"Tomorrow is the first blank page of a 365 page book. Write a good one.” ~~Brad Paisley
Hi all,

Happy New Year!!!  I hope you all had a good time ringing in 2015!  I'm finally feeling like I'm at least beginning to be caught up!  Yay!  But more on that later.  For now, let's check in with the Dyelanders to see what they're hoping to do in the new year!

God bless,


It's probably safe to assume these folks, industrious as they are, all have multiple resolutions but here's just a small sampling of what the Dyelanders and their friends hope to accomplish in 2015.

Resolutions from Dyelanders and Friends

From Andrew: Be the best angel, friend, father, and son that I can be... but not get overly self-critical about any of it.  I also resolve to be there for my friends and family as we go through our first Easter season since Joshua was with us. 

From JenniAnn:  I resolve to not get overly involved in Max's and Rose's wedding planning.  I do NOT want to be the Maja-in-law-to-be from you know where.  I also resolve to treasure each and every milestone that Belle reaches this year.

From Monica:  In 2015, I will work hard to upgrade my wee cottage and help Arthur and Liam make it an even more comfortable, cozy home filled with love for each other, God, and all of His children.

From Arthur:  Get my boy a dog... once we've got a little bigger house, of course!  We don't want poor Fido feeling trapped.

From Liam: Help Monny and Daddy make our house bigger!  And learn to read and write.

From Peter: Well... I resolve to honor Joshua and bring comfort to as many people as possible when I take over his role with JCS soon.  Also, I'm going to propose to Emma... in two minutes. 

From Emma:  This year, I want to bring glory to Joshua and his story with our 2015 production of JCS and grow even closer to our beautiful cast and crew.  I will also tell Peter, each and every day, how much I love him.

From Zeke: I promise to not sob when my baby girl heads off to college this coming summer.  (Help me, Lord!)  In the months ahead, I want to make the most of my time with my amazing wife and four amazing children so we can all have wonderful memories to carry with us wherever we go in life.

From Diana: I resolve to find a way to balance being the best teacher I can be with also being the best parent and wife and child of God that I can be. 

From Owen: I resolve to keep remembering that God loves me and no one can change that.  I'll focus on my painting, my friends, and Him and not negative people.

From Kemara:  I resolve not to stress about anything remotely related to the wedding or the reception or the honeymoon. I also resolve to try to be more outgoing and not put myself down so much. And most of all, to be the best wife for Sean that I possibly can.

From Sean:  I resolve to be patient and supportive about wedding plans. And not to stress about the honeymoon. I also resolve to try to think before I speak, and to be the best husband for Kemara that I possibly can.

From Adam:  In 2015, I promise to be a really great stage husband to my beautiful stage wife... and to not reveal that I accompanied her boyfriend on a ring shopping trip.

From Violeta:  I will be the best, most coolest, most tidiest roommate to Ivy that I can be starting in the summer!!!!!!!!  Oh and I'll keep learning all I can from Andrew, too.

From Max: I'll work as hard as I can at school so I can help set Rose and me up for a beautiful life together.  And I won't ever forget to tell any of my future patients how much God loves them. 


My JABB Related Resolutions

So I've been doing this for quite some time but that doesn't mean things can't get better!  Below, you can find some of my resolutions for JABB in 2015!

1.  I resolve to make better use of my time and not make extra work for myself with JABB.  For example, those of you who read the stories know that I tend to make a lot of allusions to books, songs, TV shows, etc.  Despite the best of intentions, I always end up citing those after I've finished a story and then it becomes overwhelming and I get annoyed with myself.  So, this year, I'll mark them down as I write.  Novel solution!

2.  I also resolve to not just keep doing stuff just because I've always done it or done it for a long time and feel like I need to keep it up.  For starters, I'm putting the easter eggs on hiatus so I can spend that time on more useful/entertaining aspects of JABB.

3.  I'm gonna get back to the Episode Guide and Photo Gallery, I swear it!  While the PG can be a bit of a chore, I really miss my weekly episode rewatches and reviews!

4.  I will try to enjoy each story as I work on it and not continuously wish I was one story ahead.

5.  I've drifted away from some of my TBAA-inspired random acts of kindness but, in 2015, I definitely want to get back to those.  What that will be... I dunno.  But I want to figure something out because I miss that.

6.  Bring back Joshua.  Somehow.  :-)

This newsletter is dedicated to John Dye who, on January 6th, 1996, introduced the world to Andrew.  When Tuesday rolls around, I hope we
can all take a moment to reflect on just how different (and less cool!) our lives would be if not for that.  I can't even begin to imagine what my life would be like without the web pages and stories and, more importantly, friends and adventures that find their genesis in my little teenaged crush on an angel of death and the fellow who played him.  Thank you, John!

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