"No need to hurry. No need to sparkle. No need to be anybody but oneself."
~~Virginia Woolf

Hi all,

Happy 36th birthday to Andrew!  Again... and for the final time.  Also a bit early (his observed birthday is Sept. 20th) but oh well!  Gotta say, it's kinda weird.  The entire time I've been working on JABB, what age Andrew was supposed to appear to be was determined by yours truly deciding how stressful his year had been and, thus, how rested and youthful (or not) he would look.  Well, now he's gonna age one year at a time just like the rest of us.   ::sniffles::  The math non-genius in me is happy to not have to think about determining his age anymore, though!

Anyhow, I'm still working on "The King" so this newsletter is a bit repetitive and on the short side but I hope you enjoy it, nonetheless. 

God bless,

Photo ID II

Did this a couple years ago and thought it was fun... though weird!  Try to figure out which episode each highly altered photo of Andrew came from.  The answers are at the bottom of this page.



Happy Birthday Wishes for Andrew

Dearest and loveliest of all Andrews,

Happy birthday!!!  On behalf of Belle, too, since she's not really fluent yet.  Although I'm sure bunches of those babbles are her way of saying she loves her Daddy very, very much. 

A year ago, I thought our greatest adventure together this year would be your deciding to age.  But so many wondrous things have happened!  Welcoming Belle into our lives and having Joshua with us for those precious few months...  I know I would have loved meeting both of them regardless but I'm so glad I got to have you at my side with both. 

I love you, Andrew, and that's gonna be true when we're celebrating your 40th birthday and your 50th and 60th... 70th.... and so on and for all time.



Hey Buddy!

Happy 36th!  Again.  0:-)  What a year it's been!  We hope the one to come is filled with many blessings for you.  Hey, how about to celebrate you and JenniAnn go out dancing or something?  We know three highly qualified babysitters who would love to take care of little Belle in your absences.  What do you think?  Seriously, we need uncle time, birthday boy.  Shoo!

All the best,
Adam, Eli, and Henry


Dear Dad,

Happy birthday!  It felt awesome to go to the store and buy a happy birthday card from the father's section!  I hope you have a really great day and an even better year!  Your love and support mean so much to me and I'm glad I have you to turn to for advice as I embark on this new chapter in my life... and the resulting homework.  I'm also looking forward to your guidance during the next chapter, too...  I thank God every day that I have a friend and father like you.


(Author's note: That Max is now referring to Andrew as "Dad" will make sense later...)


Dear Andrew,

Happy birthday!!!  I love you!!!  I'm so happy that we get to have a party for you because you deserve to hear about all the reasons we love you and to get lots and lots of hugs. 

Hugs and kisses,


Happy birthday, Andrew! 

While there were many reasons to love our time together during JCS (One Big Divine Reason, in particular), having you as a director was definitely one of them.  We're not sure what it's going to be like next year but we know that remembering your calmness and your dedication will help us through. 


The Cast and Crew of St. Genesius' Community Theatre

PS- Sorry for all the crammed signatures.  We guess we should have gotten a bigger card.


Happy birthday to the best supervisor ever!!!  I love you, Andrew!  I've talked to other angels and no one else's supervisor ever made them an aunt!  That's really cool!  Have an awesome year!  I can't wait to spend it with you and everyone!!!



Dear Andrew,

Happy birthday to a wonderful, loving, compassionate, dedicated, and much-loved angel.  From the moment I created you and even before, I've treasured and loved you.  You are so precious to Dad and me.  May this year bring you joy and laughter, contentment and peace.  But then you'll have a toddler soon so I think "peace" needs to be understood more in a 'general sense of well-being' type of way.  Because it's going to be loud.  And fun.  Lots and lots of fun.  Trust me.  Please hug everyone for me.

Love always,

This newsletter is dedicated to John Dye for inspiring me to write in voices as varied as a little orphaned girl and the Creator of the Universe.  Wow...  It's trippy when I think about it like that!

Photo ID answers:

1.  "Then Sings My Soul"  2.  "Labor of Love"  3.  "At the End of the Aisle"  4.  "Finger of God"  5.  "The Man Upstairs"  6.  "Heaven's Portal"


JABB 420

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