“Is the spring coming?" he said. "What is it like?"...
"It is the sun shining on the rain and the rain falling on the sunshine...”
~~Frances Hodgson Burnett, The Secret Garden

Hi all,

Wow.  Feels like forever since I wrote one of these!  I guess it has been a month since the Valentine's one was written in advance.  Anyway, I'm getting a jump on my spring cleaning and working on a story so this is just bits of randomness.  I hope you enjoy!

God bless,


Advice from the Angel of Angels

Dear Angel of Angels,

How's an angel supposed to know if they're maturing properly?  I guess what I really mean is... how would an angel know if she was immature?  Some days I feel really mature but then something will come up and I won't know how to react and I just want someone to hug me and tell me everything's going to be all right.  Am I okay?

Violeta (because I'm sure you'd know it was me even if I signed with an alias)

Dear Violeta,

Let me start with some questions for you:

Have either Joshua or the Father said anything to you suggesting that they wish you were more mature?

You didn't mention this so I'm going to assume no.

Do you have people, human or angel, in your life who can hug you and tell you everything's all right?

I know this answer and you do, too.  I also know that God put those people into your life for a reason.

Now for my answer: yes, you are okay.  You are more than okay.  You are exactly the angel God wants you to be right now.  You'll be more mature in five, ten, a hundred, a thousand years.  But the blessing is you have all those years to get there.  Right now, you're a teenager.  I believe that feeling mature one day and not on another is par for the course. 

Soothingly (I hope),
The Angel of Angels


Dear Angel of Angels,

So... next month will be the sixteenth anniversary of when JenniAnn and I met.  Do you have any gift ideas?  I'm considering some goats but does the livestock thing get weird at some point?


Dear Andrew,

Stick with the goats.  Yes, it's very weird.  But it seems to suit you two.  You have to get at least four, though.  Goats are herd animals, after all.  No one wants a depressed, lonely goat. 

Have fun with that!

The Angel of Angels

PS- I think you need to consider expanding the stable and making it storm-proof.  That is unless you truly intend to continue leading your growing menagerie into your old basement...  Perhaps Noah could offer more sage words on this topic.


Dear Angel of Angels,

I have two married friends who I care about very, very much.  They'd love to have kids and, as far as I know, have been trying since they got married at the end of last June.  So far, no pregnancy.  It's only been eight months and I've read that a couple's not supposed to get too concerned until it's been a year.  However, I think they're already there.  We have at least a couple pairs of friends who got pregnant on their honeymoons so that might be adding to their concern.  Joshua hasn't said anything about this so I'm assuming everything's fine, it'll just happen in his time.  My question is how do I show my concern without butting into what's one of the few things in life the three of us don't share?

With concern,

Dear Adam,

I think you simply ask how they're feeling and let them know that you're always there with a sensitive, calm, listening ear.  Two even!  I wouldn't worry too much about violating their privacy.  I know you'd never ask anything too probing and while you're right that they share something between the two of them that you do not, it's also true that they invited you on their honeymoon.  You aren't a player in their romance but you're definitely part of it.  And, of course, let them know you're praying for them.  I will be, too.

The Angel of Angels

Ask Andrew

Question: Inquiring minds want to know... how will you be spending your extra day?

Answer:  Extra day?  Oh right!  Leap Day.  Well, I could always have assignments.  If I do, obviously those take precedent.  But if I have a day to myself, maybe I'll tag along with Belle and JenniAnn when they go to the Tunnels for classes.  Then just seeing what needs doing, I guess.  Might stock up on fishing equipment.  It'll be time for that again soon.  I can't wait to take Belle and her cousins out!

Question: Spring's just around the corner!  What's your favorite part of the Spring?

Answer:  There's too much to pick just one thing!  Easter... what it means, of course, but now also seeing Belle in her little Easter dress.  I'm gonna love watching how much fun she'll have hunting for eggs... and how much fun the older kids will have hiding those eggs.  And everything turning green!  The birds and butterflies coming back.  Being able to cookout and have picnics.  Least favorite part?  Spring cleaning.

Question: If God said you could have a year off to take any job you wanted besides being an angel or carpenter, what would you pick?

Answer: College professor so I could embarrass Ivy and Violeta.  0:-)   But I'm very happy with the jobs I do have.

Question: What's the biggest difference between working assignments only with other angels versus working them with a team of humans and angels?

Answer: It depends on the assignment.  I never worried about Monica or Tess or Gloria getting killed.  But, unfortunately, that was a fear I struggled with back when we had our assignment with Raquel and again in West Hollow.  Of course, I didn't have that worry while assigned to Cora or Chava.  Beyond that... I think you chose the right words when you said "a team of humans and angels."  As much as I loved working with Monica, Tess, and Gloria; that often meant dividing up roles.  We might not see each other much at all even when we shared assignments.  Compare that to when we met all the St. G's folks.  Adam had his job and Monica had hers and Gloria hers and Tess hers but we all had that stage time together which also brought all the humans in.  I love that.

I think I'll end this Q and A here because something just crashed in Belle's nursery.  Oh.  Just blocks.  Still... she's getting restless.  Feel free to send more questions my way!  Love, Andrew


This newsletter is dedicated to John Dye for inspiring JABB in the first place.  Writing this gave me an excuse to stop cleaning for a bit.  :-)

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