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Wow! Our 40th issue! Geez time flies! Anyway, we hope you enjoy this issue but before we get onto the fun stuff Jenni has an announcement:

After a long hiatus the JABB birthday cards are back! I got a new program to make them and some of you might remember I tried sending them as attachments. Well, that didn't work well at all so it's now on a webpage. The cards will start going out in March. If you haven't sent in your birth date feel free to send it to me, Jenni. Also, I put all the birth dates I have onto my calender and I hope I didn't lose any but if your birthday passes and you don't get a card please just email me and let me know. Thanks!

More Dye Scouts Badges:

You can view the first seven badges here:


A. Write a fanfiction in which Andrew either has a pet or his assignment revolves around an animal.

B. Write a poem comparing Andrew to an animal using either similes or metaphors.

An example:

Andrew is like a bee,

flying quietly through the tree.

(LOL so that's really bad but I know you can do better!)

C. Write a story in which Andrew actually gets turned into an animal for an assignment.

9. Careers

A. Write a story in which Andrew's assignment places him either in the job you currently have or one you would like to have in the future.

B. List 5 different occupations beginning with either A or J, describe them briefly, and name well-known people in each field.

C. Andrew has a heavy load of assignments on the way! Plan out his wardrobe for 2 of the following jobs he'll hold while on earth. You can either describe the outfits or draw them and scan them and email them to me.

a. a rock star

b. a professional golf player

c. a fashion designer

d. a late night talk show host

e. a car salesman

f. a top secret government agent

10. All About Me and J/A

A. Write a short story in which you meet either Andrew or John.

B. Make a top ten list of the things you would do if you met either of the two.

C. Tell exactly how you came to be an A/J fan.

11. Sports

A. Find 3 sports players with either John or Andrew somewhere in their name. Write a brief paragraph about them.

B. Write a story in which Andrew's assignment has him posing as a great sportsman. Baseball player, basketball player, golfer, what ever!

C. Form 2 Andrew or John themed acrostics with sports related words. Something like this:

Good looking

Obviously an excellent angel

Lights up during reveal scenes

Famous for his hair

12. All Around the World

A. TBAA has went to China, Ireland, and the Sudan. Write a fanfic taking Andrew back to these countries or another country (not the U.S. since almost all the episodes are set here)

B. Research and find out how two different cultures view death.

C. Find TBAA fans from as many different countries as possible, You must have at least 5 different countries represented. You don't need to give us names just give a list like this:

1. Canada- 3 people

2. Mexico- 1 person

3. England- 2 people and so on.....

13. Local Legends

A. If your city is anything like mine you've got legends galore. Maybe a pair of young lovers mysteriously disappeared down at the local park years ago or maybe a ghost haunts the local church. Take one of these legends and add Andrew into it!

B. Find an old Mississippi or Utah legend and give us a brief summary of the story and where you found it.

C. For me there are various places in my town that for one reason or another remind me of TBAA. For instance, I can't go into a certain local restaurant with a 50s theme with out thinking of "Have You Seen Me?". Tell us about one of your "TBAA" places.

14. Nature Lover

A. Write a fanfic in which Andrew is earthbound and stuck in the middle of a hurricane. tornado, massive snow storm, earthquake, or another natural disaster.

B. Write a poem or story as Andrew and describe something in nature you (Andrew) love.

C. Make a word search with nature terms. Leave some letters so that they will not be circled. These letters should spell out a message about A/J. Give us a list of the words to find but let us find the secret message!

A Special President's Day Poem

If Andrew could be president for the day

The country would be better in every possible way.

The sweet serenity of an angel from above

might actually fill this country with a labor of love

He'd look his fellow citizens in the eye

and tell them not to fear and not to cry.

"This country's good, it's moving right

we just have to keep fighting the good fight

We must tell the whole truth and nothing but

to fling this country out of its rut!

I have great expectations for such a time as this

And will carry them out to achieve bliss."

He'd serve God and Country with great pride

proving all presidents have a Hero deep inside

Andrew for President if only for a day

Could you now imagine it any other way?

Newsletter 41