be if they did run for president here on Earth.  So here's a glimpse at a few hypothetical presidential tickets.

Candidate #1: Andrew
Vice Presidential Pick: JenniAnn
Platform: Everyone just needs to be nice and talk about their problems without it getting ugly.  We need to support families... but not just "traditional" ones.  God doesn't even have a traditional family and He turned out okay.
Slogan: Can we adopt you?

Candidate #2: Emma
Vice Presidential Pick: Peter
Platform: Arts education for all!  Also, crackpot, misogynistic sex-ed will be banned.
Slogan: Don't you want a VP who kinda looks like Joshua but *really* looks like Poe Dameron from Star Wars: The Force Awakens?  Yes, yes you do.

Candidate #3: Adam
Vice Presidential Pick: Kylie AND Clay
Platform: Veterans' care will be their number one issue.  There will also be a Presidential Knitting Circle to guarantee that no citizen goes without a fuzzy blanket or colorful sweater.
Slogan: Elect one vice president, get the second one for free!

Candidate #4: Violeta
Vice Presidential Pick: Shelby
Platform: Companies will be required to provide their workers with pet-ternity leave.  Minimum voting age will be lowered to 10.
Slogan: Adult politicians have done some stupid stuff.  Why not give kids a chance?  Also... cute animals!

Candidate #5: Edward/Caleb
Vice Presidential Pick: Caleb/Edward
Platform: Support farmers: they feed the rest of us.  Everyone gets a free donkey or other rescued farm animal... so long as you take care of your new pet.  Seriously, we will hunt you down if you hurt your donkey/etc.    
Slogan: We'll bring excitement and mystery to the office of the president.  You'll never know which of us is the President and which is the VP! 


And now, in honor of Mother's Day, here's a little game.  I lifted quotes spoken by various Dyelander and Friends mothers and mother figures.  See if you can match the quote to the speaker.  The answers are at the very bottom!  Good luck!

Which Mom Said It?

1.  "You know she'd be responsible!  No one said anything about her staying a little girl forever!  Allison and Robert I can almost understand.  Their side has always been... well, conservative.  Them not so much but maybe they're leaning that way now.  It happens.  But you!"

2.  "Father, for-forgive me.  I didn't know what I... I was doing."

3.  "Oh...  Oh you are beautiful.  So... so beautiful.  I love you!"

4.  "B-but then I remembered... he... he's not here and then I got to thinking about one day he... he won't be here at all cause... cause he'll move out and... and... maybe get married.  A-and have a wife and..."

 5.  "How would you like it if I told you that... that you... you couldn't sleep with JenniAnn for three months?"

6.  "Remember what the angel told you, my own.  'Do not be afraid.'"

7.  "Besides, I've never loved you more than... than here recently when we were disheveled and had bloodshot eyes and were covered in spit-up and worse."

8.  "You love that boy with all your heart, mind, and soul.  You're not going to get angry at him.  You'd do just as well to tear out your own heart if you did.  And we all know how much you dislike gore."

9.  “You're only as old as you feel, baby.  You know that.  And knowing you as I do I'm going to guess that's fourteen years old for you.”

10.  "I love you, too... across the earth and back again."

11.   "I've not been a virgin for a long time.  Through the years, I'd think about you a lot, Maryam, and I felt close to you as another wife and mother and woman of faith.  I always wondered if my Catholic friends felt that, too, or if the stress on the virgin part made them feel... distanced?"

12.  “I’m...excited - I’m ready for them to get here….but I’m scared, too. About having them.”

This newsletter is dedicated to John Dye for being an actor and not a politician.  ;-)

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1.  Catherine whilst defending Andrew and JenniAnn to Vincent, 2.  Doreen seeking forgiveness for her poor treatment of her granddaughter, Ivy, 3.  Isra upon first seeing her daughter Aiyla 4.  Monica while contemplating a grown-up Liam, 5.  Violeta getting testy with Andrew when he wants to either separate or "fix" her sheep-son, 6.  Hannah, comforting a pregnant Maryam before her reunion with Yosef, 7.  JenniAnn to Andrew during Belle's earliest, messiest days, 8.  Tiva to JenniAnn re: Andrew, 9.  Tess to Adam, 10.  Maryam to Joshua, several times, 11.  Diana during one of the ladies' get-togethers, 12.  Kemara while expecting Ian and Joy.

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