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Ask a JABBer

So I've had some questions and thought now would be a good time to answer some.  Also, it's become abundantly clear that this needs some serious updating! 

1.  Is there any where on the JABB site that can tell me which episode a particular angel was in or trivia like that?

The short answer: Nope.

The more helpful answer: I actually house that sort of information on my personal web site.  Unfortunately, my personal site gets updated much less frequently than JABB's does.  Can ya tell where my priorities lie?  In any case, here is the TBAA section of my site.  The links after the lavender angel list which episodes each non-regular angel appeared in.  The other links offer other trivia like actors who portrayed multiple characters, musical listings for each episode, and more.  Enjoy!

2.  So what's the deal with Asteriana and Dyeland again?  Same place or not?

Same place.  The world known as Dyeland is actually named Asteriana.  Whether someone is a Dyelander or an Asterian depends on which migration they came in with or are descended from.

Migration 1 (Asterians): Asteriana was actually founded back in the Renaissance era by English/Irish/Scottish folks who slipped in through portals in their native lands.  That's why a Celtic vibe still lingers although now it's much more multi-culti.  Those (presumably original) inhabitants dubbed the new world Asteriana.  All people descended from them consider themselves Asterians.  The most referenced Asterian is Fr. Mike although he currently lives in Manhattan.

Migration 2 (Dyelanders): Although JenniAnn actually found Asteriana in the 1980s when she was a toddler, she didn't come back for good until 1998 or thereabouts.  She and the other girls who settled there called their new home Dyeland and, thus, they were Dyelanders.  Andrew arrived on the scene in 2000 and, soon after, brought along some of his angel friends.

This was all fine and dandy to the Asterians because their population had plummeted and without the influx of new people, they likely would have had to have entirely abandoned Asteriana.  As it is, most of the Asterians have moved back to Earth.  While Fr. Mike's parents remain in Asteriana, he and some of his siblings have settled around the U.S.  It's possible only two Asterian families remain: Fr. Mike's and Cliff's and Daisy's.  I say this cause they're the only two I've ever mentioned but who knows!  Someone may come out of the woodwork... or out of the woods.  They've got lots of woods.  ;-) 

While a lot of building has happened since Andrew and Co. settled there, the castles and older buildings are leftovers from past Asterian inhabitants.  So, for example, Willowveil is potentially several hundred years old whereas Andrew's house is only around a decade old. 

There isn't any sort of class distinction between the Asterians and the Dyelanders.  They all get along quite well... except when someone decides to angst out but, thankfully, they're all getting better about that.  ;-)

One final note: Except for God, Andrew is the character with the longest history with Asteriana/Dyeland.  While we don't know the particulars, according the Joshua "Andrew was formed from the best and brightest elements of a place I created long ago."  And that place was the Fields of Gold in Asteriana/Dyeland.  So... Asteriana/Dyeland is older than Andrew which could quite possibly mean Asteriana/Dyeland is older than Earth.  God would sometimes send Andrew there when he needed to chill.  So, yeah, Dyeland was pretty much just Andrew's cooldown spot for potentially millennia.  :-)  Andrew, of course, had no idea of just how important the place and its eventual people would become to him.

3.  So how do people come to Dyeland these days?

There are a number of ways.  First, it's always possible that they'll happen upon a portal as the Asterians and little JenniAnn did.  God might also send them there for His own reasons.  This is how Mick wound up there. 

Most often, they're invited.  Ideally, the entire community is presented with reasons why a particular person should be invited.  They all then weigh in.  Once a consensus is reached, that newbie is invited in (or not, I suppose).  One addendum: if God weighs in then His word is final.  No need for voting.  While I haven't finished the story wherein a lot of the characters from "The Carpenter" come to Dyeland, it's safe to assume that no voting happened then because Joshua wanted them invited. 

Of course, the world isn't always ideal.  In some cases, split second decisions will be made or someone will make a unilateral decision.  JenniAnn does this when she brings Max to Dyeland in "Abide With Me."  It's important to note, though, that Max had definitely proven himself by then.  After all, Andrew thought the world of him and they'd been stuck in hellish conditions for months.  Exceptions might also be made in a sort of "grandfather clause" fashion.  Cora was brought to Dyeland because she's Vincent's mother.  Dyeland is part of Vincent's life so, of course, she was welcome there.

People from the Tunnels are, de facto, invited to Dyeland.  Usually this works vise versa, too. 

