"But you know, happiness can be found even in the darkest of times, if one only remembers to turn on the light.”
~~J.K. Rowling, Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

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I've had an exhausting week with work so didn't have much time to devote to this newsletter.  Thankfully, some weeks ago, I'd been inspired to try to determine what Hogwarts house assorted Dyelanders and Friends would get sorted into.  A couple of you have already seen this (although I've tweaked it since) but for the rest... I hope you enjoy!  It seemed particularly appropriate in light the latest Wizarding World park opening in California.  I'm imagining at least some of the Dyelanders will be frequent guests there!

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Dyeland and Co. Consult the Hogwarts Sorting Hat

I've read all the Harry Potter books and seen all the movies.  I visited the Wizarding World in Florida which, in turn, inspired Andrew's and friends' visit there.  Nonetheless, I sometimes get a lil confused about the whole house thing.  So to guide my decisions, I used the house traits that are reiterated on the Harry Potter wiki.  After much thought and contemplation and probably too much caffeine, here are my results.  I stayed away from characters I'm not the chief author for so feel free to suggest additions.  Kim supplied house designations for her characters so thanks to Kim for that!

First up, Gryffindor:

Andrew- He’s brave, he’s chivalrous (sometimes to a fault) and needs to be loved.  Like Harry, he’s determined to protect his friends but not that great about asking for or accepting help… although he gets better.  Also, his going to Sheol wasn’t unlike Harry facing Voldemort and the Death Eaters.  And the pride issue…

Max and Rose- They had to be in the same house.  Opposites may attract often but these two are a case of sameness attracting.  While all the Friends are brave (see not totally freaking out over demons), Max held his own against terrorists and Rose held her own against Max when he faltered post-JenniAnn’s shooting.  They’re tough cookies.

Catherine- Have you seen Beauty and the Beast?  Catherine’s faced down murderers, child abusers, wife abusers, rapists, drug lords, and so on.  Heck yeah, she’s brave!  Plus she has that need to prove herself.

Arthur- Well, the guy goes to scenes of devastation as his job.

Liam- He’s already overcome a lot and I think he’ll follow in his daddy’s footsteps as far as being a recovery volunteer.

Mick- WWII vet and PI who routinely puts himself in the path of danger.  He doesn’t scare easily.

Beth- As a reporter, she put herself in harm’s way to get truth out there numerous times.  And then there’s the whole being married to a vampire thing.

Sy- While we haven’t seen much of it yet, he can hold his own against people who talk crap about him and Ivy.  He’s also chivalrous with her and he goes into that interview for the pastorship of his church with confidence.  He speaks the truth even when it may not be popular.

Peter- Definitely chivalrous.  But he’s also very brave and determined.  Starting a relationship with Emma was NOT easy.  But he didn’t give up.  And then the whole following in the footsteps of Joshua thing…

Clay- Veteran of war.  And, again, chivalrous.  Plus, while he was initially afraid, it took some daring to step back out into the public.  And, not long after, he struck up a romance so he can be pretty determined when he wants to be.

Randall- He’s a go-getter.  His brother left the farm but he soldiered on.

Nico- Sea captain.  Enough said.

Zoe- She’s resilient.  Her family life wasn’t great but it never got her down.

Aiyla- Hard to tell right now because she's so little but this one’s a spitfire who will do amazing things… also a bit prideful.

Eric- He definitely had Harry’s arrogance.  Even though that’s been taken down several notches, I still think he’s a Gryffindor.  Showing back up at St. G’s, even with a pseudonym, took some guts.

Zany- He went through so much medical trauma and yet is a happy, energetic little guy.  That’s bravery!

Eli- His involvement in the civil rights movement and biracial relationship when that was still illegal in many places pretty much guaranteed his Gryffindor status.

Sean and Ian- Kim’s picks!

John/Yohannan- It takes a certain amount of bravery and nerve to throw verbal arrows at the king and his wife.  And then there was the whole calling the religious authorities a "brood of vipers."  And not backing down even in the face of death...

Yosef- Sticking by your lady even when a bunch of people think she cheated on you?  That's chivalry for sure.  Then immigrating to a strange land so you can protect the child-God?  Yosef is NOT a shrinking violet.

For Ravenclaw:

Vincent- Easily could have been Gryffindor but I tried to focus on traits I thought were natural to a character.  I don’t think, left to his own devices, that Vincent would have been the aggressive protector.  Sure, I think he’d still defend his loved ones as needed but he wouldn’t want to be placed in that position if it could be helped.  I think he would have always been bookish and cultured, though.  He would have loved instilling love of art and creativity in others.  So… definitely a Ravenclaw.

Jacob- As an artist, I think he’s pretty solid Ravenclaw.

Shelby- She’s an aspiring author.  Gotta be Ravenclaw.

Kemara- Kim picked this one but it’s no wonder with Kemara’s writing skills and desire to learn and teach.

Owen- An artist… and one with a snarky wit.

Ivy- Yet another aspiring author.  And Ivy loves school.  I like writing and reading but didn’t always love school.  So if you love school so much than you voluntarily go during the summer… yeah, you’re a Ravenclaw.

