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Hi all,

I can remember the old "Dye Days" quite well.  The chats... the orange juice and ginger ales... binge-watching TBAA episodes and John's movies before "binge-watching" was in common parlance.  A lot has changed since then.  John's gone Home and many of us have grown-up.  Pulling all-nighters is much harder than it used to be!  Nonetheless, with this newsletter, I wanted to try to recapture some of the fun of those old Dye Days.  Even though this date has a bittersweetness to it now, I think John would want us to enjoy it.  And if I can't do a marathon of Campus Man, Mother, Mother, "The Pact," "The Violin  Lesson," "The Journalist," and so on... at least I could look at photos!

God bless,

John Dye Memory Game: Take Three

So I know previous newsletters have featured this but the last time I did this, Season 5 on of TBAA weren't available and I had barely any movie snaps.  Seemed more than time for a redo!  Save the photos below, print them twice, cut them out, shuffle them, then lay them photo-side down, and see how well your spatial memory is holding up.  ;-)  I've also included a PDF for easier printing.  For a bonus game, try to figure out which movie/TV episode each photo is from.  Or cut them up irregularly and you have a versatile jigsaw puzzle!





Jumbled John Dye Trivia

Below are some trivia questions with their answers right beneath them.  The hitch?  You need to unscramble the letters.  First, an easy one:

1.  What is John Dye's hometown?


2.  What is John's character's name in the Christmas movies?


3.  John appeared in two episodes of what beloved CBS series that was NOT a TBAA crossover?


4.  Which actress starred as Jeff's husband's mother in Mother, Mother and later appeared in a TBAA episode?


5.  In which TBAA episode does Andrew recite Ecclesiastes from a pulpit?


6.  Doc Hock's traumatic mustache cutting scene occurs in what episode?

A  G

7.  Prior to Touched, John had worked with Martha Williamson on what TV show?


8.  This is the name of the musician Andrew (and his umbrella) rock out to in Season 2.


9.  Name Andrew's assignment in "Here I Am."


10.  John appeared in a music video for which of ZZ Top's songs?


11.  Andrew and Dolores danced to this tune.


12..  What's the name of Skip's school?


Finally, it's been a long time since I did any sort of collage so it seemed time.  (Actual image is much larger.  I shrunk it to fit here.  Unless you have a gigantic computer, it should work as a wallpaper.)  Enjoy!

This newsletter is dedicated to John Dye simply for being born... and to God who made it so.  I hope they're both enjoying cake and ice cream or whatever heavenly and vastly better alternatives exist.

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