“Be thankful for what you have; you'll end up having more.
If you concentrate on what you don't have, you will never, ever have enough.” ~~Oprah Winfrey

Hi all,

Happy Thanksgiving!  Whether the holiday is celebrated where you are or not, I hope you all have a great week ahead filled with lots to be thankful for!

God bless,

Guess What the Dyelanders and Friends are Thankful For

So nearly every year, I list the things the Dyelanders and their friends are thankful for from the previous year.  This year I thought I'd shake things up.  I've listed what some of them are thankful for below but then you have to guess who said it.  Answers are at the very bottom.  Hint: Some of them may not have exactly vocally expressed their answers...  But God heard them, anyway.  ;-)

1.  "I'm thankful for my girls and my boys and apples.  And for Mary and Silly who are good cuddlers.  And also that no one has hurt me since I came here.  I'm thankful for my home."

2.  "I'm very grateful for my family, my friends, and a comfortable, safe home.  And for the sparkle in my star's eyes..."

3.  "I'm thankful for my wonderful and wonderfully handsome fiance!  And also that Logan figured out how to suspend candles from the ballroom ceiling a la Hogwarts!"

4.  "I'm thankful for my kids and for my treasured Reading Throne and for continued closeness with the One who made it."

5.  "I am very thankful for my growing family.  Sometimes I feel like Abraham, Joshua. (Although I am also very thankful that I have only my one beloved wife.)  I could never have imagined having four grandchildren and my Psyche and my precious son.  Thank You."

6.  "I'm thankful for my amazing husband and my amazing Man of Honor and that the two are such great friends to each other as well as to me."

7.  "I'm so thankful for the compassion, gentleness, and patience of the man I love.  June can't come soon enough!"

8.  "I am grateful for all our new friends, our new alliance, and the knowledge that old enemies will never harm anyone again."

9.  "I am so very thankful for school and books and a wondrous Teacher and being able to watch over all those I love."

10.  "I'm thankful for my little elf, my sweet dancer, my highly inquisitive protege, my studious son and my beloved soul mate who stayed with us even when it was so tempting to go Home."

11.  "I'm thankful for those three sweet boys who have been a godsend around the farm and for the daughter I always wanted and found in sweet Kylie."

12.  "I'm thankful for my beautiful babies, my wonderful husband and the family and friends who have been with us every step of the way."

13.  "I'm grateful for my families.  There were several years when I didn't think I'd ever celebrate another holiday with my bio family.  Now, thanks to Joshua, we'll all be gathered together on Thanksgiving.  And then I'll get a second Thanksgiving dinner with my Dyeland/Tunnels family!" 

14.  "I'm thankful for TLS.  It keeps me and my friends alive."

15.  "I'm thankful that my baby's coming home from college for the long Thanksgiving weekend!  Her mama and siblings are grateful, too."

16.  "I'm thankful for my first holiday season with Ivy in our house.  It's going to look so cool with all our decorations!!!"

17.  "I'm thankful for my sweet boy and his lovely Daddy and for the chance to bring people a little joy every day through soups, sandwiches, and snacks.  Also coffee... both being able to give it to others and being able to enjoy it myself."

18.  "I'm so thankful for my adorable kids and pets, my studly awesome anam cara, and this amazing, ever-growing family of friends!"

  "I'm very grateful for our healthy children, my amazing wife, and the best family and friends anyone's ever been blessed with."

20.  "I'm thankful for my very own room in Willowveil.  I'll be needing it soon!  Can't wait!"

In Thanks to JABB

I just wanted to share a few words about why I'm so grateful for JABB.  Fair warning: It's a bit spoilery...

1.  There's been so much sad news this year and it would be easy to get really down and overly worried. 
Through talking with some of you and through the Dyeland stories, I've found, all at once, much needed escape but also the chance to wrestle with some of the tragedy and big questions out there.  It's truly been a godsend.

2.  I'm grateful for the opportunity to learn more about my faith and the Bible.  Whether that's been trying my hand at exegesis or outright making stuff up or a blend of both, it's been truly helpful and comforting.  I'm really looking forward to incorporating a couple more Biblical persons in the coming months: Mary, wife of Clopas, and Mary of Magdala.   And also a very special person who isn't in the Bible but is very much linked to Christian history...

3.  After a hiatus of seriously months, I've enjoyed being able to carve out a little time to watch TBAA again.  Not too often... but sometimes!  It's been fun updating the Episode Guide again.  Nearly got all those THC logo pics outta the Photo Gallery, too! 

4.  As always, I'm thankful for the wonderful friendships that I've made through JABB!  Hugs to you all!

5.  I'm thankful for the opportunity to become a more thoughtful, compassionate person.  Whether through reading stories authored by others or working on my own, it's impossible not to wind up taking on something of the mindset of other people and, through that, become more aware of the struggles other people face.  On that note... I'd like for JABB's annual Christmas donation to go to a charity aiding refugees.  If you have a good suggestion on a charity, please get in contact with me.  Thanks!

This newsletter is dedicated to John Dye and the entire TBAA cast and crew for giving us all so much to be thankful for!  Without them, there would be no JABB or Dyeland or nights tucked in bed and watching the angels bring that awesome message of "God loves you."

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