"I am only one, but I am one. I cannot do everything, but I can do something.
What I can do, I should do and, with the help of God, I will do!" ~~ Everett Hale

Hi all,

Good to be back to sending these on Sundays!  Now to commence with another annual tradition...

(We have a lot of those, don't we?!)

God bless,

The State of the JABBers Address

by Jenni

So every year when I sit down to write this, I go back and reread the previous year's address.  When I wrote the 2013 one, I reflected on how things were getting back to normal and how I felt really good about JABB's future.  And I still do!  Actually, those long, sad nights when I thought it was over seem like they happened to someone else in another life.  I really can't imagine not continuing with JABB!  That being said... I have felt rushed increasingly often this year.  But, ya know, even that's a testament to just how inspiring John Dye's work continues to be.  When I'm feeling rushed because I wanna watch TBAA and update the web site and write Andrew stories and work on the Photo Gallery... that's a pretty frenzied testament to how much joy I still find working on JABB and I truly hope all of you feel that, too, whether you simply read, post on the YG, poke around the site, lend a hand, or whatever your role may be!

As far as the web site, not too much has changed since the last time I sent one of these.  I'm just a couple weeks away from finishing up with redoing the Season Eight TBAA Photo Gallery.  So that means just one more season's worth of Hallmark logos to get rid of!  ;-)  There will be a bit of a delay with that, however.  I have decided to take a hiatus from both the Photo Gallery and the TBAA Episode Guide prior to resuming with Season Nine.  Part of this is just to try and deal with time constraints but it's also to allow me to focus on writing my latest story.  So...  Look for Season Nine DVD snaps to start appearing sometime after Holy Week.  Beyond those longtime projects, this year also saw the creation of the JABB Story Index and the Detailed! Dyeland Timeline.  My hopes are that, between the two, I can avoid continuity errors and not have to rant at myself.  :-)  I also did some much needed cleaning up on the Dyeland Map.  First face lift it's ever had!  I still do really love working on the site but you may see less frequent updates all around until after Holy Week (late April).

It's been a banner year for writing here at JABB if I do say so myself!  I can't believe that, since this time last year, *15* stories have been added to either the newsletters area of the site or the Author's Cut.  Holy cow!  I was especially pleased to get "Chava" written.  That plot has been on my heart for years and, in fact, I had started to write the story before... in January 2011.  When John passed away, I shelved it thinking I would never be able to get back to it.  But I'm really glad I finished it and then was able to keep going.  It was a pleasure to "meet" Chava, David, Ivy, Arthur, and Belle.  I loved getting to know Max, Vincent, Catherine, Monica, and all the characters a bit more.  And it was pretty cool to "see" Andrew and JenniAnn become parents... finally.  (If you haven't read that story: fear not!  Trust me, no one was married or given in marriage or begot anyone.  ;-)  It's been wonderful spending time with Joshua, Maryam, Yosef, and Yohannan and, in the process, hopefully learning more about and drawing closer to the real people who are the inspiration for them.  And... it's been awesome to be able to be just a reader of Dyeland stories!  Not only have I enjoyed adding Kemara into the mix of characters but it's been awesome to read Kim's stories!  Writers know that you can be constantly surprised by your characters as you write.  However, it's just not quite the same as the surprise that comes with reading someone else's story.  I've loved being able to feel that!  Thank you so much to those who have offered encouragement and critique with the stories.  While I know myself well enough to realize that I'd still be writing these stories even if I was cut off from all contact with the outside world, I truly do appreciate being able to bounce ideas and theories around.  And I would just like to thank in advance the people who will have to coax me out of fetal position as my current story progresses...  Just gotta keep reminding myself: Easter always comes. 

Looks like I didn't do so well on my "what I hope happens in 2013" section last year!  So I'll keep it simple as far as my hopes for this year.  I hope that by this time next year I'm still as excited about JABB as I am now.  I hope we're all still having interesting and inspiring conversations over on the YG.  I hope to have even more stories written and read.  I hope I (and my fellow time-deprived people) have a little more time to enjoy all of the above!

As per tradition, I'll close with a reflection on a theme from this year's crop of stories.  I think this year a lot of the stories dealt with rebirth, renewal, and discovering that what was lost can be found again.  And, really, I think those are the themes that drew so many of us into John's role as Andrew on TBAA.  No matter how bleak things seem to be, life and love will always triumph.  Children are born, homes are rebuilt, families reunite, friends draw closer, and Easter Sunday will always follow Good Friday. 