Hailey- Gonna be a teacher like her mama so, yes, she definitely values intelligence.

Emma- I wondered about her but ended up picking Ravenclaw since she’s so artsy.  Singing, dancing, acting, and her preference for Frasier make me believe she prefers witty comedy to more lowbrow or even broad comedy.

Edward- He’s the more reserved Romano twin and was drawn to a teacher (Zadie… likely also Ravenclaw).  And there are hints that he watches documentaries during his downtime.

Shane- A teacher.  He also seems to be one of the more reasonable characters.  It’s not that he’s not emotional but he doesn’t immediately act on those emotions.  Like with knowing who Joshua was.  He thought maybe Joshua wanted to be low-key so he bided his time and didn’t create a big scene when he put two and two together.

Robert- Like Owen, he has a snarky side.  Somewhere I thought I mentioned him being a college professor, too, but I’m not positive.

Rabbi Yakov- Well read and learned.  He knew the Christian scriptures before he even had reason to believe them.  I think studying is actually fun for him.

Neela- I think she and Eric are opposites attract.  Eric is all heart, for good or ill.  Neela is the voice of reason in the relationship.  I imagine she had to be that way to keep her head when Zane struggled.

Gloria- I think TBAA clearly made this decision for me.

Henry- I waffled on this.  Henry remains the most unknowable AOD for me.  But he seems contemplative and like someone who would enjoy an evening by the fire with a good book.


So, as gets stressed, Slytherin is NOT bad despite the villains in HP being overwhelmingly Slytherin.  Merlin was Slytherin.  And good, ol’ Snape.

Josef- I can’t imagine Josef as anything but.  Whether as a businessman or as a philanthropist, Josef is ambitious.  He wants to be the best.  He also reminds me of Snape in that his entire life is directed by lost love.

Behnam- I thought maybe he was too nice and cuddly for Slytherin.  But Behnam, too, is ambitious and resourceful.  He’s also a fine schemer when he has to be.  He gets himself, Isra, and Aiyla away from his uncle by basically entrapping the guy.  And while I glossed over it, I imagine he was pretty cunning with the U.S. Army.  I don’t think there’s any way they just said “Sure, we’ll get you and your family into the U.S. because you seem like really nice people!”  I’m thinking it was more like “My uncle was X.  He was in contact with several people connected with A-Q.  I can tell you things… but here are my conditions.”  (Which probably means he sat in on a lot of his uncle’s “meetings”… always with the intention of eventually bringing him down.)  And again with the Snape references… Behnam’s entire adolescence and adulthood have been about making things right for the women in his life.  First Badriya and then Isra… even if it took him to dark places.

Father- I toyed with Ravenclaw but I definitely think he’s a Slytherin.  You have to be resourceful to head up the Tunnels, after all.  I think he was a little too keen on protecting his own image.  He made a lot of missteps just because of needing to maintain his high ideals… not publicly recognizing Devin as his own son, relying on Vincent to protect their world, being quite judgy with others, at times.

Tess- Her bossiness on TBAA tends towards Slytherin IMO.  But the more I thought about this, there is a sorta parallel between Tess’ initial displeasure with JenniAnn and Arthur and the Slytherin tendency to be elitist.  She basically assumed Arthur and JenniAnn would hurt Monica and Andrew.  It didn’t seem to occur to her until evidence was already building that maybe Arthur and JenniAnn were actually perfectly suited for her Angel Babies.


JenniAnn- So I originally thought she was Gryffindor but then couldn’t come up with any real reason beyond Andrew being Gryffindor.  Ravenclaw was a definite possibility.  She does value intelligence and creativity.  However… I think even that is just as a means of obtaining cuddliness and coziness for all.  In an ideal world, I think JenniAnn just wants to sit around with her loved ones, sipping tea and eating freshly baked sweets.

Joy- Per Kim.

Belle- She takes after her mother.  Belle is and will always be a cuddlebug.  Even in her rebellious phase, she won’t be able to really keep away from Mama and Daddy.

Violeta- Also very cuddly… and intensely loyal.  Not even a couple of eons old demons could convince her that JenniAnn was a fraud.  Like Slytherin, she’s ambitious… but only up to the point that it’d mean giving up time with her family.  Violeta’s probably gonna be in the protege stage for far longer than most angels are simply because she wants to remain with Andrew and Co.

Monica- Kim seconded this.  Monica was quite ambitious on TBAA but she was also exceedingly loyal to Tess and, yes, to God and humanity… even if she faltered a couple times there.  Definitely a hard-worker, too.

Kylie- She's a nurturer by nature, I think.  Unfortunately, that led to a disastrous first marriage to a deeply flawed man who abused her.  Thankfully, Kylie fared much better with Clay who returns her love and devotion.  Kylie is also deeply loyal to Joshua.  Even when her life was hellish, her faith never wavered.

Portia- A single mom who became a doctor?  Yeah, definitely values hard work.  She’s also very loyal.  I imagine she coulda had a nice private practice but instead she covers the medical needs of the Tunnels and the Phoenix.

