"Imagination is everything. It is the preview of life's coming attractions."
~~Albert Einstein

Hi all,

So...  I have spent more time than I care to admit working on this and this in an effort to not make huge continuity mistakes, allow anyone other than Joshua to multilocate, or just generally not make any character look like a blathering idiot.  Therefore, I did not work on this newsletter at all until late on the evening before it was due.  Since I spent hours steeped in Dyeland history, I figured why not go with that?  Plus, we haven't had a contest in a while.  In fact, it's been such a long while that the ol' Rules page is out of date so I'm not going to bother with it.  The rules are these:

1.  Answer as many questions as you can (both parts) and then email them to me at jenni(at)onthisside.net (obviously replacing (at) with the correct symbol which I'm not using here to avoid spam.

2.  You can use any resource you like.  You just can't directly ask me for an answer.

3.  If there is genuine confusion about a question, feel free to ask me and I will clarify by posting my response on this page.

4.  You must be a JABB member to play.

5.  The deadline is November 2nd at noon Central time.

6.  In the event of a tie, there will be quick trivia rounds until we're narrowed down to one winner.

And now you may be asking... why would we do this?  Well, there is a prize.  And you get to determine what it is!  Well, within reason.  When we did contests before, I had Amazon.com lists of prizes under $25 that folks could choose from.  But we have a smaller group now and I trust your judgments.  So I'll PayPal $25 over to the winner and they can do with it what they like.  Wanna put it towards TBAA's S9?  Fantastic.  Would you rather buy five $5 coffee drinks?  That's cool!  Give to charity?  Awesome.  Or maybe you can use it for eye drops because you're still struggling with that eye strain leftover from reading "Abide With Me."  Also fine!

So that's the deal.  Have fun!

God bless,

Jenni's Dyeland Overload Trivia Contest

1.  What song plays whenever Andrew or JenniAnn call each other on their cell phones?  In other words, what is their shared ringtone?

2.  What is the full name of Vincent's biological father?

3.  What is the name of the company Tess headed up during the gang's stint in West Hollow?

4.  What lullaby does Andrew often sing?

5.  Tess' dog was finally named... what?

6.  Briefly explain what Dyeland's version of Spin-the-Bottle entails.

7.  While God chose the Jolly Green for Andrew, which angel did he have to visit to obtain the van?

8.  What is the name of the shelter that Catherine runs?

9.  One Halloween season, when Adam was interviewing to be a store Santa, a little lost boy sought "Santa's" help.  What was the child's name?

10.  When the Dyelanders put on a production of The Crucible, it prompted Andrew to tell them about a long ago assignment he had in this town.

11.  This is the name of JenniAnn's alma mater and the setting for much of one of Andrew's recent assignments.

12.  What did Joshua grow up calling his parents?  (The human ones...  And he still calls them this often.)

13.  When things were still fairly strained between them, Monica bought Andrew a key chain in the shape of this Celtic symbol.

14.  On what date did Kemara meet Andrew?

15.  Raquel Seywell married this fellow with many of the Dyelanders present.

16.  When Max first met JenniAnn, what name did he give as an alias?

17.  The death of this woman prompted Andrew's breakdown in 2006, nearly costing him his friendships with the Dyeland

 18.  During their shared dreams while Andrew was in Afghanistan, Andrew tells JenniAnn his and Adam's "secret password" in order to prove to her and the Dyelanders the reality of the meetings.  What was the secret password?  Hint: It was actually two words.

19.  What is the name of Yva's guardian angel?

20.  Andrew first met the Dyelanders on this date.

21.  This man committed the murder that Andrew was put on trial for.

22.  What last name did Andrew use while in West Hollow?

23.  Andrew and Max both have similar necklaces made by Rose.  What are the pendants?

24.  What ends up curing Mick?  (Not that it's happened yet...)

25.  What is Owen's full name?

26.  In 2008, Andrew tried to intervene with a fight and was knocked out for a bit.  He dreamed that his friends were actually the naughty stars of a TV show.  Who was the producer in his dream?

27.  What was the name of the fake... but actually gifted... psychic who predicted Andrew would soon be in dire straits?

28.  Long ago, Andrew had an assignment in serious need of an attitude adjustment.  And somehow this led to Andrew jumping off the roof of a stable as a sort of dare...  What was that assignment's name?

29.  What was the (sort of) name of the character Andrew played in Attack of the Killer Frog People from Planet Z?

30.  This is the priest who, while pastor of a parish in Manhattan, was born and raised in Dyeland.

31.  What does Andrew win for Violeta in "Roots and Wings?"

32.  What is Vincent's Celtic animal birth sign?

33.  In tribute to Monica, the AOD Band released a CD of Celtic music.  According to Adam, there's not a dry eye to be found when Andrew sings this Celtic song.

34.  Though once a dear friend of Andrew, this angel fell in the 1600s.  :-(

35.  What was the date of Mick's and Beth's wedding which Andrew presided over?

36.  She sculpted the Pieta featured in "Ivy."

37.  Josef's beloved.

38.  Yosef's beloved.

39.  What is the name of Rose's aunt who she has lived with in Dyeland for some years?

40.  In "Netherlands," Monica has a connection with a man named Mike Rice.  A similar occurrence happened to the real Monica.  What was the actual fellow's name?

