"Easter is the demonstration of God that life is essentially spiritual and timeless."
~~Charles M. Crowe

Hi all!

First, I want to wish everyone a blessed Passover and Easter!  I hope you all have a lovely time whether you gather together with others, reflect in solitude, or do some of both.

Second, I'm still working on a story that is now apparently past the 400 page mark...  So I haven't been able to spend much time on the site or newsletter.  So please excuse this rather redundant one.  However, it's been quite a while since I did one of these and some things have changed since the last one.  Seemed okay to reprise the site tutorial.  So I did!

God bless,

The Onthisside.net Tutorial
(updated 4-13-2014)

So the JABB web site has been a labor of love since pretty early on.  We went through a couple different hosts before landing at 1and1 where the site currently resides.  In the beginning, the site was simply an archive for past newsletters but now it's so much more.  Regardless of what you're looking for on the site, you can always start at www.onthisside.net.  If you want, you can choose to view the site in frames but, to be honest, I don't know of anyone who really uses frames these days.  Still... options are good!  I try to update the look of the index page depending on the holiday or season but, regardless, it's always arranged pretty similarly.  At the top of several pages, you'll see a light or bright blue dove icon.  Those will always lead you to our memorial site for John. 

Once you click the bucket logo on the main/index site, that's when the fun begins! 

You'll find yourself at the Table of Contents.  The first link you'll find there is the First time visitor? link which I affectionately think of as the "hopefully saving my sanity" link.  While most of my interactions with John Dye and TBAA fans, especially those tied to JABB, have been very positive; there have been a few people who have demonstrated a decided lack of tact with asking prying sorts of questions.  So... here's hoping that link keeps that at bay.  Cause if it does... you get a happier co-founder!  After that, you'll see a nice lil logo that will direct you to our hate-free mission statement.  And it now occurs to me that maybe we should also have a main mission statement but oh well!

Okay...  After that comes the newsletter section.  So, basically, that's the archive.  Just because I don't like super cramped pages, each page has 30 newsletters on it.  Currently we're on our 14th newsletter Table of Contents.  Wow!  Right below that, you'll see a lil dove.  Click on that for directions on how to contact me.  But then most of you probably already know how to do that.  :-)

The bulk of the page actually falls under "Our Other Stuff."  Yep, I was pretty darn eloquent when I named these sections.  First off, you'll see a link to our CafePress Store.  It's kinda fun to poke around.  I need to get myself another "I Heart Andrew" mug...  And maybe make an "I Heart Joshua" one while I'm at it.  ;-)  Anyhow...  Below that is a link to our YahooGroup.  At least it should be...  Yahoo has been changing some things so seems like those button links sometimes don't work like they were meant to.  But, for now, we're good.  Then, finally, what I believe to be the most popular section for non-members and likely for some members, too: The JABB Photo Gallery.  Pretty self-explanatory.  One thing I will say about it is that screencapping can be really time consuming so, while I like doing it, I'm on hiatus from it right now and may, as time goes by, get a lil less regimented about updating it.  But, boy, I'll be happy when the TBAA section is done!

Now we move into the second table which is divided up into sections.  The first section is aptly titled "Stuff that's Useful for Using this Site."  (Is that capitalization right?  Hmmm...)  Anyhow, the Updates page comes next.  It's pretty rare for me to go more than two weeks without updating something although right now I am cause of the hiatus and the so-long-my-puter-freezes-when-I-open-it story.  But once I finish that, I'll probably resume updating every couple weeks.  I miss it.  After that, we have The JABB Self-Help Page.  From there, you can access the Welcome Newbies! page... all there to help you get the answers you want/need.  If you have suggestions for additions, please let me know.  Next up is the Encyclopedia.  It is huge and getting huger.  It also freezes my computer sometimes.  Nonetheless, it is useful for those times when I just gotta know when Andrew's fondness for red velvet cake first came up.  If you haven't been there... you do not know the depths of my nerdiness.  Then we have a short page: Useful Links.  It's always a fight to keep dead links off that so please yell if you find any.  Below that is Contact Info, just in case ya missed the dove.  Then we have the Calendar which is really just a tool I use to remember birthdays and anniversaries, real, fictional, and both.  The Dictionary of JABBerisms follows.  It, too, could use some updating.  After that comes Things You Should Know About JABB.  At the top, you'll find links to the other informational pages.  Unlike those pages, this one is more focused on the actual content of JABB newsletters, stories, etc.  Although the fifth sentence in item 2 now strikes me as particularly hilarious.  Sorry Arthur... you are so much more than Charity Shop Dude.  I should probably reread the whole thing sometimes.  Honestly, after so many years sometimes I even forget what we have on our site!