Fr. Mike- Very dedicated to the Church… much more so to Joshua.  I think he may eventually get himself into trouble with that blog of his and face a loyalty test of sorts.

Raquel- She’s very relationship-oriented.  It occurs to me that I don’t think I ever even gave Raquel a job.  Her job seems to be supporting and lifting up those she loves.

Isra- She’s very dedicated to her family and I think patience can be assumed.  She was a Christian for quite some time before Behnam was but never pushed.  She does seems to have an innate sense of fairness.  Even before Behnam encouraged her, she believed women got the raw end of the stick and deserved better.

Omar- While Aiyla will be a firebrand, Omar will be soft-spoken.  Aiyla will risk hurt feelings to make a point.  Omar will likely find the nicest way to spin a negative.

Diana and Zeke- The most Hufflepuffiest couple.  Neither is afraid of hard work.  They took jobs that demand extra time and attention, not just a 9 to 5.  They instilled that in their children… hence the angst when Sy started veering into snob mode.  Family and faith is everything.  As for loyalty, they were the ones least willing to bail on Doug’s and Lucy’s dream.

Kendra- Haven’t done too much with her yet but I think she’s a mini-me blend of her parents.  Something I have in mind for her in the future smacks loudly of loyalty.

Caleb- He just badly wants to connect deeply with someone and be dedicated to her forever and ever.  Hang in there, Caleb.  Also, the fact that leaving his home and family only meant moving into the home of another branch of the family probably says something already about his loyalty.

Dot- I figure you have to be pretty loyal to your family to let two of them move in with you after you and your husband have enjoyed a quiet household for years.  But I think Dot loves that.  So much so that she pulled Clay and Kylie into the family, too.

Joccy- I think Joccy actually woulda fared better if she had the traits of any other house.  Her desire for loyalty and fairness made what happened with Emma cut deeper than it might have otherwise.  I think it’s also why she beat herself up for not speaking up for Emma despite being a very little girl at the time.  Her loyalty to Emma was so strong.

Lily, Basil, and Azalea- Maintaining one’s own business is hard work!  But that business is driven by Basil’s and Azalea’s desire to ensure Lily and others like her have services that others take for granted.  They’re intensely loyal to their daughter and I think Lily will always be loyal to her parents, even when she becomes more independent.

Allison- I wasn’t sure what to do with JenniAnn’s mother but I think she fits well in Hufflepuff.  Unfortunately, sometimes her loyalty to her daughter takes on a bad edge… see her flipping out on Andrew in “Shadowlands.”

Tiva- She’s social justice oriented so the fairness angle jumped out at me.  Also, I think of Rabbi Yakov as being a bit of the brilliant but scattered type.  It requires patience to live with that!


Logan- He loves heroic stories so much that Gryffindor seemed like a good match.  However, he’s also got a cuddly, eager to be part of a team aspect to him.  And he did become a vampire just so his mother would never be alone…  So Gryffinpuff.

Maryam- I think she's a Gryffinpuff also.  It's beyond brave to agree to carry and raise the Son of God.  All the trials that came with that...  But Maryam is also intensely loyal and loving.  She's devoted to her husband and son with not even death breaking those bonds.

Adam- That snarky sense of humor and wit screams Ravenclaw.  But he had that chivalrous and gentlemanly side on TBAA which gets stressed even more in the Dyeland stories.  I mean everything with Kylie…  So Gryffinclaw.

And possibly the most controversial entry on this list...

Joshua- I think the claim could easily be made that Joshua is a four-way hatstall with the most perfect elements of every house.  But if I had to pick one... I really do think Slytherin fits.  For one, Joshua himself said he would want it to be his house because the people there seemed to most need him.  See this excerpt from "The Carpenter":

Catherine laughed.  "I feel deprived for not having grown up as part of the Harry Potter generation.  It's like a whole different language."  She smiled at Joshua.  "So... since apparently this is an issue... what house do you think Jesus would be in, Joshua?"


"What!?" Max exclaimed.

Joshua smiled.  "Jesus went to the lost sheep... Slytherin seemed to have the highest number of them.  But I know Jesus would have made a point to mingle with the other houses."

So, even as a hatstall, Joshua would live with the Slytherins.  But beyond being the Good Shepherd to the lost, I think Joshua genuinely fits there.  There is no more resourceful person to ever exist.  Literally.  All resources come from Joshua and he knows how to use em.  Saving an entire world... pretty ambitious.  And since Dyeland features multiple worlds, it's safe to say Joshua has likely saved multiple worlds.  Cunning doesn't even begin to describe it.  He had a plan since before the dawn of time and he stuck to it regardless of the great personal cost.  With all due respect to Professor Snape, Joshua is the bravest man.

So agree?  Disagree?  Anybody else I shoulda included?  I used the birthdates list mostly so know I missed some people since a lotta angels are missing from that.

This newsletter is dedicated to John Dye and everyone who brings great stories to life.  We all need a little magic in our lives sometimes!

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