"There are two great days in a person's life - the day we are born and the day we discover why."
~~William Barclay

Hi all!

First, you may have noticed that I've been linking up newsletters to the main site a lot
more quickly than usual.  Generally, I let a month and a half or so go before I do that.  Well, with the (welcome!) proliferation of Dyeland stories, I start to feel anxious and overwhelmed if too much is hanging out on my to do list.  Thus, I'll be adding newsletters to the site as I have time, whether or not 4-6 weeks or so has passed since I sent them.  This has led to some confusion about whether or not I've announced additional stories so, until I get on top of that, please just keep an eye on the Updates page if you're interested.

With that settled...  September 20th is when JABB marks Andrew's (observed) birthday but next week is an off week for the newsletter.  Thus, I'm marking the occasion today.  Enjoy and a happy birthday to Andrew!

God bless,

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Okay, okay...  So I know this newsletter is basically a copy of Andrew's birthday newsletter from last year.  But I've been wanting to do this again ever since I got my new graphics program.  So see if you can figure out which TBAA episode these are from!  Answers are at the very bottom of this page.



Birthday Wishes for Andrew

Sorry I didn't come up with anything more creative this year.  I just really overbooked myself with stories.  The Andrew, JenniAnn, and family story became "Hope and Healing."  The Adam, Kylie, and Clay one became "Triad" which I still need to edit before I add it to the site.  And I haven't even touched the Emma and Peter one.  Then Christmas will be here before we know it!  I would have liked to have done a little story about Andrew's birthday but that's not happening so I thought I'd use these notes to cover some of the material I would have put into the story.  ~Jenni


Dear Andrew,

I'm so pleased that we were able to reunite before your birthday so I could send you greetings.  I cannot begin to express what your friendship has meant to my family and me.  Sometimes I find myself wandering Vincent's house and marveling at the fact that I'm living here.  I see Isra humming as she bakes and I smile.  I peek in on Aiyla and Omar playing in their cheerily decorated room and I begin to weep with happiness.  I thank Vincent for these moments but also you.  Your immediate care and trust, along with that of JenniAnn, allowed this to happen for us. 

Your presence is felt in this house in other ways, too.  It's in the joy in Aiyla's chatter as she plays with the Noah's Ark animals you made for her and in Omar's laughter as he piles up and tears down the rainbow of blocks from his Uncle Andrew.  You are in the glee in my star's eyes as we learn to dance as you and JenniAnn do.  You are in the peace I feel as I ponder your words about a loving God.

I always wondered what it would have been like to have an older brother.  I know now and, today, I wish you a very happy birthday, brother.

May peace be always with you,


Hello Andrew!

Vincent gave me this beautiful stationery set and I knew who the very first person I wanted to write was (after him as a thank you, of course)!  Happy birthday!  You are a very wonderful friend and deserve to be completely spoiled today!  I am looking forward to the party and seeing you surrounded by all of us who love and appreciate you.  I admit I am also excited to try this red velvet cake I've heard so much about.

I also wanted to write to thank you and JenniAnn for watching Aiyla and Omar overnight last weekend.  They adored being at Willowveil and it is testimony to how comfortable they are with their Uncle Andrew and Aunt JenniAnn and little Belle that they did not cry even a bit.  It was the first night we have been apart from them.  I greatly appreciated being alone with my husband for more than a few minutes.  Thank you!

May many blessings come your way!



Dear Dad/Daddy/Andrew,

We thought it made sense to send you a birthday card together.  While we've all felt loved and cared for by you for a number of years, this past year we've felt especially like a family and that's a lot in thanks to you and Maja/Mama/JenniAnn.  In spite of your own pain and sadness, you helped us all through those difficult days in June and as we dealt with the memories.  You've comforted, encouraged, and, best of all, loved us.  As we set out on our various adventures (marriage, college, adolescence, and pre-school); we know you'll be there cheering us on and giving us those amazing bear hugs when we really need them.

We love you!

Happy birthday from your kids!



Dearest Andrew,

Earlier when I was watching you sleep (sorry/not sorry), I got to remembering how worried I was about you aging.  I can't believe I actually barricaded myself in my room... our room now... over it!  But I did.  I just kept imagining everything that could happen... arthritis, hearing loss, forgetfulness...  And those were just the less serious things.  I later thought my imagination was too strong but I think, now, it was too weak.  Because it wasn't powerful enough to imagine you dancing around the room with our baby girl or squeezing my hand as we both watched Violeta leave us and head onto campus with Ivy.  I couldn't imagine how cute you'd look when you shyly asked me where I kept my "monthly items" in case, when Shelby comes to need them, I would happen to be away.  I didn't foresee how proud you'd look as you taught Max to tie a tie.  I don't suppose you foresaw any of it, either, but you knew that times would come when looking the same forever would only complicate things.  So you made your choice.  And, despite my initial fear, I will forever love you for it.

I'll be here every year, my love, and I know that each year will find you ever more compassionate and wonderful and lovely.  And every year on your birthday, just as with this year, I will know that I have been blessed, beyond all imagining, to share this life with you.

Happy birthday, beloved Andrew!



Dear Andrew,

One day, not long after you were born, you asked me what I wanted you to be like when you were as old as Michael.  I told you that I wanted you to be kind and loyal and hopeful and faithful and loving.  I also said that I wanted you to enjoy the work you were doing and to be a friend to everyone who worked with you.  You smiled and hugged me and tucked my words away.

Andrew, there were things I couldn't say because I knew it would overwhelm you at the time.  I also wanted you to be a good father and a loving and beloved soul mate.  You have lived up to all of my and Dad's hopes, spoken and unspoken.  We love you so much and are so proud!

Happy birthday!

Love always,

This newsletter is dedicated to John Dye for bringing added excitement to the autumn season for those of us lucky enough to see first run TBAA.  As the new fall TV season nears, I miss the years of waiting for that first new TBAA season promo and hunting down spoiler magazines.  While I've certainly enjoyed TV shows since TBAA left the airwaves, it's never been quite so exciting.

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