Moving onto "Stuff We Wrote or Made"...  Easter Egg Cheat Sheet offers a key to finding all the newsletter easter eggs.  Fair warning: some are old calendars so maybe not worth the hunt.  Although, these days, I typically don't do calendars.  Poems and Stories follows.  There you will find a few one shot stories, mostly from former members.  Ah and a story I co-wrote.  I only vaguely remember that...  Anyhow, you'll also find a few poems we've enjoyed and a lovely folk tale.  Next up is one of my playgrounds which Kim also contributes to of late: The Author's Cut.  Originally, this was for rejected bits of stories and newsletters.  Later it became a place for stories that didn't necessarily feature Andrew.  I'd also go there to talk about my stories.  Nowadays, it's basically where stories go unless I need them to double as a newsletter or they're part of a series that has traditionally been in a newsletter (i.e. Christmas and Valentine's stories).  When I finish "The Carpenter," it will go there.  Because of the growing number of stories, I put together the Story Index.  Basically, this lists all JABB stories in the order in which they were written.  JABB Member Links follows and, right now, it's pretty sad with only two links.  So I may get rid of it.  But, for now, it remains.  The JABBers' Fiction Page is much more enjoyable.  There you can find Yvette's and Kim's stories along with a handful of resources for writing.  Next is a ridiculously out of date Dyelander Info Database.  Some day I will update it, I promise!  Somewhere Max, Arthur, Violeta, Kemara, etc. are crying about not being included.  The TBAA Episode Guide follows.  Really it's just more like me giving commentary.  At the time it was created, it didn't occur to me that touched.com wouldn't always be there.  So... one day I'd like to add actual synopses.  Help on that would be welcome!  Andrew's Historical Timeline closes out the section.  That's going to be updated fairly soon when we learn more about Gospel-era Andrew. 

The third section is "Stuff about the Stuff We've Done."  I'm not really sure that there's a very good reason for "The Green Pages" to exist.  Mostly it's just there because the program that created them was a fun toy on our 1and1 package.  But I guess it's a sort of resume for JABB.  Or something.  It's green.  :-)  Holy cow we have a lot of question-based pages...  In case you feel like you need one more, look no further than Our FAQJABB News and Reminders follows.  Not the most active of pages.  I've fallen into the habit of just posting "news" to the YG.  But if anything really big happens, I'll try to remember to put it there, too.  Disclaimers and Credits follows.  Eventually, I think that's were I'd like to have a list of resources I've used for stories.  But, for right now, it's pretty much just a "snaps for you!" page.  And we have another woefully out of date page when it comes to About Us.  If you'd like to be featured there, that would be cool.  Although the way it's divided offers an interesting conundrums about where Joshua would go if he had a page there...  Hmm...

"Stuff You Can Do" offers some ideas for how you can be more involved with JABB.  Contribute to JABB has some very generic suggestions for how to participate with newsletters and other parts of the site.  There you'll find stuff like info on how to submit a question to Ask Andrew, Dear Annie Dru, etc.  Contests Rules and Information hasn't really been utilized in a long while since we haven't really had any contests.  But I would like to get back to that eventually.  I'll need to do a major overhaul on the prize lists, though, it seems.  JABB Contests and Games mostly serves as an archive for past Jeopardy games.  We haven't played Jeopardy in a long while but you can always revisit past rounds there and quiz yourself.  Dye Scouts offers fun Andrew, John Dye, and TBAA themed challenges to get your creative juices flowing.  It is also clearly in need of a new banner as I just realized those photos are from when we had to rely on parking ourselves in front of the TV with a digital camera.  Ha!

"Stuff We'll Probly Get Committed For" is one of my favorite sections.  Dyeland Map and Info is the gateway to much more than just the map.  Of particular importance to me are the the Dyeland Timeline and Cultural References links.  The latter lists (hopefully) every book, song, movie, etc. quoted or referenced in Dyeland stories and newsletters.  My focus with the Timeline has mostly shifted to the Detailed Dyeland Timeline where I've tried to lay out and recap every scene from a story in chronological order.  I visit that page constantly while writing.  Below that is JABB's Official Graffiti Wall which is just plain fun and goofy.  Rounding it out is AndrewBlog which, sadly, I no longer have time to update.  But, ever the optimist (okay not always), I keep hoping that one day Violeta and Andrew will be able to share their musings there.

And that, in a nutshell, is how I've spent over a decade of my life.  ;-) 

One day, several years ago, my brother was teasing me about being a nerd.  Cause brothers do that.  Never mind the fact that his room was practically wallpapered in Star Wars and Indiana Jones and such stuff...  Anyway, yours truly apparently had a mental freeze and shot back with... I kid you not... "I am not!  I have lots of cool web pages!"  Yes...  That's right.  I defended myself against accusations of nerdiness by citing the vast number of web pages I had.  Well... gosh darn it... I do have lots of cool web pages!  And I'm happy being a nerd.  So this issue is dedicated to John for being the inspiration behind a hefty portion of my cool web pages. 


JABB 409

(Photo Credits: The photographs used on this page are from Touched by an Angel and owned by CBS Productions, Caroline Productions, and Moon Water Productions. They are not being used to seek profit.)