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Hi all,

Won't it be nice when I start one of these without a claim of being really pressed for time?  ;-)  Well... not there quite yet!  But I did want to take a few minutes to celebrate Adam's observed birthday on October 10th.  Happy birthday to him and, I hope, laughter and love for all of you this week and beyond!

God bless,

Birthday Messages to Adam

Dearest stage-husband,

Happy birthday!!!  I really am so glad you all have these observed birthdays.  It just wouldn't be fair to not celebrate you only because you're older than the calendar.  You don't look a day over 45!  I mean it!  Don't look at me like that!  ;-)

I hope you know how much your friendship has meant to me during these past several months, Adam.  You were there when I most needed a friend and I will always treasure those first days of our friendship even as we keep heaping on more great memories.  Clay and I both love you so much and can't wait to see where the future brings us... with you a part of it.  I thank Joshua and the Father every day for you, my beloved friend.

With love,


Dear Uncle Adam,

On behalf of Belle, we want to thank you for being a super-fun, loving, hilarious, and cuddly uncle.  On behalf of ourselves, we want to say thanks for being a wonderful friend.  We can't wait to watch Belle grow up with you.  From that first moment we saw your head popping around the corner of the hospital room door, we knew that we were very blessed to have such a friend to go through Belle's growing up years and our life with. 

Happy birthday to our buddy!

Andrew, JenniAnn, and Belle


Dear Adam,

Oh Adam... happy birthday to my wonderful friend.  You've always made me laugh and that'll never change.  I've needed that laughter so often lately and am so grateful you've been near.  As confusing as everything is right now, knowing I have friends like you to rely on means so very much.  I hope you always know how loved and adored you are.

With love,


Dear Adam,

I can still remember the first word you ever said.  You looked around the heavens and declared: "Impressive!"  Then you smiled that beautiful smile of yours.  And so began your life... a life that's been, in a word, impressive.  The Father and I continue to take delight in your work, your friendships, the care you show to Alexander and Co., and all the joy you bring to those you meet.  Thank you for being our angel.  Happy birthday!

Love always,

AOD Trivia

What's a birthday without some fun and games?  Please note that there can be more than one correct answer per question.  For example, if I asked "Which AOD appeared in 'The Root of All Evil'?" then the correct answer would be Andrew *and* Adam.  Answers are at the bottom of the page, right after the dedication.

1.  Which of the following AODs can play the piano?
A.  Adam
B.  Andrew
C.  Henry
D.  Eli

2.  When JenniAnn had to cut Andrew's hair in a JABB story, what song did Adam serenade them with?
A.  "Hair"
B.  "When the Saints Go Marching In"
C.  "Hallelujah"
D.  "Ain't Nothing Like a Woman"

3.  How does Adam often refer to Joshua?
A.  The Great JC
B.  Boss
C.  King Jack
D.  Yeshu

4.  Which of the AODs were present during the Dyeland viewing of Les Miserables?

A.  Adam
B.  Andrew
C.  Henry
D.  Eli

5.  In "Fallen Angela," what quality of Monica's dress made Adam a lil anxious?

A.  It was too short.
B.  It was red.
C.  The neckline was plunging.
D.  There were no straps.

6.  Which is NOT the name of an AOD Band album?
A.  Don't Fear Us
B.  Hair and Other Hits
C.  Songs for Monica
D.  Big Circle of Light

7.  What song did Adam briefly sing in "The Sign of the Dove?"
A.  "Matchmaker, Matchmaker"
B.  "If I Were a Rich Man"
C.  "Sunrise, Sunset"
D.  "Miracle of Miracles"

8.  Which of the following ever had an assignment, as shown on TBAA, that also involved Gloria?
A.  Adam
B.  Andrew
C.  Henry
D.  Eli

9.  Which of the following nicknames has ever been used for Adam?
A.  Luscious
B.  Cutie Pie
C.  O Prudish One
D.  Lambkins

10.  Who did Adam play in the gang's production of Jesus Christ Superstar?
A.  King Herod
B.  Pontius Pilate
C.  Simon the Zealot
D.  Annas

This newsletter is dedicated to all three of the AOD actors for bringing three unique, intriguing characters to life.  While we never saw all three together on-screen, God (and anyone who has spent much time on the JABB site) knows that thinking of them hanging out and supporting each other has brought me loads of entertainment and comfort.  I hope each of you reading this also feel the same!

1.  A. Adam, B. Andrew, and C. Henry.  Possibly also D.  I can't remember if Eli is ever stated to be able to play.
2.  C.  "Hallelujah"
3.  B.  Boss
4.  B.  Andrew and C.  Henry
5.  D.  There were no straps.
6.  A.  Don't Fear Us

7.  C.  "Sunrise, Sunset"
A.  Adam and B.  Andrew
9.  A.  Luscious, B.  Cutie Pie, C.  O Prudish One
10.  B.  Pontius Pilate


JABB 422

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