41.  Andrew's favorite cake.

42.  Winner of the "Best Cooking and Baking Instructor" JABBy.

43.  When the Dyelanders need a hacker/computer guru, they turn to this fellow.

44.  Where C.J. resides when in Dyeland.

45.  In 2009, the Dyeland tribe attended a Renaissance Faire.  What menu item made Adam uncomfortable?

46.  Max's and Rose's eventual children's first names are...?

47.  Andrew had to sing this literary-inspired song to break JenniAnn out of a funk upon learning of his decision to age.

48.  This little girl was enchanted by Andrew when he visited the island of St. Maarten.

49.  When did Violeta first arrive in Dyeland?

50.  And finally... to end this section... what is the name of Andrew's house in Dyeland?

Dyeland Quote Match

So the object here is to match the quote (sometimes really more of an excerpt) to the Dyeland story it came from.  I just picked these randomly so they're by no means necessarily highlights.  Have fun and good luck!

1.  JenniAnn was the first to break the silence.  She was gazing out the window when she began to murmur.  "'He must have seen in her eyes that she had given in to him, that she was prepared to leave him to himself --to love his God, and to do whatever he pleased-- so long as he was only Lancelot.'"

 "T.H. White's The Once and Future King," Andrew recognized.

2.  Relieved to see his friend begin to relax, Mick continued.  "Look, you saw some loser intimidating someone you love.  You did what you had to do to protect her.  If you want me to crucify you for that then I'm sorry.  You'll have to get the nails and hammer from someone else."

3.  "As soon as the words left my mouth, I regretted them," Tess continued.  "Your face
clouded over and I saw you flinch as if I had just said the worst thing to you imaginable; though I suppose that at that moment, maybe I had."  Tears welled in her eyes.  "You had been hurting and I hadn't noticed until it dawned on me at that moment.  My intentions had been to get you to 'straighten up' as I saw fit.  But that's not what you needed then.  Sometimes, such as at that moment, all you've really needed was a hug and a little extra love and attention.  I still don't always see that as often as I should, baby, but I am trying and with the Father's help, I'll get better about doing so."

4.  "Don't touch me!" the irate young woman hissed.

Andrew remembered standing on her doorstep that previous Saturday, feeling as if she'd slapped him.  This was a hundred times worse.  He turned away from her before speaking.  "I won't touch you.  I'll never speak to you or see you again if that's what you want.  But you'll always be my friend.  I'll always care about you.  I love you, just as you are.  God loves you, just as He created you."

5.  "I knew that if you'd known it was me then, of course, you would have stayed with me.  But you didn't know Jack.  Well, you didn't know you knew Jack.  And you were willing to give up so much for him... for me.  Because you believed, you trusted, you loved.  I gave you the gift of truth, Monica, and you heeded it.  When everything suggested 'Jack' was guilty... when it would have been quite reasonable to turn your back on him... you held fast to that gift, to that truth.  I'm so proud of you for that and so much more, Monica.  And... I wanted to be here.  I love you so much and what parent doesn't want to be right there when their child reaches an important milestone?"

6.  "That's right," Adam averred.  "He is your God.  And He loves you, just as Andrew said now and just as Andrew told you countless times when the two of you were in Afghanistan.  God didn't want you to be alone with those men.  So He sent you one of His angels to watch over you.  Usually, in cases like that, we angels of death remain in our true forms; whisperings words of hope, of love, of comfort.  And, if it's their time, we take our assignments Home to Heaven, almost always unseen.  But Andrew... my friend... he thought it would be easier for you to have both a friend and an angel."

7.   "'So much that seems so important can be taken away in the blink of an eye: your home, your belongings, your reputation, even your identity.  But you're the only one who can decide how much love is in your life.  When... when you find some... someone... to share..."  Andrew tried to blink back his tears so he could continue but they came too quickly.

JenniAnn caressed the angel's cheek then took the journal from him.  "'When you find someone to share that love with, keep hold of them for as long as you can."

8.  "She hears the taunts.
She feels the pain of their words,
piercing her soul.
Yet that same soul whispers,
'He faced this, too!'

9.  "You are God's beloved child.  And He is so proud of you.  Proud of the boy you were, the man you became.  The family you raised and loved.  Your devotion to your community.  When He looks at you, that's what He sees.  And that's what He wants you to see."

10.  Andrew shrugged, unable to wipe the smile off his face.  "I was just daydreaming."

"What exactly do angels daydream about?" Yva asked, amused by the idea.

"Love," Andrew answered simply, pulling them into a group hug.

Contest expired.  Click here for answers.

So I've probably said this before but I think it bears repeating: John (directly or indirectly) taught me a lot.  As I was going through all these stories and newsletters, I reflected on just how much I've learned that I wouldn't have without JABB.  And, of course, there would be no JABB without John.  So this newsletter is dedicated to John's ability to send me hunting through the history sites, searching through my poetry books, and digging through biblical scholarship many years after my formal education ended.  And, of course, without him, I wouldn't know any of you and think of all the things we've learned from each other!


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