"The function of education is to teach one to think intensively and to think critically.
Intelligence plus character - that is the goal of true education."
~~Martin Luther King, Jr.

Hi all,

I hope August is treating you all well!

Even though I'm long past traditional school age, I can't help getting into the back-to-school mode a bit so this newsletter reflects that.  Enjoy!

God bless,

As mentioned before, Andrew's quite embarrassed about good ol' Androoler U.  Thus, the people of Dyeland have decided to rename it.  But you can have a vote!  If you have an idea for what Androoler U should be renamed, please email me before August 29th with your idea(s).  Thanks!  In the meantime... here are the classes they have planned for the Fall 2015 semester, including some that will be taught outside of Dyeland.

The History of Architecture
Instructor: Reuel
Course description: With a history dating back much longer than Asteriana/Dyeland, El-Chanan is home to many styles of architecture.  Students will meet at the gazebo and embark on a bus tour of El-Chanan where they'll be able to see homes and buildings in styles ranging from Romanesque to Art Deco and beyond!  This class also offers an opportunity to get to know some of the El-Chananites, their culture, and cuisine.
Level of difficulty: Fun!
Reviews: "Doric, Ionic, Corinthian...  I remember learning about column types in Art History class in college but it's so much cooler when you can see each type in person!"
"Reuel's an awesome teacher and everyone in El-Chanan is so lovely.  This is a must!"

A Beginner's Guide to Ecumenism
Instructors: Rabbi Yakov, Fr. Mike, and a rotating group of speakers

Course description: Learn about other religions and denominations by getting to know their practitioners.  Receive instructions on how to speak about religious faith and practice without seeming to push an agenda... and then put it into practice with your classmates!  Pray with your fellow theists.  At the end of the session, everyone will participate in a group service project.  Classes will be given at St. Genesius' Community Theatre with field trips to places of worship in NYC.
Level of difficulty: None so long as you come with a spirit of compassion, honesty, and camaraderie... not a problem with this group!
Reviews: "This class should be required everywhere!  It really made me think about how much people of different faiths have in common."
"I wonder how much more peaceful the world would be if everyone could take this class?  A lot more peaceful, I think."

$ave and $pend: Or How NOT to Go Broke
Instructor: Sean
Course description: Did you just bring home your first paycheck? Want to get an apartment? Learn how to manage your money responsibly including instruction in short- and long-term budgeting, check writing, online bill paying, income tax, savings and checking accounts, loans and more.
Level of difficulty: Easy. No math ability required.
Reviews: "I used to wonder where my money went every month. Now, it still disappears, but at least I can control when it leaves." 

The Forum
Instructor: Various
Course description: Teaching something you learned is noted to be one of the best ways to retain that knowledge.  At The Forum (housed in old City Hall), the students attending classes Below and our high school and university students, will give presentations on what they're learning.  Not only will it help them in mastering their coursework, it'll also be a great way for the older folks to keep learning and encouraging our kids.  Videoconferencing will be available for those wishing to participate from outside the Sibling Cities.
Level of difficulty: Varies.
Reviews: "I'm really excited about this idea!  I'm a little nervous about starting college but it'll help knowing my friends and family are in it with me."

Defense Against the Dark Arts
Instructor: None.  It's more like group counseling.
Course description: I couldn't resist the Harry Potter-inspired course title.  Sorry... not sorry.  :-)  I thought it would be good for whomever wanted to to come together and discuss the fall-out from June.  Share your feelings and concerns and also what's helping you cope.  Maybe it'll give others ideas on how to help themselves.  Or just come listen and have cookies and milk and butterbeer with us. ~Max
Level of difficulty: Maybe emotionally difficult at first but being together and talking will help!
Reviews: "This is a wonderful idea, hon.  Dad and I will be there.  Love you lots."
"Definitely come.  I may be biased since my fiance is moderating this but Max has some really good coping strategies that he's learned from his psych classes."


And now... since I know August can be a stressful time with back to school and blazing temps, here's a lil game.  I've taken titles of Dyeland stories and switched them using synonyms/related words.  See how many you can get!  An answer key is at the very bottom of the page.
(Example: "Abide with Me" might become "Stay with Yours Truly.")

1.  The Papilionoidea

2.  Paschal Ovums

3.  Questioning the Solution

4.  Kid of Frivolity

5.  Recent Starts

6.  Tunes of Ballads

7.  Odes of Eventuality

8.  Agape Descended

9.  Altering Target

10.  Dude Without Notoriety

11.  Viewing a Reporter with Angel Boy

12.  Happy News


This newsletter is dedicated to John Dye for basically removing the word "boredom" from my vocabulary.  People speak of this "boredom" thing.  What is it?  ;-) 

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