"One touch of nature makes the whole world kin."
~~Shakespeare's Troilus And Cressida

Hi there!

Hard to believe May is just around the corner!  Here's hoping the week ahead brings you all sunshine and beauty!

God bless,

So this past week has brought us Earth Day and Arbor Day.  It occurred to me that it's a lil ironic for the Dyelanders to celebrate Earth Day considering it's not part of Earth.  Nonetheless, they're all very much attached to their homes on Earth and who wouldn't want to keep Dyeland beautiful?  Plus, JenniAnn hails from Nebraska which is the birthplace of Arbor Day so I'm gonna guess that one doesn't go unnoticed in Dyeland, either.  Thus, I present...

Top Ten Ways Dyelanders and Friends Are Celebrating Earth Day and Arbor Day

10.  Inspired by the DuBois family, Andrew decides it'd be nice to plant a tree every time someone is born, enters their group, marries, or goes Home.  In no time at all, the Forbidden Forest will morph into the Friendly Forest.  (As soon as yours truly feels like editing the map.)

9.  Emma and Peter offer discounted tickets to a performance at St. Genesius' to all patrons who show off something they upcycled.

8.  Thanks to Maryam's example, some of the Friends start making handkerchiefs for True Light and Phoenix Inn guests which should limit tissue waste along with just being a nice, heartfelt token.

7.  Kylie and Clay will give out potted asters as favors at their upcoming wedding which will mean every guest has the opportunity to provide food and shelter to lovely butterflies.

6.  Monica will begin handing out seed packets to whomever among her food truck customers would like some.

5.  Though Belle has moved onto solid foods, she's left a ton of baby food jars in her wake.  JenniAnn will be morphing them into everything from candles to magnets to snow globes.  (Seriously... baby food jars are one of the absolute best things to reuse.  My sister is over twenty five and we're still using her old baby food jars.)

4.  Andrew is leading seminars on how to build bat houses.  While the furry lil guys may not be everyone's cup of tea, bats are of great benefit to the environment given they eat harmful insects and thus minimize the need for pesticides.  Methinks Randall will be buying several. 

3.  Adam will continue to use his special skills to keep people fed with various "like substances."  Though his process is top secret, he says it's completely without carbon emissions!

2.  Rather than purchasing fertilizer filled with chemicals and packaged in a plastic bag, the gang at Willowveil tends their gardens and lawn with homemade fertilizer... courtesy of Mary, Silly, and Yonah.

1.  Each and everyone of them will be taking time out from the hustle and bustle of the day to thank God for giving them two beautiful worlds to enjoy and care for.

Green Ideas for John Dye Fans

While I, unfortunately, don't have the crafting time that I used to, I do have some ideas on how us JABBers can harness our fannishness into earthy goodness.  Here goes...

1.  If you're like me, occasionally you need to print Dyeland stories because of wanting to avoid the screen due to a headache or whatnot.  After you're finished, you may never touch that printed copy again.  So...  Turn the paper into beads!  Cut it into thin strips then wrap a lil bit of the strip around a tooth pick.  Run a glue stick over the rest of the strip and begin to roll it around the toothpick.  One single sheet of paper can give you several beads.  For color, either print on different shades of paper to start or lightly paint afterwards (too much paint may make the bead unravel).  To ensure the bead stays wrapped, paint it with Modge Podge once you're done.

2.  If you were seduced by Monica into what has probably become a lifelong caffeine addiction, make it work for the environment!  Use coffee grounds for fertilizing plants or composting. 

3.  Staying in the coffee theme, I hope ya'll have something prettier than Styrofoam cups to drink coffee out of.  But if you do have them around, you can use the cup as a starter pot for a small plant or you can shred it up to create snow for that Once Upon a Christmas diorama that you've been working on.  ;-)  On a less... obsessive... note, you could also cut the bottom off and paint it to look like a peace sign then glue a magnet onto the back.  Your refrigerator will instantly be Doc-approved!

4.  Over my years of running JABB, I've amassed a collection of CD-Rs filled with back-up copies of the web site.  With flash drives, the cloud, and external hard drives; these CD-Rs are now redundant and useless.  You may also have some from the old days of saving fanfic, photos of Mr. Dye, and so on.  If you truly no longer need them, make a collection of Adam-approved coasters by wrapping yarn around the disk.  I've also heard they make nifty mobiles.

5.  Orange juice and ginger ale is a treat for many John Dye/Andrew fans but what to do after imbibing?  Turn the orange juice carton into a bird house and, if your ginger ale comes out of a glass bottle, make a bottle tree if you have several or a cool, colorful vase by covering it in beads or fabric remnants.

This newsletter is dedicated to John Dye for taking a chance on playing a character like Andrew.  Today is what we at JABB have dubbed Promotion Day which commemorates the date, in 1865, when Andrew became an angel of death.  I've sometimes wondered what JABB would be like if John Dye had played a caseworker or Search and Rescue type of angel instead of an AOD.  But, really, I think the better question is "Would JABB even be?"  By bringing Andrew, an angel of death, to life; John continued the good work begun by Charles Rocket and Bruce Altman in giving us a comforting and even fun way to imagine the angels who escort people Home.  Okay and let's face it: the whole AOD thing kinda has an aura of romance and mystery about it.  "The Maiden and Death" is a recurring theme in artwork.  "The Maiden and Case by Case Social Worker-type" is not.  ;-)
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