4.  What determines whether a story winds up on the Author's Cut or in a newsletter?

Ummm...  I'm actually not very consistent about this.  There are some definites.  Christmas and Valentine's stories will always serve as newsletters cause that's tradition.  If Andrew is not a main character, that's almost always going to go to the Author's Cut.  Beyond that, it all has to do with timing and length.  Stories that are really long will usually go to the Author's Cut.  If I write a short story and a newsletter is due right around the same time, that could end up as the newsletter.  Although, again, that wouldn't be the case if it was a more Monica or Vincent-centric story or something like that.  If it needs to be password protected, it will always be on the AC.


And now, since school is starting up soon, I thought we'd check on this semester's offerings at good, ol' Androoler U.  ;-)  I'm thinking Andrew would seriously like to see that school renamed!

Knitting for Beginners
Instructor: Adam
Course description: Learn how to knit scarves, hats, blankets and more with one of the craftiest AODs out there!  Adam will share his knitting expertise and sparkling personality with students.  Master the stockinette, garter, seed stiches and more while being regaled with stories of Adam's latest and zaniest assignments.
Level of difficulty: Easy to Moderate
Reviews: "Gah, gah.  Ba.  Ooh."  Translation: "Thank you, Uncle Adam, for my ladybug cap and blankie and coat!  Everyone should take this class and make me things!  Love, Belle"
"I'll admit I was skeptical about knitting.  But it really is relaxing and fun.  I've made myself a scarf in my new school's colors.  And, yes, I completed that before I made myself and Rose Gryffindor hats.  I'm growing up, I guess!"

Carpentry and Woodcarving
Instructor: Andrew

Course description: They say teaching someone else to do something is one of the best ways to improve your own skills and so Andrew is setting out to do exactly that!  After apprenticing under Joshua for some weeks and beginning his own carpentry side business, Andrew would love to share some of the tricks of the trade with you!  Classes will start out easy (hanging shelves, furniture repair,  basic carving) with later projects with more difficulty and detail to follow.  It's not outside the realm of possibility that a Master of the trade might stop in with some sage advice. 
Level of difficulty: Easy to Difficult
Reviews: "Oh...  I'm not actually taking the class.  I'm just, umm, auditing.  He's so lovely..."
"Andrew's a great teacher and it makes me feel closer to Josh to take this class.  Also, I've made some really great gifts for my parishioners and attending allows me to catch certain individuals when they swoon."

Bible Study
Moderator: Kylie
Course description: This seems like a good way to stay close to each other and keep close to Joshua.  On top of studying the Bible, we'll also spend some time sharing memories of our time with Joshua and making sure we get as much as possible down on paper.  Just so we never, ever forget.  Lots of fellowship and support to be found here!  Note: Unlike other classes, we meet in Joshua's room at Willowveil Castle unless otherwise specified.
Level of difficulty: Emotional
Reviews: "This is a really great idea and I'm glad you thought of it.  It's really helping me.  And Peter, too.  Love ya, Kylie."
"This is a great group.  Thank you for doing this.  I love you all very much.  See you soon... but I'm always there."

How to Train Your Donkey
Instructors: JenniAnn (with loads of help from Randall Romano)
Course description: So not every donkey can be Yoktan.  Come help me train mine!  Really it's not so much training as just befriending him.  He has some trust issues with men, poor love.  So I'm just trying to get him to learn that there are loads of guys (and girls!) around here and none of them will ever hurt him. 
Level of difficulty: Pretty easy.  Super adorable.
Reviews: "He's sooooo cute!!!"
"It's pretty rewarding when you first realize he trusts you.  And it's very sweet how protective he is of our Belle.  Really protective..."

Irish Dancing for the Totally Clueless
Instructors: Kemara and Violeta
Course description: Don't know your reel from your hornpipe? Want to learn how to Riverdance? No problem! With just a few hours of training you too can get jiggy with it on St. Patrick's Day. Sorry, green beer and men in kilts not included (the Irish don't wear kilts anyway!). ‚Äč
Level of difficulty: Participants must be able to distinguish right from left (but if you can't, we'll deal with it). Cheap to start, but can be very expensive if you want to do more than show off at the local pub.
Reviews: "Lots of fun, but now I understand why people 'reel' when they're drunk."
"Great exercise! I had to beg one of the instructors for a break. She just wouldn't stop bouncing around."

Special thanks to Kim for the "Irish Dancing" entry.  :-)


This newsletter is dedicated to John Dye for helping me through high school.  As much as I miss picking out the year's new school supplies, I know that was kinda a rocky time for me and John's work on TBAA was definitely one of the bright lights for me then as now!


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