God bless and love,

The State of the Dyelanders Address
by Andrew

Hey there!  Sorry this is so rushed and recorded as opposed to live and in person but, as you know, we're all just a little bit busy right now.  Who knew putting on a rock opera would take so much work?  (Okay, so we all knew that.)  I have to go meet the carpenter at the theatre pretty soon here so he can get the stage fixed.  And then we'll get back to work/fun!  It'll be fine.  Everything will be great!  I'm glad we're all doing this together.

So JenniAnn can make all the comparisons to Legally Blonde that she'd like because I'm doing "snaps" again. 

First, I want to thank all of you for being so welcoming and so kind to the people who have come into our lives this past year.  To those who have joined us since last time: thank you for sticking around!  I swear Adam's not always like that.  Just kidding!  You're great, buddy. 

Kemara, I'm really glad you're part of us now.  I'm not sure how our assignment with Ivy would have worked out without you and I'm glad I'll never need to find out.  I hope you always remember how special you are and how much you're loved.  And if you forget... well, just don't.  Because if you do, I'll be forced to come visit you and sing "Castle on a Cloud" in falsetto in hopes of making you laugh.  I think we can all agree that would be very unpleasant for your ears.

Arthur, every time I see you and Monica, I'm reminded that everything happens in God's time.  I'm very grateful He's given you two this time and that He's allowed the rest of us to bear witness to the care you both have for each other.  Sorry.  I'm probably making Monica blush now.  Arthur, you're a good man and seeing the compassion and dedication you carry for the men at your shelter and those in need all over the world... I can imagine no one more deserving of the place you have in Monica's heart and of the esteem all of us hold for you.

This year has also afforded us some extra time with those who have been part of Dyeland for years.  I'm so glad that this current assignment will give us all even more time together!  So to all of you I say...

Adam, Henry, and Eli, we've seen each other through a lot.  I can't say that I ever imagined my life taking the route it has but I'm really looking forward to seeing Belle grow up under the watchful eyes of Uncle Adam, Uncle Henry, and Uncle Eli.  I know the roles you have with Superstar are huge stretches for each of you but I'm so glad that you'll all be there, night after night.

Tess, Monica, and Gloria... I've missed working regularly with the three of you!  I'm really looking forward to spending these next weeks once again sharing an assignment.  Monica, I am very, very happy about all that's happened for you this past year.  Enjoy it.  Trust in it.  Embrace it. 

Kelly, I'm so glad we've been able to spend some time together!  You were with Laja and me during one of the most important moments in our lives.  We'll never forget that or how grateful we are to you and Portia and everyone else who was with us at the hospital.

Max and Rose, I love you both so much.  When I see the two of you, I feel such joy.  Max, your Maja and I are so proud of you.  You've brought so much happiness to us both.  May you and Rose have every happiness and know that, both in the happy times and the sad times, we're here for you.

Shel, sometimes I can't believe how much you've grown up!  You have always been kind, sweet, smart, and so much more but it seems like every day you become those things a little bit more.  You're a wonderful big sister and Psyche and I are so proud of the way you watch over Belle!

Violeta, it's been almost two and a half years since you became my trainee.  I believe with everything in me that one day you are going to be an amazing angel of death and I'm gonna be so proud to count you among us.  But for right now, I'm very glad that you're content to stay at my side.  It means so much to me to have you there as we go about our assignments.  I hope you realize how much you've grown and how well you're doing with reminding people that God loves them.

Laja...  This past Spring, you helped Chava and me revisit painful, difficult memories but your love and warmth surrounded us both.  In the Summer, you fought so bravely with the rest of "Ivy's Village."  In the Fall, you helped reunite two people who I can't imagine being apart now.  This Winter, you heard me call out to you and you came... rescuing our baby girl.  Belle is blessed to have you for her mother and I am blessed to have you both in my life and in my heart.

Our friendships mean a lot to us and they mean a lot to God.  I know He smiles on us when we come together whether in Dyeland, Below, L.A., Manhattan, when sailing the seas, or elsewhere.  I hope we can share that warmth and love with our new friends.  I can tell already that these coming weeks are going to be ones we will never forget. 

I love you all and God loves us all.  As Fr. Mike was good enough to remind us at Christmas: God is with us.  Always.

Now I better go check in with that carpenter.  See you all soon!

This newsletter is dedicated to John Dye for taking some of the sting out of the polar vortex.  ;-)  I miss going outside.  I miss opening windows.  But at least being stuck at home has meant a little more time for fannishness!


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