“We are not called by God to do extraordinary things,
but to do ordinary things with extraordinary love." ~~Jean Vanier

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August 24th was Charles Rocket's birthday but it was an off-week for the newsletter so we'll be commemorating that this week as well as having some back-to-school fun.

I hope you enjoy!

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So... Charles Rocket won my undying appreciation when he portrayed Adam in "An Unexpected Snow."  More about that here.  (Warning: That was what we wrote shortly after Mr. Rocket passed away so it's a little raw.)  Touched by an Angel was by no means the only project of Charles Rocket's that I enjoyed (Hocus Pocus being an all-time favorite movie) but since this is a TBAA byproduct, I want to focus on Adam.  It's been an honor and, truthfully, a relief to continue Adam's story in our Dyeland tales.  So let's celebrate Mr. Rocket's continued inspiration with...

Little Known Facts about Adam
(and by facts, I mean stuff I've totally made up and that,
as far as I know, have no basis in TBAA.  :-) 

1.  Dude has mad obstetrics skills!  Per "The King," in the near future, Adam will deliver his own niece.  But Kylie wasn't the first lady he helped out.  And he learned from none other than Maryam herself.

2.  Adam's supervisor of sorts is Azrael.  It's not so much that Azrael helps Adam with assignments.  Adam's well beyond needing that sort of assistance.  But it's Azrael who vets candidates for Adam's recreational therapy program for angels.

3.  Following the events depicted in "An Unexpected Snow," Joshua gave Monica and Tess a talking to.  Because unlike those two, Joshua actually noticed how hurt Adam was by their behavior.  (Yay, head canon!  Seriously... those two really bother me in that episode.)

4.  Adam knows all the lyrics to Beyonce's "All the Single Ladies."  The catchy beat hooked him.

5.  You may know that Adam makes delicious wedding cakes but do you know why?  Back in the 1980s, Adam had an assignment named Harriet.  Harriet was a fantastic baker.  The problem?  She was so wonderful that she had memorized all her recipes and, when Adam showed up to take Harriet Home, the good lady was devastated when she realized all of her recipes would die with her.  So, with permission from God, Adam stayed with Harriet a week and they baked cake after cake, jotting down the recipes as they went.  Harriet's masterpiece, vanilla raspberry wedding cake, has become Adam's own crowning culinary achievement.

6.  Adam and Kylie have wedding rings that they wear when they play the Pilates in Jesus Christ Superstar.  When Kylie married Clay, they got him a matching ring and now refer to them as BFF rings.

7.  The reason Adam's so partial to turkeys (other than Alexander simply being a swell pal) is because during the colonial era, Adam was assigned to a group of settlers.  A terrible storm started up and the group was divided as they tried to outrun it.  Adam found himself alone, lost in some woods, with only the company of a wild turkey who he named Humbert.  Adam was reunited with his party... after telling Humbert to make a run for it! 

8.  Adam creates his meat-like substance by... REDACTED  0:-)

Wonderful educational opportunities are flourishing in Dyeland, the Tunnels, and amongst the Friends this year!  Let's take a look at a few...

Exciting Changes for School Year 2015/16

1.  The Tunnel school won't be at a loss for assistant teachers!  With the additions of Behnam, Isra, and Eilish; Vincent and Co. may just find themselves with more help teaching the young 'uns.

2.  Ivy and Violeta will begin classes at Fordham University which is sure to shake things up at Willowveil as no doubt the latter will have loads and loads of questions.

3.  Androoler University is no more.  To Andrew's relief, the school has been renamed Asterian Academy.  (Thanks Pia for the new name!)

4.  Little Belle's getting restless and no longer content to just play in the back of the classroom while her Mama, Uncle Owen, Aunt Kemara, and Appa Vincent teach.  In addition, Omar is a bit speech-delayed.  Therefore, Vincent is studying up on early childhood education and speech pathology which he'll use to teach his wee grandkids.  Soon the Tunnels will have their very own Pre-K program!

5.  Max and Rose will start pre-wedding instruction with Andrew, JenniAnn, Diana, Zeke, Kemara, Sean, Kylie, and Clay.  Aww!

6.  Adam's going to get his recreational therapy classes for angels going full force.  Several of the Friends will be brought on board to give instruction on various crafts and handiworks. 

7.  Violeta's going to get a real education on biology and time management when Mary and Silly have lambs in the Spring!

8.  Belle will be learning to use the potty like a big girl!  There may be some stressful times ahead for Andrew and JenniAnn but, once she's trained, I imagine they will both be very happy to shed the diaper bag.

9.  Everyone's going to be learning about Medieval England as the gang produces Camelot in the autumn.

10.  I imagine there will be a few more people learning a thing or two about Joshua during the course of the year...

This newsletter is dedicated to John Dye and Charles Rocket for bringing to life two AODs who were so enjoyable to watch that I just couldn't seem to stop watching them even if it meant watching them in my head with myself and my friends writing for them. 

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