"Like a welcome summer rain, humor may suddenly cleanse and cool the earth, the air and you." ~~Langston Hughes

Hi all,

I've been doing a bit of redecorating and between that and fireworks-induced insomnia, I'm pretty exhausted.  So it's nice to sit down and write this, short as it is!  I just hope it makes sense.  ;-)

Also, I spent several evenings last week converting all of the canonical (green) stories on the Story Index into individual files for my Kindle.  They're not perfect looking by any means but I'm happy to share.  Just email me with the titles you'd like.  While mine are all prepped for Kindle, I *think* I can convert the files for use on other types of devices.  I'll give it a shot, in any case!

When next you hear from me, it'll be JABB's anniversary and hopefully I'll have something a bit more substantive then!

God bless,

Advice from the Angel of Angels

Dear Angel of Angels,

I'm not sure how much you know about life here in Dyeland but you've seemed to know a lot in the past so I thought I'd check with you.  I've talked with Joshua about this and I wish I'd thought to bring it up when he was last here (in the flesh, I mean... I know he's always here) but I guess I was so happy about my Dad being back that I didn't think of it.  Anyway...  I've been kind of anxious since everything happened last month.  I'm so glad and grateful that Maja is healing up really well and that she's so excited about our upcoming trip.  We all are.  It's just...

I can't unsee what I saw.  I mean don't get me wrong...  Dad held it together really, really well when everything was so uncertain.  But I could tell seeing Maja like that was killing him.  Not literally obviously.  But somehow... 

Dad's so strong.  He really is the bravest person I know... after Joshua, of course.  And if he got so rattled, how can I be sure I'd keep it together if something happened to Rose? 


Dear Max,

I pray that you and Rose have a long, happy life together.  But, inevitably, trials will come your way.  I hope none are as dire as what your family faced last month.  However, even if they were, you have the same Ally your Dad had and always has.  God would give you whatever strength you needed so long as you asked Him.  You would also have your family around you, both in the flesh and in spirit.  You are yourself a brave, strong person who has already survived many, many trials.  If needed, I'm confident you would have enough bravery and strength to help your Rose.  A word of caution: Don't let your worries over a future event that may not even come to pass put a damper on the joy you can find now, Max.

All the best to you and your intended!

The Angel of Angels


Dear Angel of Angels,

the end of next month, Violeta and I will be starting college and we're both so excited!  I'm feeling a little nervous but I think it's a good type of nervous.  I can't wait to see what the next four years are like for us!  There's something I wonder about, though.

Violeta is so pretty and so sweet and I just know that, at some point, some guy(s) is/are going to take a shine to her.  I'm not sure if you've met Violeta but I think you probably know a considerable amount about her which means you know that she can get a little... awkward and shy and even a little scared when boys she doesn't know approach her
with interest.  What, if anything, am I supposed to do in those cases?  I don't want Violeta to get into a difficult situation but the I also wonder if intervening might mean getting in the way of the next Andrew and JenniAnn.  Or even just a nice friendship.

What do you think?


Dear Ivy,

Joshua always smiles so proudly when he speaks of your compassion and now I can say I know why from personal experience.  It's very good of you to be so concerned for your friend.

You and Violeta will both learn so much during your college years and while much of that will come from books and professors, a great deal of it will also come from interactions with your classmates.  Violeta will need to learn how to respond to unwanted romantic overtures herself.  It's an important life skill.  You're right to point out that interested parties may prove to be good friends and you don't want to stand in the way of that.  Of course, if someone were to get too pushy then I'm sure Violeta would appreciate your support and coaching.  Please tell Andrew and JenniAnn if that happens and, naturally, look to Joshua for the words to put the interloper in his place.

The Angel of Angels

Ask a Stupid Question, Get a Stupid Answer: The Spam Edition

I often get spam on my JABB accounts and sometime those spam emails contain questions.  So I thought I'd spend this edition of "Ask a Stupid Question" answering them. 

Question: I am the deputy of a king in a foreign county whose family member has befallen some sort of evil political plot.  Will you wire me money to aide them?

Answer: Sure!  It's always been my dream to fall victim to a fraudulent scheme in the name of some sort of royalty who likely does not exist.  I just gotta finish paying off that new fleet of Hummers that I inexplicably bought for Dyeland and then I'll get right on that, sir.

Also, can you wire me money?  I'm writing on behalf of the former president of a beautiful realm known as Asteriana.  He's recently fallen victim to the devious plots of two demons.  And, sure, he's fine now but we need fundage for a huge celebratory party.  So can I get some cash for that?  Thanks muchly!


Question: Are you lonely tonight?  Click below to see photos of hot ladies.

Answer: Nope, not lonely.  I'm being kept amused by the now dozens of characters who I have running around in my head... and mostly Andrew.  ::sigh::  Andrew...  Ahem.  Sorry to read about the ladies' discomfort.  Perhaps you should purchase a nice AC unit or fan for the ladies so they wouldn't be so hot?  I mean, sheesh, it is summer after all. 

Oh and...  NOT clicking your link.

This newsletter is dedicated to John Dye for inadvertently keeping me at least minimally tech savvy.  Pretty much just wanted the Kindle so I could easily read Dyeland stories in bed...  ;-)

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